[Blu-ray] Latest and Upcoming Releases

(Stanton) #2065

Now that’s a really idiotic rating system …

… gave me a lot to laugh.

(Novecento) #2066

Yeh - that s seriously ridiculous. I certainly don’t agree with what it implies.

(Søren) #2067

Koch Media is releasing Kill Them All and Come Back Alone and A Sky Full of Stars for a Roof on June 28th

Probably (hopefully) both English-friendly as usual :slight_smile:



That is the worst caricature of Gemma I’ve ever seen :expressionless:

(Søren) #2069

It certainly gives the cover for the new Ringo double feature from Arrow a run for its money. Perhaps there just is an innate hate towards the late Giuliano Gemma in art circles. That said these are the best Koch Media spaghetti western covers to come out in years.

(Sebastian) #2070

I was hoping for these two to come out in the latest collection :frowning:

(Nick) #2071

You said it. Regardless of the accuracy of Gemma’s face, that is seriously some killer box art.

(djvaso) #2072

Gli specialisti [Blu-ray+DVD]
Gli specialisti [Ultra Blu-ray]

(Søren) #2073

Wow. UHD. By any chance an English-friendly release ? Since it’s French I gather the answer is a big kick in the groin.


Am I right in saying the English dub has only ever been on a VHS of Gli Specialisti?


I’m not sure but I watched a version uploaded on youtube several years ago which was dubbed in English but if I remember right the dub covered barely two thirds of the movie. Almost every every scene from what I can remember had a mix of both English and Italian and the impression I got was that roughly 40 minutes had been butchered on its US release, so I’m not sure there’ll ever be a complete English dubbed DVD/Blu release.


Yes the English dub was heavily mutilated, just like Tepepa.


I remember it being a fair bit worse than Tepepa. I can still watch Tepepa or The Big Gundown the way they are but that version of The Specialists was the only time audio switches actually distracted me. It was still interesting to watch though.

(Sebastian) #2078

First look


(Novecento) #2079

That’s great news.

(Nick) #2080

Looking like a good year for Spags releases! Specialisti and now Silenzio!

The new release trailer for Il Grande Silenzio looks oretty amazing! Check it out!

(Sebastian) #2081

yea judging from that trailer, the picture looks ways better than the German BluRay, which was sourced from very poor TV archival material


Finally the French DVD has been topped :slight_smile:


Pretty great we’re getting both the Ringo movies and Silence soon :slight_smile:

(Sebastian) #2084

Another review of the Ringo disc