Blood at Sundown / 1000 dollari sul nero (Alberto Cardone, 1966)

(chuck connors brother) #21

Yeah thanks for letting me know, i’ve already got the movie. I’ve seen this on up for auction before and people were bidding very high prices for it (around $40 US in one case)

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #22

LOL poor them.

I don’t mean to gloat, actually yes I do LOL but…
I got this movie for free. Gift from Franco Cleef.
I’ll keep my 40 bucks US thanks LOL

(Spaghetti Monkey) #23

Oddly enough i had the opposite reaction, i found the opening fisticuffs unconvincing and it was all uphill after that.

(Pacificador) #24

So we must have met somewhere in the middle of the film, eh? :smiley:

(Spaghetti Monkey) #25

Apparently, and i was wondering if perhaps you were my evil twin? ;D

(Pacificador) #26

I was just thinking you must be Bizarro Pacificador! :wink:

(emerald) #27

I found this one pretty flat with a few high points.
Steffen is fairly bland, even if he does emote more than usual, but Garko is great. He adds a little intensity to every scene, even turning his simple death scene into something usual with his odd, tormented fall. Makes me wish he’d played the villain more often.
Sieghardt Rupp also gets a memorable death scene, one of the more prolonged and painful I’ve seen lately, but his character is basically a ramped up version of the cackling henchman he played in Fistful of Dollars.
The score is glorious and really elevates a number of standard scenes.
Worth watching once, but I don’t know when I’ll get back to it again.

(Silence) #28

Anyone else who noticed that Cardone’s movies always have something with dollars in the title?

(scherpschutter) #29

Where the hell or dollar did he get that idea?

(cm215) #30

Watched this last night as part of the “Complete Sartana Saga” and was somewhat rather let down… having Steffen and Garko (and even the mention of Sartana) sounds interesting, but I fealt the movie was boring and had the look of an earlier genre offering. I thought the fist fights were too long as was the whole film. There were some decent shots/camera/angles etc, and I think Garko plays a good psychotic villian. All in all, watchable but surely forgetable.

(Stanton) #31

I see this film in very similar way, CM215.

(p.pereira) #32

It’s an enjoyable flick, with lots of action and even the twisted performance of a Sartana by Garko, looked nice.

Nevertheless I have to say that the angles taken on the scenes at the hills (horse running) are terrible. Didn’t understand how the Aztec (?!) structures appeared there too. ???

Will have to watched again one of those days…

(Extranjero) #33

I avoided Cardone films for years after seeing Seven Dollars on the Red, which I thought was utter drivel. But this one is made with a bit more flair, and at some points even threatens to become stylish. I’d echo the comments above about it being padded out with endless fistfights and horsemen-riding-around-shooting scenes, though.

According to the British Board of Film Classification website, the “Blood at Sundown” VHS release needed a 10-second cut to obtain an ‘18’ certificate. Does anyone know what went?

(emerald) #34

Surprised myself and watched this one again. The first three quarters got worse, but the last quarter of it seemed better than I remembered.
Ever go back and watch highlights of the films in your collection? I know I’ll watch the climactic scenes of this movie again, even if I don’t sit through the whole thing.
The camera gets more interesting- with psycho Garko shot against a brilliant blue sky. The music is glorious.
The hero’s battle with ‘Fistful of Dollars’ veteran Sieghardt Rupp is brutal even by spaghetti standards, and Rupp’s death scene is as prolonged, dusty and painful looking as any I’ve seen in the genre.
Really memorable climax on this flick.


I watched it once more a few weeks ago and unfortunately it got worse on this second viewing of mine. Lots of boring scenes that have nothing to offer. Don’t know, I’m a great fan of Garko, but there were lots of moments where I didn’t like him in this movie. I thought he was really overacting at some points.
I generally never expect Steffen to elevate a movie and he was only slightly better than his typical average and wooden perfomances. On the other hand, it was a great pleasure seeing S.Rupp in one more SW as I loved his role is FoD. The score is simply fantastic, Lacerenza is surely one of unsung composers of the genre.

(tomobea) #36

In Swedish Theatres (runnintime:104, 5 min)



År och land:
1966 Italien Västtyskland

Distributör i Sverige:

Från 15 år


Längd i tid:

Film Spelfilm Cinemascope Färgfilm

Antal klipp: CUTS

Klipptid och beskrivningar:

  • Slagsmålet i början (a Fight in the beggining of the Film)
  • Ryttarmisshandeln av kvinnan (Beating of a Woman)
  • Saloonslagsmålet (Fight in the Saloon)
  • Misshandeln av kvinnan (Beating of a Woman)
  • Uppgörelsen mellan den stumme och en av Sartanas män (The Showdown)



Granskningsnummer: 106058

(dicfish) #37

MCP will release this movie on 6th August…probably slightly cut and with German audio only.

Here is the Amazon link.

(Stanton) #38

The German version is probably 12 min shorter. A to avoid release.

(dicfish) #39

I’ll buy it anyway, it’s the only official release so far…and maybe the picture quality won’t be that bad…

(Stanton) #40

Well, it ain’t an interesting film, so even a perfect DVD has to be very cheap to make me buying it.

Funny, if it would get a Koch Rainbow release I would buy it. The Koch bonus, I assume …