Black Jack (Gianfranco Baldanello, 1968)

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Ooops, mine has only 1:33:58. Also with dutch subs. I had assumed that it was uncut.

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[quote=“scherpschutter, post:58, topic:1373”][/URL][URL=]

Here are two screenshots from the French disc
I’d say they’re quite representative, colours have faded and the disc loses sharpness during the darker scenes, but does pretty well otherwise
The disc has only French audio though[/quote]
To judge by the screenshots it looks exactly like my DVDr.

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Great Thanks!!!


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Extremely enjoyable and rather well made. But it feels like it missing something. I think Black jack’s character should have been developed more after his suffering.

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How many films did you watch during the last 24 hours, korano?

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  1. (Almost Human, CrimeBusters, Wolrd for Ransom, Armored Car Robbery)

Mostly all last night. But the films I’m posting on now I watched a while ago. I/other users haven’t been as active in THE SPAGHETTI WESTERN section of thi forum. Caught up in ff topic stuff which is fun. Just wanted to give my thoughts. I’ll be moving on down the thread list now. ;D

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Hehe, just like me ;).

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By the way, I actually thougt I had gotten unusually many replies about films!

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I saw Black Jack yesterday. What a great film! Woods perfomence was great, if a little too over-the-top (like when he manically laughs during the mine squence). It’s strange to think that the director of this would soon go on Sartana in the Valley of Death.

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No, no, that’s Roberto Mauri! This is Gianfranco Baldanello!

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[quote=“Silence, post:70, topic:1373”]No, no, that’s Roberto Mauri! This is Gianfranco Baldanello![/quote]True, but Baldanello didn’t direct anything good besides Black Jack anyhow.

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Ah, yes so it was. My mistake :’(. Thanks for pointing it out.

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I love this film! I don’t think I have ever posted to this thread before, so I just wanted to rectify that.
This is easily Baldenello’s best film and one features one of my favorite performances from Robert Woods. I like the Israeli locations and I like Gori’s music. I also like that dark-haired actress Dali Bresciani!
A Top 20 film for me, for sure!

(And if I have posted to this thread before…everything I said was worth repeating!) ;D

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Didn’t he direct This Man Can’t Die? I thought that was pretty good, if not as inspired as Black Jack.

I agree with everything you say Chris. It is indeed a brilliant film and one that could not be made today. Woods most rank as one of the cinema’s most repellant anti-heroes.

(Stanton) #75

Do you really think BJ is brilliant, John?

It could have become a brilliant film with a better director. Baldanello does a decent job, but not more.

I’m just thinking about which director could have made a brilliant film with this screenplay and this cast. The El puro Mulargia or the Blindman Baldi or Romolo Guerrieri or, well, Corbucci.

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When I get round to doing a top twenty in about 5 years :stuck_out_tongue: …this will be on the list for sure.

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I can only imagine how much great this film would have been in this gentleman’s hands! Guerrieri is one of my favorite directors.

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It is in my top 20 already but I think if Corbucci would’ve done it is would’ve been a classic like The Great Silence, Django or The Big Gundown.

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Yes, I do. It looks and feels like a spaghetti western B-movie, but because of the inspired screenplay and the magnificent Rober Woods, it’s propelled into greatness. Whether or not it would have been better in the hands of another director, who knows, but it wouldn’t have been quite the same.

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I’ve bought the Spanish DVD (CWP release), excellent image but 4:3 ratio.
Best role by Woods in a spaghetti in my opinion, reminds me the Horace Pinker character in Wes Craven’s “Shocker”.