[Blu-ray] Latest and Upcoming Releases


It’s looking good :slight_smile:


It’s all a matter of principle.


@Phil_H I see you got a mention in the booklet :slight_smile:

And of course they’ve included a Sartana promo card inside. When are they actually gonna announce it??

(Phil H) #2108

I did? That’s nice. Haven’t read it yet so will have to give it a look.

(Novecento) #2109

That’s so funny. Thanks for sharing!

Notably I did not mention actors when I said: “people personally involved in the production - ideally the director or another key player like the cinematographer or editor etc.”

(Novecento) #2110

Phil Hardy or Phil Hardcastle ?


Hardcastle. Thanked for research.


Mine landed yesterday which I’m cool with because i didn’t pre-order it. Time permitting I’ll be able to watch an HD version of A pistol… over the weekend. :slight_smile:

I’m one of those who doesn’t like the Sartana movies. I’ve only seen the first and the fourth ones which are considered to be the best and I couldn’t take to either of them so I didn’t bother with the others. I may be in a minority but I was much happier when they announced the Ringo Double feature because I thought it could’ve been a Sartana set instead.


I’ve just noticed have they confused John Goodman for John Milius?


Arrow are announcing new titles today at 3pm :grimacing:

I love the first one, and can take or leave the sequels. They have their fun moments but I find them too talky and a bit boring in comparison to Kramer’s movie. I should really take them out of my Alternative Top 20.

(Richard Clemens) #2115

I can hardly wait for the Sartana Pentalogy to come out remastered on BluRay. I’ve seen the first two only, but they both were in very poor quality. Hopefully, that will change as I’ve taken Gianni Garko to my liking, despite my initial struggle.


I can’t see it being a western as they’ve only done five in a few years with the last one coming out two days ago. Still be interesting to see though.

I still have that struggle. :grin: Not of him just most of the westerns he was in.

(Richard Clemens) #2117

Can’t say I’ve seen Garko in other westerns. He was alright by the time I got around to the second one. But, I still think that role would’ve been a lot better fit for Lee Van Cleef than Garko, the latter of whom is more of a knockoff of the Eastwood archetype rather than Van Cleef, much like Anthony Steffen. That said, I can also see Franco Nero in the role of Sartana, who would’ve been definitely better than Garko, in my opinion, and more fitting to the amalgam of “Man with No Name” and Colonel Mortimer/Sabata type of persona.


Luckily, you were wrong :grinning:


I was literally just posting that and you beat me to it :grin:

It’s not a purchase I’ll make but it looks like they’re doing more westerns now which I’m not complaining about by any means. :slight_smile:

(Søren) #2120

Yep very surprising announcement although it’s been guessed at for months.


$10000 Blood Money and Vengeance is Mine are the only two Garko vehichles I’ve ever liked. I think he gave good performances in $1000 on the Black and Cowards Don’t Pray though. It’s not Garko I have a problem with it’s the ‘James Bond’ style westerns, they’re just not the gritty dishes I’m after whether it’s Sartana, Sabata, Cemetery or whatever else. I’ve never enjoyed any of them.

(Søren) #2122

Wait. What? The biggest spaghetti western release for years and years and certainly the biggest on the blu-ray front ever and you just shrug it off? Am I on the wrong forum?

(Richard Clemens) #2123

It appears I’ve come to the right place at the right time! This is fantastic!


If only @sartana1968 was still around.