Blindman (Ferdinando Baldi, 1971)

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I just watched it (the Koch DVD) and i enjoyed it. I kinda expected more of it though, especially the thing with all the women, I mean, that somehow gets lost amid all the Ringo Starr things and the blowing up of things.
But its a technically very nice film, with convincing acting and really good production design.

I liked it too for its inspired lunacy, Boss the seeing-eye horse was a hoot!

yeah he rocked!
but the screenplay has serious flaws, I think the story is very inconsistent and bears some logic. But it makes for a good entertainment and it’s really not a bad film at all. I will watch the Baldi documentary tomorrow. I like Baldi, he is generally a good storyteller

yea thats why I went with three stars.

I saw it in Müller in Dresden for 15 euro from koch, but hadn’t enough money with me. Will be one of the next DVD i’ll buy… :wink:

yeah also bought it at Müller. nice dvd, cool artwork

i saw it today
it’s nothing special, but OK, nice to watch

Yea. I liked it too, but felt it could have been better. Pretty brutal in places, even for a SW.

I thought Tony Anthony was great although the comedic gags were kind of silly. Enjoyed the women too. The worst aspect of the film was the violence directed at the women. Had a pretty big cringe-factor to it.

i think the worst thing about Blindman is the script, i mean the story just moves too fast, jumps too much and is altogether not “deep” enough.

I gave this film 3 stars, it’s certainly not one of my favourites, but definitely worth seeing.

It’s funny they thought of doing a sequel to Blindman with Tony Anthony but he wouldn’t do it for the pain of having to wear those contacts again.

now they could do it with CG :wink:

I think ‘Blindman’ is much overated ! Maybe I should watch it again but until now I just don’t know what everyboy likes about it so much ??? Of course, technically it’s way above average but the story ? It’s just some kind of SW version of ‘Zatoichi-The blind samurai’ !!! I thought it was boring but maybe I really should watch it again !!!

I have yet to watch this one.

I love Blindman. So different. So special. Such a great Tony Anthony…

Hi - New here, first post. Just finished watching Blindman having finally tracked a copy down. Splendidly tongue in cheek film, let down by the sheer amount of violence dealt out to the women.

The cast are great, the story ambles along pleasantly, with the occasional sprint, and I’ll think I’ll be watching it again.


If you don’t like too much violence, the Japanese DVD has a choice of 2 versions on it.

English Language- soft version
Italian language - strong violent version (same as German DVD but with no English subs)

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I like it the more i watch it,i think it has very cool"vibe" and the humor is just the right amount.The locations and wardrobes are great .And anthony puts in a fine performance. its a top 25 sw in my opinion…I also have the japanese print,i didnt realize there were 2 versions on it, if the violence is worse on the non-english version it must be pretty harsh.

If you get the German dvd it is the strong version in English HOORAY! ;D