Black Jack (Gianfranco Baldanello, 1968)

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[quote=“Stanton, post:17, topic:1373”]The standard for movies in cinema is 24 frames/sec. Same for NTSC.
But the Pal TV system shows them with 25 frames/sec due to technical reasons.
So you have to add 4% to the Pal runtime to get the cinema runtime.
Due to this so called Pal speed-up e.g. a 100 min Pal DVD is the equivalent to a 104 min cinema or NTSC runtime.[/quote]

This is slightly incorrect. The NTSC system is 29.97 fps & sometimes encoded at 30 fps. The PAL speedup is 4% when compared to NTSC only. Film & PAL video almost have the same fps, resulting in a negligible runtime difference.

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[quote=“Stanton, post:20, topic:1373”]Difficult, the crap german DVD has the same end.

The Ufa tape mentioned by Lanky contains the german theatrical version with a happy end for the dub Django.
Even if this end is more cut than on the DVD, there is at least half a minute which the DVD hasn’t. But there must be more missing cause it still doesn’t explain how BJ comes to the ground.

Maybe he stumbled over an ant bone.[/quote]

It’s been a year since I’ve seen this (and others can/will correct me) but Peter kills Jack. It is kind of an accident. He stabs him in the gut. BJ does want Peter to avenge himself on Skinner’s daughter. But Peter is repulsed. But the stabbing is (mostly) accidental.
I have the same crappy pan n scan dvd a lot of others on this forum have.

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By the way, as long as I’m posting in the Black Jack thread:

One of my all-time favorite scenes in Spaghettis is in this movie when Robert Woods strangles Mimmo Palmara with the blonde scap of his dead sister. ::slight_smile: :o ::slight_smile:
Doesn’t get any better than that for me. ;D

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Maybe he stumbled over an ant bone.

Maybe Koch will help us and release a fine DVD from ‘Black Jack’

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That’s what I also wish.

And the great thing with forthcoming Blu Ray DVDs will be, that the high resolution will make the ant bones visible. That’s what I call progress.

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Yeah, I have read this somewhere about the NTSC framerate.

But the difference between Pal and cinema are excactly these 4%. The difference is one frame per second and that’s not negligible, as it sums up to a difference of 1 min every 25 min.

The NTSC runtimes are similar to the cinema runtimes, maybe not to the second. But don’t ask me how it works. NTSC works with about 30 frames per second, but due to technical specifics the runtime is identical (or nearly identical) to the cinema runtimes. Means, despite their 30 frames they only show 24 of the cinema frames per second.


If a film runs in the cinema 100 min it has also about 100 min on a NTSC DVD, but only 96 min on the Pal DVD.

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Hmmmm… I see… at least a little illumination.

Koch still has a lot to do…

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[quote=“Dillinger, post:18, topic:1373”]Can someone help me with the end of Black Jack? My DVD-version (attraction movies) is strangely cut, so the end is quite confusing. I’ll describe, how the end looks like on my DVD:

Jack is threatening Skinner and he wants his brother in law to rape Skinner’s daughter. Then Peter seems to have killed Skinner without raping the daughter, so Jack is not amused at all. Now all of a sudden Jack is dead and Peter drags the daughter out of the collapsing house. Outside it’s alternately raining and snowing, which might be caused by the flashbacks that are cut in from time to time.

That’s really confusing me…
So could someone explain the end to me?[/quote]

Howdy Dillinger.
I forgot to check on this yesterday.
Here’s what happens:
Skinner has been knocked unconscious in a fight with Peter. Jack drags in Skinner’s daughter. Peter is bloody and beaten from his fight with Skinner. Jack tells Peter that the daughter is “his” and wants him to rape her. Skinner comes-to and begs them to kill him instead of hurting his daughter. Jack angrily tells Peter to avenge himself on the daughter. Jack has the daughter in a submissive position and is gripping her by her hair. Peter is caught between the taunting Jack and the begging Skinner. As Jack taunts Peter he tightly grips her scalp. This forces Peter to “flash back” to the scalping and murder of his wife (Jack’s sister) and, in a deranged state, he grabs a knife and stabs Jack in the stomach thinking he is the Indian who killed his wife. He immediately realizes what he has done as Jack staggers away with the Knife still in his gut. Skinner (being typical Spaghetti villain) finds this amusing and laughs at Jack’s bad fortune. Before he collapses and dies Jack shoots Skinner several times, killing him. Peter grasps the daughter and rushes her out of the saloon as a storm rages and the buildings are seemingly being blown apart by wind and driving rain.

It is a little odd because the “flashback” that Peter has that reminds him of his wife’s murder (and compels him to kill Jack) does not appear as a scene in the film (at least the DVDr version I have). The rape of Peter’s wife and her scalping by Mimmo Palmara take place off-camera.

Western All’Italiana says the the storm the happens at the end of the film was real and that Baldanello took advantage of its fortuitous arrival to make the ending dramatic.

Hope that helps

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This end at least makes sense and fits the film.

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I’m really surprised that there are versions out there that muddle this ending. It’s hardly the most objectionable part of the film and it also really drives home the brutality and senselessness of the film.
(Which is it’s most memorable aspect!)

@ Dillinger
If you have not seen it, check out El Puro as your next Robert Woods film. It’s a nice bookend to this one.

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Hallaluja! Thanks a lot Romaine!!!

Im still can’t understand, why they cut the end like that in my version… is it so brutal? OK, things with women are often being cut, because brutality against the ladies is a kind of no go for the censors. But this can’t be an explanation for this over-cut ending.

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I think they simply got a shit master, and didn’t care to do the right thing.

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Could be, but German censorship is strange anyway… there are three kinds of labels on the DVD-covers, a green one (suited for the 12 years old), a blue one (16 years) and a red one (18), and in many cases you can’t tell the difference between a green and a red one. A green one can be as brutal or harmless as a red one…
And German censorship is really getting interesting when you compare a SW to today’s movies or TV. There a red SW is kindergarden when you’re watching a normal thriller.

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Does the French DVD have English subs? ???

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Nope, there’s no official english-friendly release

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The Dutch DVD at Cine City has English audio, is it a good release?

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Black Jack is a great Spaghetti. At first it was a little weak, but when Jack’s aim switched… it really picked up! Is it me or does Robert Woods totally look like George Hilton in this? I almost kept thinking I was watch him… hah. This is 1000% better than This Man Can’t Die, the only other thing I’ve seen by Baldanello.

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saw this last night and it’s a good , violent spaghetti western with a well stagedopening bank robbery. film has no real heroes and is in fact rather a bleak tale but i think it’s very well done. Robert Woods is good although it may seem he goes a bit over the top at the end. this is the latest entry into my top 20.

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[quote=“Victoria Vetri”]I am still awaiting a DVD release in the English language for this excellent SW.
I know there is a German language release.[/quote]

There’s also a French release
It’s fullscreen, but has otherwise acceptable image quality (but only French audio)
Could be there’s no widescreen print left, all torrents I’ve seen are fullscreen too

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And there’s that DVDr at Cine City that has English audio.