Blindman (Ferdinando Baldi, 1971)

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[quote=“stanton, post:40, topic:203”]For me Blindman is by far Baldi’s best western (and film?), I was surprised about the directing qualities, which I hadn’t expected after watching his early films (even if The Forgotten Pistolero is another good one). But I always assumed that Tony Anthony, by bringing in his Stranger experience, is probably the real one who was responsible for the movie’s craftsmanship.

For me the strange mixture of Blindman works astonishingly well, so well that this flic is still in my top 20.[/quote]

Well, you can’t agree on everything …

But I seem to defend a minority standpoint here

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sounds good to me, i was under the impression the koch one was uncut.

Looking forward to hearing what’s extra and even more wanting to see it myself. :slight_smile:

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What a great horse! Tony Anthony’s finest big screen performance. I want a hat like the Blindman’s. Good spaghetti.

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Sure is !

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The film works brilliantly for the first 50 minutes but things tend to repeat themselves over and over again (how many times are the 50 women freed only to be captured again!?) and it starts to drag. Luckily we have Anthony to help us keep entertained during these moments of ho-humness.

The finale is pretty cool though.


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I Think this is the best spaghetti I’ve seen! :slight_smile:

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Just watched this one again. Damn this movie is good. :o

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Does anybody have any translations for the english DVD-R of this film? Most of his smart-ass quips seem to have been cut in the english language release and the DVD-R is uncut so those scenes are in Italian.

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Also, does anybody know where I can get a CHEAP DVD-R of this? They all seem a bit pricey.

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Why don’t you get the German DVD by Koch Media? It’s not too expensive & it’s a great release.

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Because I don’t have a region 2 DVD player. Maybe I’ll just bite the bullet and spend the damn $20. >:(

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A region-free player is a must.
What make & model DVD player do you have? For some of the better makes it’s possible to get a code to make it region-free. I’ve used this method to make 3 DVD players region-free. If it’s a good make let me know the make & model no. & I’ll try to find a code for you.

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I’ll have to check but Im at a different house. I’ll get back to you Ming. I appreciate this if you can help me as this will be a godsend to me. I know the one that is at this house is a Toshiba SD-2800. It has DTS, compact disc digital video.

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I’ve found a workaround for the Toshiba SD-2800, but it’s not a permanent hack.

Put DVD into player - wait for regional code violation screen to appear. Once this happens press the M (Memory) button on your remote control. Then press 1 for Title 1 and press play on the remote. This will over-ride the regional code violation detection menu and you can watch the movie etc by entering the fwd on the remote control and change chapters etc by using the T (Title/Chapter) button on the remote control)

Let me know the make & model of your player when you get the chance & hopefully there’ll be a permanent region hack for it.

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Thank you very much Ming! If this works, this will open a whole noew spaghetti world to me. ;D

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I just bought the Koch DVD at Amazon and watched it today.
A great movie, I liked it very much. Maybe my newest favourite Spaghetti Western! :slight_smile:


Doc Simmi

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Fuck yeah. That is exactly how I felt. Amen brother.

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Antonys best,but not one of my favourites.I give it 4 stars.

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I recently read fistful of pasta’s review and he madesense but we have diferent opinions and that’s fine.

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I watched it yesterday evening the second time.Its a weird but cool movie that tells his story very hard and fast.I like it - 4 stars for it.
In his book ‘Willkommen in der Hölle’ Christian Kessler wrote - Tony Anthony looks like a Basset dog on drugs - its a very good compare i think