[Blu-ray] Latest and Upcoming Releases

(Nick) #2166

I’m really curious about what the product description means by:

Two never-before-seen alternate endings, including the option to play one of the alternate endings with Alex Cox commentary.

I know the famous happy ending is silent, but is there another one? Or are they referring to the recently version with the Italian dubbing?


Never-before seen. Is that so?

(Sebastian) #2168

We’re getting some more info from Film Movement soon, stay tuned


Have you generated a SW Amazon link Sebastian? I’m holding off until then.

(Sebastian) #2170

Yes, modified the one above, posted to FB and updated the SWDb pages with it

(Sebastian) #2171

With direct confirmations by Film Movement, I have updated all the details and specifications for the BluRay and DVD releases of The Great Silence:


I was told that the Canadian release does not have French subtitles, however they couldn’t say when it would be available for pre-order up north, as a different company is handling distribution there. Happy pre-ordering! And especially happy to say that it is a regioncode-free release.

(kevenz) #2172

Canadian release ? wow… I live in canada and we never get anything good released here… people here don’t even know that the Spaghetti Western genre exist :slight_smile: (besides the Leone Trilogy)

(Mad Max) #2173

Region free ? That is awesome !

One little question: will the english subtitles only be available for the italian audio? Or will it also be available for the English audio track?

(Sebastian) #2174

good question, I will ask…

(Sebastian) #2175

You will also be able to switch them on when the English audio is selected I’m told. However as you may know, the Italian and English tracks are sometimes very different, so the subtitles will too, they are not SDH subtitles

(Mad Max) #2176

Thank you for the information ! A bit sad that they are not SDH subs. And yes, I know the audio can be completely different (I have the EUREKA DVD of the film).

Anyway, the fact that it’s region free, was already enough the pre-order it through this website :wink:


I know this is one we’ve all been waiting for, I’m so excited to see it’s finally happening after all these years!

(Sebastian) #2178

Good news on the Amazon Canada pre-order front

also on the Sartana box

(djvaso) #2179

Gli specialisti at Cannes Classics 2018

[quote]Le Spécialiste (Specialists / Gli specialisti) by Sergio Corbucci (1969, 1h45, France, Italy, Germany)
Presented by TF1 Studio. Full version previously unseen restored in 4K from the original Technicolor-Techniscope image negative and French and Italian magnetic tapes by TF1 Studio. Digital work carried out by L’Image Retrouvée laboratory, Paris / Bologne. French theater distribution: Carlotta Films. The film will be screened at the Cinéma de la Plage (Movies on the Beach).[/quote]

(Novecento) #2180

Unseen in French speaking territories or everywhere?

I’m looking forward to the new BD of this one along with Hossein’s “Point de chute”. Time to save some pennies for an order from amazon.fr I think

(Sebastian) #2181

Added all the Amazon links as far as I knew them




(The Man With a Name) #2182

You better be right otherwise meet your pallbearer! :grin: Just pre-ordered mine.


Why isn’t an accurate final price available for the Sartana collection ? It’s more than a little disconcerting - I can see paying £43 … but not £70. And does limited edition really mean just that, or is it scare tactics to get more pre orders.

(Jonny Powers) #2184

Amazon starts with the MSRP then when other stores beat the MSRP they price match em. The limited edition I think is the box and booklet, they’ll all get individual releases down the line, like they did with the Battles Without Honor and Humanity set.


Ok … Cheers :smiley: