Blindman (Ferdinando Baldi, 1971)

(Sanjuro) #101

Watched this one last night in an obviously cut edition on the “Gunslinger Western Collection” (see Cheap Box Sets or DVD Bargain Thread). I enjoyed a lot of things in this movie (good performances, fairly novel set-up, good music, etc.) but thought it was set down by a weak story. The fifty women change hands a few times like so many cattle, but the story doesn’t really move forward: after a while it feels repetitive & in places boring.

(Harmonica12) #102

I didn’t have high expectations for this film, mainly because of watching Texas, Adios which I thought was boring. Instead I was surprised at how good this was. Blindman is a great character, I even enjoyed the comedy moments. I love it how he could get himself out of impossible situations, even if he was extremely clumsy in doing so. The action was well done and the soundtrack was great. One of my favorites so far.

(MetalGeorge) #103

Watched this for the first time…I really need to find an uncut version of this one, because the editing REALLY took away from my enjoyment of the film. It’s so jumpy pace wise it totally ruins the pacing of the film. Otherwise, I really enjoyed the plot, characters and style…I just wish I didn’t just own a cheap compilation film version (two actually, one on the Fast/Saved/Damned box and the Gunslinger’s Collection).

Four stars, otherwise.

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There’s a cheap greek dvd of this in a red card cover that comes up on ebay regularly. It’s got removable subs and is as good as any other version methinks with all the nudity intact ::). it’s the New Star Spaghetti Western Collection (with a Greek title).

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German Koch Media DVD with English audio is also cheap:

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Nice! Thanks very much for the info! The version I have drives me bonkers, continuity wise. :slight_smile:

(sartana1) #107

I found the Greek DVD cheap on ebay a while back. Sounds like the German version is the way to go though…

(MrE2Me) #108

I found this to be a pretty inconsistent film, with highs and lows throughout. It starts off very strongly - gotta love his horse! - but then seems to lose its way, not knowing what exactly to focus on. Ironic, in a film about a blind dude. Ringo fit in surprisingly well, I thought, aside from his recognizable accent creeping in at times. Did Tony Anthony dub his own voice? One of my complaints was his delivery of the (not very satisfying) one-liners. I suppose it suits his devil-may-care attitude, but it felt thrown away and sloppy to me. The casual/gratuitous swearing (he sure loves to say “bitch”) mostly didn’t do much for me, either. As the protagonist, he’s also hard to root for when, after all, he’s just trying to move a bunch of captive, badly treated women from one “owner” to another. The scenes of mass slaughter, particularly of the soldiers at the theater, were appropriately dark and unsettling. I wish the final showdown had lasted longer. In other words, what the film did well deserves a 4, what it did poorly deserves a 2 or lower, so 3 stars from me.

(sartana1968) #109

a SW with lot of crazy things… :smiley:
tony anthony looks like it’s true a blindman
the masacre of the soldiers was really brutal!

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So, I just inherited my brother’s collection of Film Review books (don’t worry, he didn’t die, just divorced and has nowhere to store them so he gave them to me) and have been flicking through them today. Wonderful things in general but something caught my interest in particular. In the edition for 1973-74 it has Blindman listed with a UK release date of January 20th 1974. I know these films often had delayed releases in the UK (when they were released at all) but was surprised at this for a film which featured Ringo Starr. That’s a gap of over two years. Maybe they had to wait until mass rape and nudity could get past the BBFC. :-\

(ENNIOO) #111

Took a while to get released after it was classified on the 29th June 1972 by the BBFC. Comes no surprise the BBFC cut the film:

(TetsuPhoenix) #112

It’s a mixed bag for me: fun horse, cool soundtrack, Ringo plays a good villain. On the other hand Blindman is not a particulary interesting character, and he’s portrayed as being way too naive, everyone keeps stealing the women from him. The mysogyny truly bothered me for the first time ever while watching a western, the scene where brides are chased in the desert lasted a bit too long. It could have been better, but is not a waste of time either.

(sartana1968) #113

i prefer more rudger hauer from ‘blind fury’ :slight_smile: than tony anthony in ‘blindman’

(Mickey13) #114

Probably one of the craziest westerns, I’ve ever seen. Actually it’s in my top 20.
I’ve read somewhere that some bunch of critics consider this movie to be one of the worst westerns ever made.
Is this a true? :o

(TetsuPhoenix) #115

[quote=“Mickey13, post:114, topic:203”]Probably one of the craziest westerns, I’ve ever seen. Actually it’s in my top 20.
I’ve read somewhere that some bunch of critics consider this movie to be one of the worst westerns ever made.
Is this a true? :o[/quote]

If you look for reviews that came out back in those days, yes, many (USA) critics slammed the movie. Then again, they did the same with almost every italo-western that came out. The critics saw these movies as some form of “invasion” to the sacred genre of the good ol usa. Even classics like Once Upon a Time in the West got poor reviews. Time has proven to be wiser, and many of these westerns have not only aged way better than many of the “classic” american westerns, they are now finally recognized for their quality.

(Mickey13) #116

I like American westerns (Jeremiah Johnson, Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid, The Wild Bunch, Butch Cassidy&Sundance Kid), but Italian are just different, probably better than many earlier movies in a genre. :wink:
I don’t like American westerns that were made before 1964 too much, except for superb Brando’s “One-Eyed Jacks”. Some of them are so naive, that they sometimes make me laugh. :slight_smile:

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[quote=“Stanton, post:105, topic:203”]German Koch Media DVD with English audio is also cheap:

I’ve just bought this DVD and I cannot remove German subtitles and I wanna watch it in English audio without them. Is there any possibility to remove them?

(scherpschutter) #118

The french discs from Seven usually have this problem. Somehow I always manage to remove the subs on my PC, but not on my DVDPlayer/TV
I possibility is to make a 1:1 copy and skip the menu, because it usually is the menu causing this problem

(ENNIOO) #119

Yes. Used this method a few times. Last time I did was on the French dvd to The Stranger and The Gunfighter, which got rid of the forced French subtitles.

(Bill san Antonio) #120

Yes, and with dvdshrink you can make exact copy but drop out the selected subtitles.