Blood at Sundown / 1000 dollari sul nero (Alberto Cardone, 1966)

Opinions? why is it called sartana? it isn’t really the first one, is it?

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No it’s not the first ‘Sartana’ ! The original title is ‘Mille dollari sul nero’ (1000 $ on the black). The movie has nothing to do with Garko’s famous Sartana character. The producers wanted it to come out as ‘Sartana’ because movies with titles including the name Sartana sold pretty well (especially in Germany) !!! So it all happened 'cause of commercial reasons !!! It was the same with Django titles. Movies with titles including Django sold very well, so the producers put Django in the title even though the movie had nothing to do with the original Django !!! ‘Texas addio’ for instance was released as ‘Django - Der Rächer’ even though there was no Django in the original (at least there was Franco Nero in it). Another example : ‘Ciuakmull, L’uomo della vendetta’ (The unholy four) was released as ‘Django - Die Nacht der langen Messer’ !!! I could go on like this for hours !!!

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That’s wrong.
The character played by Garko is also in the original italian version called Sartana, but he is nevertheless very different from the 4 so called real Sartana films. Critics compared the Sartana of Mille dollari sul nero often with charakters played by Klaus Kinski, and another difference to the later Sartana films is that Garko here is the bad guy, a rather psychopathic one.
Legend says that it was Garko’s idea for reusing the name of his earlier role, and that he also helped in creating the character for the initial film made by Parolini alias Frank Kramer.

There’s nothing wrong !!! It’s just not the first ‘Sartana-movie’ even though the character Garko is playing in ‘Mille dollari sul nero’ is called Sartana. Everything else you say is correct !!!

By reading your post one gets the wrong impression that the Sartana name was dubbed in the german version like so many Djangos for commercial reasons.
But also wrong is that the german title was chosen for commercial reasons, because Mille dollari … was released about 2 years before Parolini’s If You Meet Sartana. So, even in germany there was no Sartana fame in 1967 to make cash with.

Contrariwise it was (according to an interview with Garko) the german title (on a film poster) which inspired the producer (not Garko as claimed above by me) to use the name Sartana again, even if it was a completely different character.

But there was always much confusion about this.

Yes, now we have it all cleared up !!! Your statement is correct !!!

Above average thanks to Garko’s brilliant performance, few really outstanding scenes [like the one with the mother stopping massacre conducted by Sartana’s gang] and touches [like this Mayan looking fort for example]. Steffen was good in this one, one of his better roles i think.

This is a good, sombre SW, plenty of action and a familar theme that is carried off well here.Gianni Garko is good in the role of the psychotic brother and has a few sadistic scenes.Film like many of it’s type has big holes plotwise but it is a good entry in the genre.Anthony Steffen is ok but comes over a little stiff in some scenes.This film makes my top 20.

Oh, one of the biggest disappointments ever. I like the beginning of the film with the dark atmospehre and twisted family ties and wonderful music but in the end the whole film turns up to be just endless fistfights. Boring as hell!

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I too was dissapointed. Considering that it stars two of my favorite SW actors. At the end I thought it was good but could’ve been so much better.

Oh this is Blood At Sundown? I thought it was great, Garko is an impressive villain… recognized the score instantly, didn’t know where it was from before watching this… the editing at the end is really strange.

Looks like we got just about all opinions covered for this one :smiley:

I’ll throw my opinion in, just for grins…
I love this one!!
But, I am a shamefully unrepentant Cardone fan!
Even though I know that most of his films are less than great from a technical (and often scripting) standpoint…I can’t help but enjoy the hell out of them!!
This one is, I feel, his best work overall.

Would be nice to have a quality DVD release of this but probably not going to happen any time soon.

There was always a South African DVD announced from our member Warrior.

I watched this one today.

I liked it. Especially because of Garko’s nutty character. The relation between the two brothers is strange and unique amongst the SWs I know.
Steffen’s character is even more tragic than the one he plays in the other Cardone. Here he loses his mother, twice his love and has to kill his brother. Man!

Just watched a letterboxed copy of this under the title BLOOD AT SUNDOWN. Looks to be a pretty decent copy of a VHS with a couple cases of tape roll or perhaps bad reception.
Anyhoo, Anthony Steffen plays the good brother and Gianni Garko plays the wonderfully bad brother. As the film opens Steffen has just been released from prison, serving 12 years for the sins of his brother, and he’s looking to set things right. Garko and his gang are running a protection racket in the local towns and Steffen follows him around trying to rally the townspeople into standing up for themselves. His first recruit is a mute who seems to enjoy hurling dynamite around, and together the two of them try to get under Garko’s skin (sucessfully i might add).
This film has a great performance from Garko and from Carla Calo playing the mother of the two brothers. She obviously favors and makes excuses for Garko, while asking the boys not to fight and make a scene (appearances you know). The film also has some nice atmosphere, with the torch-lit cave that Steffen and his mute sidekick use for a hide-out. There is also Garko’s cool Aztec-looking fort and a forboding wind at opportune moments.
Really, the only downside to this movie is that some of the fisticuffs are unconvincing with ill-timed sound effects (the opening scene being the worst offender). But at the same time some of the other brawls are pretty well done, so it’s a pretty minor gripe.
It’s not quite top 20 material, but still well above average and highly recommended in my book.

Fun Factor 7/10

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I barely kept my eyes open during this one. It started with a great fistfight…and unfortunately it went downhill from there. It wasn’t a complete turkey but it was disjointed and formulaic. I’m not a Steffen fan anyway but I didn’t even like Garko in this one.


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Does anyone know anything about this dvd [url][/url]

I don’t know specifics about this particular disc but I have bought from this seller before and it has always been a DVD-R, usually ripped from a VHS source so don’t expect anything fancy. It will be a home made copy of some kind with picture labeled disc and home made cover. Definitely not worth the price he sells for. If you are desperate for the film then it is your call but I would advise trading rather than paying for this kind of stuff.