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(AngelFace) #2085

Johnny Hallyday was in a film directed by Robert Hossein around the same era. A month or so ago TV5 International showed a gorgeous restored print of it with optional English subtitles, so, the same could happen with Le Specialist…

(Novecento) #2086

Thanks for letting us know. It looks like Hossein’s “Point de chute” starring Hallyday is also coming out on Blu-ray later this year.


(Sebastian) #2087

Everyone help out fill the gaps


(Asa) #2088

I got that email as well. Still, I’ve been emailed today to tell me my Ringo blu has been dispatched.


Apparently mine’s getting delivered on Wednesday. We’ll just see about that…

(Sebastian) #2090

Saw a lot of comments on Facebook of folks who already received it, seems to depend on where you ordered it…

(Stork Vulture) #2091

Arrow has a trailer for the Ringo double feature on youtube, and it previews a little bit of one of the commentaries …

And it’s disappointing, at least to me. I did not much enjoy the other commentaries those fellows have done on other italian westerns, but what gets me this time is that in the clip you can hear them pronouncing ‘Gemma’ with the hard ‘g’ sound. I’ve never heard it that way, and I double checked italian language interviews and news reports on his death, and sure enough, it’s not with the hard ‘g’, which makes sense in my limited understanding of italian with it’s rules regarding vowel placement.

It’s nitpicking, I understand. But it’s going to drive me nuts all commentary long, I’m sure, times two. And I have nothing against the two guys, I’m sure they did their best. But as I understand it they are general western experts, american western experts, not euro-western guys. I do look forward to commentaries, I just don’t expect to enjoy these. But hopefully I’m wrong.

One of the things I’ve observed with Italo-westerns and euro-westerns is the lack of qualified ‘experts’ or even enthusiasts for commentary tracks. Compared to other genre movies like the giallo or the hong kong kung fu film, there seems to be a lack of depth there that’s disappointing. There’s no equivalent to a Bey Logan, Troy Howarth, Alan Jones, Kim Newman, Tim Lucas, etc.


It should be “Jay-mah”.

(Sebastian) #2093

They should turn to us!


I’ve just ordered the Ringo Blu off of Amazon and it said it’s due to be delivered tomorrow/Wednesday. I’m not certain it will seeing your comments but I’ll let you all know if it does arrive as scheduled.

(Novecento) #2095

No kidding! There are some really knowledgeable people around these parts.

That’s a little weird given that you would expect them to associate “Gemma” with “gem” rather than something like “get”.


Have Howard Hughes or Kevin Grant not ever been approached to do commentaries??


They should be, especially given that Hughes writes the booklets for Arrow releases. He’s clearly in some form of contact with them and thinking about it I’m surprised he never has.

(Sebastian) #2098

Some of us do write liner notes from time to time… but yea I think folks should make use of the SWDb’s expert pool more often :wink:

(Novecento) #2099

My favorite commentaries (back when I had time to actually listen to such things) are usually ones by people personally involved in the production - ideally the director or another key player like the cinematographer or editor etc. That way you get really interesting insights about key aspects of the filming process that you probably wouldn’t be able to read about elsewhere. Of course, that isn’t always an option and nor is it always a guarantee of a great result either.

(Nick) #2100

This may be a bit off topic but can I point you towards one of the most legendarily bad commentaries with Arnold Schwarzenegger? Truly a masterpiece of floundering.

(Asa) #2101

Arrived today. Yee-haa!


Just got a notification saying mine’s arrived. How dare they deliver it a day earlier than promised!


I’m at work at the moment so I don’t know if mine has but with a bit of luck it’ll be there when i get home. I’ve wanted to watch A Pistol… again for ages but I’ve been putting it off until the Blu release, so hopefully I’ll be able to this week.

(Phil H) #2104

Me too but just checked with my daughter at home and she reports that there is an Amazon parcel waiting for me when I get there. :grinning::sunglasses::grinning::sunglasses: