Black Jack (Gianfranco Baldanello, 1968)

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Thank you so very much.

To paraphrase Rob Gordon; I asked to borrow a dollar and you gave me 50 grand.

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[quote=“Rutledal, post:141, topic:1373”]Thank you so very much.

To paraphrase Rob Gordon; I asked to borrow a dollar and you gave me 50 grand.[/quote]

No problem man! I’ll be deleting it from my Dropbox though, it’s taking up a lot of space. If anybody else would like a DL, send me a PM and I’ll put it back! :smiley:

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My download of it is done.

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I’d definitely be interested in anything better than the miserable quality copy I own, would you still be willing to put it back into your drop-box again?

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Uploading now, you should be able to access is here:

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Thanks so much! I’m downloading it right now, will let you know when it’s complete, my old Mac is being slow tonight…

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I love this film. Does anyone else have the Echo Bridge release? I picked it up for about five pounds. I don’t remember there being any nudity. Is it cut? Anyway, it’s worth picking up for the price. There’s some really nice transfers. Other films included in the pack:

I Am Sartana… Trade Your Pistol for a Coffin (fullscreen)
Sartana, Angel of Death (widescreen)
Shango (widescreen)
The Unholy Four (fullscreen)
Silver Saddle (widescreen)
Man, Pride and Vengeance (widescreen)
Have a Good Funeral, My Friend… Sartana Will Pay (widescreen)

I’d compare the quality to Timeless Media and old Wild East releases.

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Black Jack contains at least one scene with nudity.


Been on a Robert Woods kick lately, ( Machine Gun Killers, El Puro,) I enjoy him

First off, Woods is no stranger to anyone who loves the genre, but he seems to be a bit of a “black sheep” of the genre. Woods ( Jack Murphy) is double crossed, his family damaged and personal relationship’s damaged forever, and becomes crippled. The last hour or so features Jack taking his revenge. He really descends into a mad state, willing to kill his enemies anyway he can. The theme music is strange and somewhat out of place for a wwestern, and I thoughtm it would fit better in a James Bond film. Nonetheless, Black Jack is very graphic for it’s day, with little compassion for anyone who watches it. Their is almost no hero whatsoever, even Jack Murphy who can only be described has greedy, untrustworthy, , mad, and heartless. Any Robert Woods fan should really check this out.


Anyone have the Wild East DVD yet? Care to give a mini review?

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Yeah, what is the aspect ratio I am wondering? Usually Wild East list that on their site but they didn’t for this one.

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I preordered back on the 14th, so I assume it should be here by next week. Will report when I get my hands on it.

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Nice writeup by @Djangoisme

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That image quality definitely looks pleasing, but can someone post the run time here? Also, is it English dubbed throughout or are there foreign language bits? Does it have the downbeat ending? I think we’re all dying to know, preferably without blind-buying!

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I have the french dvd of this one and the aspect ratio is the same but the colors are dull and it appears sourced from a vhs.

This new Wild East looks great, the best print to date for sure… I need to buy it sooner or later.

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So can anyone confirm if the wild east disc has the full ending of Black Jack?


The stomach stabbing scene? If so then yes.


Always wondered why that scene was missing in many releases … it’s not exactly high up on the most shocking depiction of violence list, in a western or otherwise.
Perhaps it was re-edited to make it more PG, but still … it really is no big deal.

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Yes that’s right plus additional detail from post 28 of this thread.

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Yeah it is strange especially when you consider what comes before in the film. The ending is no more shocking in terms of violence.