[Blu-ray] Latest and Upcoming Releases


Not at all, but I think I might be :grin:


Fantastic News!..all 5 Complete Sartana films. This will be an invaluable collection for sure.

(Sebastian) #2127

Amazing release, I just added all the info into the SWDb

(Jonny Powers) #2128

This is the best news I’ve gotten all day!

(Bill san Antonio) #2129

On the sw world it’s the best news in 10 years :slight_smile:

(AngelFace) #2130

Pretty amazing to see such relatively obscure films get such lavish treatment. HD releases are on thing but all of those extras!

(Nick) #2131

I’m pretty sure that was intentional. I’m not in on the joke though, so I can’t exactly explain why lol

Gli Fumavano Le Colt and 10,000 Dollari per Un Massacro are actually pretty good outings if you’re thinking of seeing more of him. I’d also suggest Vigliacchi Non Pregano as it’s a surprisingly well made film for how obscure it is.

So far I’ve had five consequtive heart attacks. I’m in heaven man. This is super cool. Though that 2500 copy limit is a bit spooky. If I happen to not get mine I’m fighting to the death to get one second hand.

Screw it, it’s gonna 2499, I’m preordering from Arrow right now. 80 bucks go bye bye.
Here’s a nice clip from Arrow video’s youtube channel.

(Søren) #2132

So you think 2500 copies (per region so 5000 copies all in all) is a low number? I actually thought the opposite. Didn’t think they were going to do more than half of that roughly. I hope they are going to sell out in the near future though only to make future spaghetti western releases more likely from them.

(Nick) #2133

You got a point there, in fact I’m probably overestimating the amount of people who even know who Sartana is lol.

Though I dunno, it could fly off of the shelves like wildfire. I’ve had a few times where I’ve seen the “less popular” releases of soundtracks and films disappear from internet vendors and reappear some time later with a huge price tag stamped on it. Take Nora Orlandi’s music, they go for stupid high amounts of money and they’re hardly ever for sale. Remember the early US release of Django Il Bastardo? That stupid DVD went for crazy amounts of money and it was a shit print to boot.

(Mad Max) #2134

Although I never actually watched a Sartana movie (due to the poor quality of actual releases), I immediately pre-ordered the set.

The arrow spaghetti western releases are of extreme high quality and so far I have bought each and everyone of them (although Django Prepare a coffin was of slightly less quality).

I directly pre-ordered from Arrow UK instead of Amazon because of the price (50 £ instead of 70 £). Anyone familiar with their shopping / shipping / delivering qualities ?

(Phil H) #2135

Not sure of their shipping costs but a 5 disc Bluray set is going to weigh a fair bit so expect it to bit significant amount.

I always pre-order through Amazon for 2 reasons.

  1. As long as I remember to access it via the SWDB there is a commission for this site which is an easy way to support it.

  2. Amazon have a pre-order price guarantee so whatever the price says currently it will nearly always get cheaper. The Ringo double bill was a case in point. I pre-ordered at around £25 I think and it actually only wound up costing me £11 something.

(Richard Clemens) #2136

I definitely will see those, as I’m on my Spaghetti Western marathon. Thanks for the recommendation, my friend.

(Søren) #2137

Amazon.co.uk are excellent at packaging stuff and the £70 will drop to in the neighborhood of £43 before it’s released and that’s the price you’ll pay if you preorder it now.

(Søren) #2138

It will sell out at one point of course and then the price will skyrocket I just don’t see it happening this side of the release date. But you’re right nobody knows the strange ways of the movie purchasing market but 5000 copies seems like a lot to me.

(Sebastian) #2139

Correct, if you use our links to shop there, we earn a commission, which is the main financial income for this project, and a very easy way to support it :slight_smile:

Btw, not sure if everyone realized this: Arrow is releasing the IDENTICAL product in the US, Canada and the UK (only BBFC logos and barcode etc will differ). So for the most part it will probably make sense not to import it, but buy the locally released version…

(Mad Max) #2140

Allright, you guys convinced me. I cancelled my order via Arrow and pre-ordered it on Amazon.co.uk through SWDB.

Anything to support this amazing website :wink:

(Sebastian) #2141

Re-posting the Amazon links with our code in it here, for convenience’s sake


When the box sets sell out, Arrow usually end up re-releasing the films individually for those casual consumers.

(Søren) #2143

Yes, but the spaghetti western market isn’t huge as it is so not a given that single releases will appear. Dedicated fans will want the box set either way :slight_smile:


Arrow have a damn impressive Spaghetti Western track record! I’m one of the weird people who doesn’t like Day of Anger or Requiesciant, but they’re still great blu-rays.