Beyond the Law / Al di là della legge (Giorgio Stegani, 1968)

(Sebastian) #1

I am going to watch this in an hour on German TV… I am excited. is it good?

Here’s the database link:à_della_legge

(Sebastian) #2

whew! great film! they showed a low quality print there but at least widesscreen. really a great flick, that should be out on a decent DVD

(Kitosch) #3

This is supposedly much better in its full length. According to anica the film’s original length was 115 minutes, not 85 minutes as shown on TV.

(Sebastian) #4

I suppose so… but the film’s excellent.

i just don’t like the ending. the freeze frames and such…

(Sebastian) #5

was in the German Tv version

-Stander giving Bible lessons to Granata's class.


-A zoom into the sheriff's star at the end, instead of the freeze-frame.

well, i dont like both ideas. what kind of an ending is that? :slight_smile:

(Sebastian) #6

yeah the chicken scene is in

(Karl) #7

I own a bootleg-dvd with great picture-quality (2,35:1/16:9) and it runs 110 Minutes (PAL), i think it’s uncut.

(Stanton) #8

In this short version it’s not so good. The action scenes are badly made.

(Pacificador) #9

3 out of 5 stars…I enjoyed the storyline and the idea of the thief becoming the sheriff, especially the parts where you can tell he is fighting himself inside. I also found that the humour wasn’t forced so much and seemed a little more natural than a lot of spaghettis I’ve seen.

I think Sabato’s character could have used more development, not really believable too much that he would have that much of an impact on Cudlip.

I have it on an el cheapo 4-movie DVD that also includes The Grand Duel, Death Rides a Horse and God’s Gun. The quality near the end is horrible and the DVD started skipping in and out.

I haven’t decided whether I’ll go for the Wild East release yet…I’m a big LVC fan but I have to spend my money wisely!!

(flynnparadox) #10

Was just watching this one last night actually. I had to go to bed, so I didn’t finish but so far I like it. The Wild East DVD is pretty good, too. I’ll report back when I finish the flick…


(Sebastian) #11

just rewatched this uncut on DVD. really one of the best probably, even though it’s a bit “american”, but the character development is really extraordinary

(Bad Lieutenant) #12

Can’t really say I found this one remarkable in any department. It’s not bad though and has a good cast, but I found it far from exciting. So I probably won’t upgrade, already having the Wild East double with The Grand Duel.

(Sebastian) #13

I’d be interested in a screenshot comparison. the new german dvd has excellent image quality

(Bad Lieutenant) #14

It’ll probably beat Wild East’s, which would be a reason to buy it. Best image quality I’ve ever seen on a spaghetti dvd is the German Ben & Charlie (EMS). Damn, that just looks nearly perfect.

(Sebastian) #15

I don’t have that one yet. I’m working on filling my EMS gaps.

(Sartana) #16

Not much action until the end, but an excellent character study. One of Van Cleef’s meatier dramatic roles. Score is so-so. Gordon Mitchell chews the scenery and his outfit is silly. Would have preferred Aldo Sambrell or Fernando Sancho as the villian. Overall, though, I’d give it 3 out of 5 stars for the effort. The Wild East DVD is pretty good, with the added scenes, etc. Worth watching for the performances.

(scherpschutter) #17

I’ve seen the film a few times on German television (cut) and didn’t particularly like it
Sabato and Stander are OK, but I had the idea Lee wasn’t really concentrated in this one
Not much action until the great action scene near the end

Probably the uncut version has more character developement, but I can’t imagine the film will be really great

2/5 for me

(Paco Roman) #18

I watched Beyond the Law recently. The german DVD from sunfilm has a great quality. :slight_smile:

I liked the story, the cast and I found it really entertaining. It reminded me very much on 50’s U.S. Western .

(davidf) #19

saw this last night. found it to be very uneven and in my opinon couldn’t decide whether it wanted to be a comedy western or serious.not a fan of comedy spaghettis so felt too many comic moments. it was also one of those films where everytime the “heros” shoot they hit a baddie. having said that it is not too bad a film and has some good moments. this was the uncut version and i don’t think the bits that were cut , particularly enhance the movie.nice theme music .film is entertaining overall.

(Sebastian) #20

i don’t think it has many comedy aspects, although it does have some lighthearted moments, but that by itself i think is fine