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(Nick) #2045

I think the main reason why I like blu ray releases, even if they aren’t always perfect, is that they hold a lot more information. I’d rather experience my film with as little digital compression as possible. Another thing is that most if not all of these films are so badly degraded due to age I think I’m okay with the tiny differences in color and the occasional speck or two. I admit I’m bothered if the colors are too blue or red or whatever, but it’s usually compensated by the picture size. Maybe it’s due to my young age, or due to my obsession for high fidelity, but I prefer having better technology.

(ENNIOO) #2046

I am all for better technology, but ones with faults and you pay good money for, I can think of better things to spend my cash on.

(Nick) #2047

Very true and smart of you. There’s nothing wrong with sticking to something you’re comfortable and already happy with.

(david collins) #2048

As someone who’s used to watching VHS and Beta I’m satisfied with DVD and don’t own many BD. I find people are overly fussy these days and tend to nit pick.


I’m happy as long as it’s not the “restoration”.


Same. If a Blu enhances the experience I’m all for it, but when it’s the same as or worse than a previous release i don’t see the point. I actually like watching a lot of spags on DVD with a grainy effect, it helps increase the atmosphere.


I always seem to be about 10 years behind, regarding technology - The novelty of getting hold of a 2nd hand VHS recorder in the early 90s was mind blowing - and then VHS (very slowly) started releasing widescreen versions - even more mind blowing, as it was in many cases, people of my generation’s first opportunity to see the correct composition for many film classics.
Similarly, when I first saw the DVD of OUTW on a proper widescreen telly, it made all those 100s of VHS tapes suddenly redundant :grimacing:
What concerns me is that once you get accustomed to a specific format and level of detail … the novelty soon wears off, and that initial, wow of amazement becomes just a standard experience.
Sure, I’d love to have the luxury of picking up all my favs on BD … but pretty soon that system will also be redundant … so it takes me back to the time when just getting to see the film was the important thing, not the acquiring of the ultimate version.
I only have a few BDs and even so when I go to watch a DVD again, I find myself analysing picture quality rather than sitting back and enjoying the film. So, I understand perfectly where @ENNIOO is coming from. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Full specs!


I’m afraid I can’t access the link, as I’m no longer on Face-ache :face_with_monocle:

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I already added all the details to the SWDb, but you should be able to access that link even if you arent on facebook you will just have to click away some of the notices about logging in… I think


Cheers! I’ll give it another try.

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(Sebastian) #2057

Koch has received a re-rating of Kill 'em all and come back alone, so expect a high-class release of it soon.


“Any chance you can bring us DUCK, YOU SUCKER?” - Actual comment on Kino’s Facebook post :unamused:

(kevenz) #2059

so the new batch of japanese blu ray are not upscaled like previous blu ray ie: Blood for a Silver Dollar or The Great Silence.

Johnny Yuma:


(Sebastian) #2060

A review

(Asa) #2061

I like seeing a take on an Italian western from outside of our very Spag-centric bubble. It’s interesting to note here that the reviewer has clearly taken more of a shine to A Pistol For Ringo whilst still acknowledging the superior technical merits of the second picture.

The review reminds me though to look into what Flickering Myth’s ratings mean. I meant to ask them once before and forgot to get around to it. They’ve given this release two stars for “film” and four for “movie”.

(JonathanCorbett) #2062

Here’s the answer (I see little point in this method when applied to SWs)

(Asa) #2063

Many thanks, sir! :+1:

I think the whole thing’s a little redundant myself but, still, at least I know now. I’ve heard this distinction made before between plain old movies and high falutin’ films (I think Stephen King wrote something about it once, not necessarily in agreement with the concept though), but it’s not something I fancy subscribing to. I mean I get the concept of judging, say, My Dinner With Andre by a different scale than Ready Player One but, just because you might award four stars to both, that doesn’t mean you’re comparing them against each other by any stretch. So it just seems unnecessary. IMO, like.

(kevenz) #2064

the ringo double bill blu ray has been dalayed to april 24th… I believe it was march 19th at first I think ? anyway I’m not really in a hurry to re-watch these :slight_smile: