Best Spaghetti Comedy Team

(korano) #1

What is your favorite comedy team? Of course many of us hate these films but some like em’.

I’m going with the Providence team. They are hilarious together.

(Dillinger) #2

For me there’s no question. I can’t betray the heroes of my childhood.

Ok, Hill and Fonda are surely great, but the trinity team is truely in my heart…

(Paco Roman) #3


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(scherpschutter) #5

I don’t think Hill and Spencer are great comedians per se, but the Trinities are good fun, probably more due to Barboni’s good direction and a fine formula: the combination of the good-looking, ever-smiling Hill and the grumpy, fat Spencer worked quite well and the Trinities were nice characters, easy to like. I never found Hill - let alone Spencer - particularly funny in any other film (My Name is Nobody is an interesting film, but not very funny).

(AceHigh) #6

Easily Hill and Spencer. This isn’t even a conversation, much less a contest. I still love the Trinity films, always will.

(Stanton) #7

Fonda and Hill shouldn’t be in.
It’s not a comedy team, like the film which is only half a comedy. Fonda is deadly serious. The comedy parts are alone provided by Hill.

(axl_foley_01) #8

There can only be one answer: Bud Spencer and Terence Hill - heroes of my childhood, the present and the future ;D

(Bad Lieutenant) #9

More suggestions:

  • Lee Van Cleef & Lo Lieh (The Stranger and the Gunfighter)
  • Alberto Dell’Acqua & Harry Baird (Trinity and Sartana… Those Dirty S.O.B.s)

(Dillinger) #10

Are those your favourite ones?

(Søren) #11

And what about Richard Harrison & Donald O’Brien in Jesse & Lester. You know I would really consider voting for that unlikely couple.

Spencer & Hill did fine in the first Trinity movie (which was too long though) but the other one is only so-so (and way too long, should have been 30 mins shorter). As a look on their combined effort in all their comedies I would probably vote for them but when looking at the spaghetti western genre only, hmmm…

(Bad Lieutenant) #12

I didn’t say that, but was merely suggesting them for the poll. I do think Van Cleef and Lieh worked well together. Widmark and Baird however…
Gemma and Eastman were ace in Ben & Charlie. But my vote goes to Trinity and Bambino, portrayed by Spencer & Hill that is.

(Dillinger) #13

How about Steffen and Camardiel in Arizona Colt returns ;D

(Bad Lieutenant) #14

Ron Ely and Alberto Dell’Acqua in Alleluja & Sartana Are Sons… Sons of God is another comedic pairing.

(korano) #15

Added jesse and lester and trinity and sartana.

(alk0) #16

Haven’t seen any of their movies, but i heard comedy duo Franco & Ciccio were very popular in Italy. They made some western comedies

(Bill san Antonio) #17

not really competition here. Hill & Spencer are the best!

(korano) #18

Should I remove the Trinity and Bambino option? Just to liven things up in this discussion.

(autephex) #19

Trinity and Sartana ? is this your idea of a joke, korano & Bad Lieutenant? :wink:

My vote goes to korano & Bad Lieutenant as best comedy team for including this as an option

(autephex) #20

how about Lee Van Cleef & Lee Van Cleef’s hair in God’s Gun?