Black Jack (Gianfranco Baldanello, 1968)

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[quote=“Victoria (Wild Prairie Dog) Vetri”]I am still awaiting a DVD release in the English language for this excellent SW.
I know there is a German language release.[/quote]

You can get an English version of this on dvdr from … the quality is acceptable (ie. watchable) but I really can’t be specific as I dont’ remember exactly.

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A fine SW with a fairly good Robert Woods as Black Jack. I liked the opening scene with the riding Indian and the atmospheric music. I disliked the campy scene with the kidnapping of Skinner’s Daughter. At the beginning of the scene you clearly see people in the background working. A few seconds later all these people have disappeared. The kidnapping of the daughter was just too easy. Maybe an off screen Kidnapping would have been better. :wink: I highly appreciated the surrealistic ending .

The character of Black Jack is one of the best SW Villain ever. I call him a Villain cause he isn’t a Hero and not even an Anti-Hero. He reminded me somehow on Richard III.

Unfortunately I saw the German DVD Release which has a confusing ending and some cuts. >:( Definitly a SW which would need a better release.

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They sure have messed up the ending in this release.

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The Cinecity DVDr is great and has the original ending.

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I have a dvd r from a greek VHS aswell.

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What is the original ending…I have seen both with Peter stabbing Jack and Sanchez and Jack shooting each other and the ending where Jack just gets shot…

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The original ending:
Peter stabs Jack and Jack guns down Sanchez after gettin stabbed.

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Yeah, thats the better of the two I would say…

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The end was already described in this thread on page 2 by our lost member Romaine Fielding (btw where the fuck is he?):

Spoilers of course …

[quote=“Romaine Fielding, post:28, topic:1373”]Howdy Dillinger.
I forgot to check on this yesterday.
Here’s what happens:
Skinner has been knocked unconscious in a fight with Peter. Jack drags in Skinner’s daughter. Peter is bloody and beaten from his fight with Skinner. Jack tells Peter that the daughter is “his” and wants him to rape her. Skinner comes-to and begs them to kill him instead of hurting his daughter. Jack angrily tells Peter to avenge himself on the daughter. Jack has the daughter in a submissive position and is gripping her by her hair. Peter is caught between the taunting Jack and the begging Skinner. As Jack taunts Peter he tightly grips her scalp. This forces Peter to “flash back” to the scalping and murder of his wife (Jack’s sister) and, in a deranged state, he grabs a knife and stabs Jack in the stomach thinking he is the Indian who killed his wife. He immediately realizes what he has done as Jack staggers away with the Knife still in his gut. Skinner (being typical Spaghetti villain) finds this amusing and laughs at Jack’s bad fortune. Before he collapses and dies Jack shoots Skinner several times, killing him. Peter grasps the daughter and rushes her out of the saloon as a storm rages and the buildings are seemingly being blown apart by wind and driving rain.

It is a little odd because the “flashback” that Peter has that reminds him of his wife’s murder (and compels him to kill Jack) does not appear as a scene in the film (at least the DVDr version I have). The rape of Peter’s wife and her scalping by Mimmo Palmara take place off-camera.

Western All’Italiana says the the storm the happens at the end of the film was real and that Baldanello took advantage of its fortuitous arrival to make the ending dramatic.

Hope that helps[/quote]

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About the flashback scene at the end:
This is kind of weird cause he can only have these flashbacks about the killing of his wife when he witnessed somehow the rape and the scalping. Else it’s just his imagination. Weird movie anyway! :wink:

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He seems to be lurking around in the forum without posting anything.

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At least Romaine isn’t forgotten.

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Definitely not.

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I spoke to RF recently. He is doing well and I think we will see him back on the forum before too long. I certainly hope so.

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Good to hear.

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Is it really great, or only good or ok?

I have a good enough VHS version, which is far from great but beats the crap German DVD. and I thought it must be the best version around of a film of which we haven’t a decent version.

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Propably only good because it has pretty bad colors and bad sound but doesn’t seem to be cut.

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Here are two screenshots from the French disc
I’d say they’re quite representative, colours have faded and the disc loses sharpness during the darker scenes, but does pretty well otherwise
The disc has only French audio though

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I know there is a fan, dub of this film from the French DVD, I havn`t got it yet!
Do anybody knows the runningtime of the french DVD?
My DVDr version runs: 94 min 50 sek G/VG quality in English/Dutch,subs.


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French disc: 1:34:47 (says my DVD player, the screen turns black at about 1:34:42)