Blindman (Ferdinando Baldi, 1971)

(Phil H) #181

Better to upload them on the film’s picture page in the database then tell us you’ve done it here. That way there’ll be there for folk to see whenever and adds to the DB.

The page is here:

Uploading is straightforward.

(Mickey13) #182

Not sure if Lord Brett has an account on the DB. I can add these pics to the DB if you want me to, Lord Brett.

(Lord Brett) #183

Thanks, I’ll do that. About to go on holiday, so it’ll probably be a couple of weeks before I do the scans, but it’ll be nice to put them out there.

(Lord Brett) #184

I’ve scanned the pics so can send them through however it’s done. Mickey, I’ve sent you a PM.

(Farmer_J) #185

I finally managed to win a copy of the Koch release. Looking forward to seeing it after five years.

(gringo_bastardo) #186

I got that release for 3€ ;D. I was not overly impressed by movie when watched from gunslinger collection but I might give it another go soon.

(chuck connors brother) #187

Viewed again after a few years and like it a lot more now, its hard to even find any faults with it. I can imagine reading the script thinking it was unfilmable… it would have been easy to just give him the women and make it a chase film… but they pulled it off so well with one great set piece after another and perfectly cast Tony Anthony.

(The Man With a Name) #188

Is the Cine Plus DVD just as good as the Koch release?

(Stanton) #189

Identical. Just a re-release, like all Cine Plus discs

(The Man With a Name) #190

Thanks! I’m guessing it’s the best quality version available, so I’ll get that one.

(The Man With a Name) #191

I really wanted the Cine Plus DVD but didn’t hurry up and buy it when it was still in print. If anyone wants to part with theirs, let me know!

(Sebastian) #192

Nice article in Rolling Stone magazine about the film

(Søren) #193

The article mentions that a blu-ray is forthcoming in two days? Didn’t know that and can’t find any info regarding it?

(Sebastian) #194

last time I asked them they said no bluray and it has since disappeared from their releases. I have emailed them again to re-confirm what’s going on there. if it’s remastered, what would be stopping them from releasing a bluray…

(Nick) #195

Welp, here it is! I’m going to have to take a look at it soon, hopefully it’s been worth the wait!

Amazon link to the film here.

(Sebastian) #196

Btw region code free

Did some updates to this page then

(Gritz) #197

Would love to hear how the PQ stacks up against the Koch disc on this one? The Koch disc was pretty damn good so without this being a blu-ray I don’t know if it will look too much better.

(Nick) #198

I’m going to try and purchase a copy soon, when I get it I’ll try and put something up here. I really want to see what they did for the sound as it states it was in 5.1 surround. I highly doubt they did this but I think it would be cool if they fit the CD quality score in with the rest of the sfx and voice work. They did something similar with Comin’ At Ya!

I’m back, thought I’d give my two cents on the new ABKCO release in an edit.

The restortaion by ABKCO is top notch here, the print is in stellar shape with very minimal flecks of dirt and has a sharp and bright image. No lines or other deformities are present. The sound is just as good, sounding very crisp and clear with minimal hiss. The music is also very sharp, high’s and low’s are present and do not suffer any distortion, and are very clear among the rest of the audio. Clicks and pop’s are also non-existent. There is added ambient noises like wind and crickets, which is a nice touch and helps add some dimension to the audio.

(Gritz) #199

Thanks for the feedback, sounds like a great release!

(Nick) #200

No problem! It really is a great release, I should have mentioned that I purchased an HD rental off of Itunes because I couldn’t wait for the DVD, I’m going to purchase the DVD this Christmas though. Hopefully the DVD quality is just as good.