Blindman (Ferdinando Baldi, 1971)

(The Man With a Name) #221

Would be nice if they put it out on a Blu-ray. I might hold out a bit longer.

(autephex) #222

I’d imagine it will receive a blu ray release sometime in the near future. Maybe not by the same company, but by someone

Poster drop:


Yeah the audio on the ABKCO disc is great. The Koch version is the only Koch release I’ve ever been disappointed with.

(kevenz) #224

apparently the abkco print is longer than the koch version, not sure if it’s true ? well one is pal and the other is ntsc but…

(autephex) #225

ABKCO: 1hr44m10s - end title freeze at 1hr 43m 53s
Koch: 1hr41m31s - end credits roll at 1hr 40m 19s

4% PAL speedup would account for about 4m16s off the NTSC runtime. When you account for the 1 minute of end credits on the Koch print, this is about the same. The opening title is slightly different also, which can account for slight difference in times.

As far as I know, the Koch release is uncut