Best Spaghetti Comedy Team

What is your favorite comedy team? Of course many of us hate these films but some like em’.

I’m going with the Providence team. They are hilarious together.

For me there’s no question. I can’t betray the heroes of my childhood.

Ok, Hill and Fonda are surely great, but the trinity team is truely in my heart…



I don’t think Hill and Spencer are great comedians per se, but the Trinities are good fun, probably more due to Barboni’s good direction and a fine formula: the combination of the good-looking, ever-smiling Hill and the grumpy, fat Spencer worked quite well and the Trinities were nice characters, easy to like. I never found Hill - let alone Spencer - particularly funny in any other film (My Name is Nobody is an interesting film, but not very funny).

Easily Hill and Spencer. This isn’t even a conversation, much less a contest. I still love the Trinity films, always will.

Fonda and Hill shouldn’t be in.
It’s not a comedy team, like the film which is only half a comedy. Fonda is deadly serious. The comedy parts are alone provided by Hill.

There can only be one answer: Bud Spencer and Terence Hill - heroes of my childhood, the present and the future ;D

More suggestions:

  • Lee Van Cleef & Lo Lieh (The Stranger and the Gunfighter)
  • Alberto Dell’Acqua & Harry Baird (Trinity and Sartana… Those Dirty S.O.B.s)

Are those your favourite ones?

And what about Richard Harrison & Donald O’Brien in Jesse & Lester. You know I would really consider voting for that unlikely couple.

Spencer & Hill did fine in the first Trinity movie (which was too long though) but the other one is only so-so (and way too long, should have been 30 mins shorter). As a look on their combined effort in all their comedies I would probably vote for them but when looking at the spaghetti western genre only, hmmm…

I didn’t say that, but was merely suggesting them for the poll. I do think Van Cleef and Lieh worked well together. Widmark and Baird however…
Gemma and Eastman were ace in Ben & Charlie. But my vote goes to Trinity and Bambino, portrayed by Spencer & Hill that is.

How about Steffen and Camardiel in Arizona Colt returns ;D

Ron Ely and Alberto Dell’Acqua in Alleluja & Sartana Are Sons… Sons of God is another comedic pairing.

Added jesse and lester and trinity and sartana.

Haven’t seen any of their movies, but i heard comedy duo Franco & Ciccio were very popular in Italy. They made some western comedies

not really competition here. Hill & Spencer are the best!

Should I remove the Trinity and Bambino option? Just to liven things up in this discussion.

Trinity and Sartana ? is this your idea of a joke, korano & Bad Lieutenant? :wink:

My vote goes to korano & Bad Lieutenant as best comedy team for including this as an option

how about Lee Van Cleef & Lee Van Cleef’s hair in God’s Gun?