Black Jack (Gianfranco Baldanello, 1968)

(Jonny Powers) #101

ah yes i saw that earlier! thank you though!

(Bad Lieutenant) #102

[quote=“Mickey13, post:100, topic:1373”][/quote]

(Jonny Powers) #103

Yeah, I can tell. I’m just curious, did they dub all parts of the movie in english, or just the cut version?

(Mickey13) #104

Cannot tell. I’ve got a VHS-rip version with Dutch (?) hard-coded subs. But the guy is very reliable and the stuff he sells is pretty good.

(Stanton) #105

Is there meanwhile a version out which has a picture quality superior to the VHS stuff we all have?

(scherpschutter) #106

The picture quality of the French disc isn’t bad, but it’s fullscreen and has only French audio

(Mickey13) #107

That DVD-R from ebay doesn’t look too bad. There is one screenshot, so you may check it out.

(Stanton) #108

Probably taken from the German DVD (then in VHS quality), especially as the original end is mentioned.

(ENNIOO) #109

It is a fan project from the German dvd. Do not like the project myself as the more negative ending is just added on as a clip after the film. Prefer my vhs rip which has the negative ending already in the film.

(JonathanCorbett) #110

Comparison: on the left the screenshots from the French DVD originally posted by scherpschutter, on the right screenshots from my slightly shorter TV recording (94m15s, Italian audio, original ending).

(scherpschutter) #111

Definitly an improvement. Still that French DVD doesn’t look bad. Colors aren’t bright, but it’s reasonably sharp

(ENNIOO) #112

Would be pleased to see an english fandub of the French dvd print.

(autephex) #113

I’d like to see that myself… I have the same one without the ending. I haven’t actually watched the film yet, but always prefer the “real” endings in these films

(scherpschutter) #114

I can send you the French disc

(Jonny Powers) #115

Wow, that tv recording’s pretty good! I’d love to see a fandub of that. The french DVD isn’t too bad, don’t like the colors so dull though, especially the top image. How does the German VHS compare to the Italian dvd?

(Stanton) #116

The German DVD is not very good. A BTN release

(autephex) #117

If its slightly shorter, is there anything missing that is worth having included?

(autephex) #118

Just had a look at the French DVD specs and it shows a runtime of 94 min, must not be much of a difference in cuts?

I’d be willing to port over the English audio to whichever is best…

Some screens of the fandub that uses the German DVD, 92 min

(JonathanCorbett) #119

I don’t know anything about the extra seconds (about 25) in the French disc: Cafe24 version seems uncut (nudity is there) and runs 94m15s; no opening studio logos and no closing credits, only the canonical word FINE. Quite loud audio noise to report.

On YouTube there’s a version with practically identical running time but credits in English and audio liked to our dear friends El Topo and p.pereira. :wink:

(autephex) #120

Maybe this Cafe24 version would be the one to use for a fandub, anyone have any opinions on this versus the French disc? I suppose another consideration is if the Cafe24 recording is available on a DVDR - also the watermark in the corner versus no watermark on the French release

Or does the Cafe24 already have English audio? Assuming its Italian