Best Death Scene?

What do you think is the best death scene in a Spaghetti Western?

I was just reading this list (, and while it has The Great Silence and The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly, I think he’s missing a few. Maybe Django? Any other notable ones? Or interesting obscurities?

I’ve said this before somewhere, I love the one in Vengeance (1968) where Richard Harrison kicks the guy in the neck with his spurs.

The final sequence in El Puro after the showdown between Puro and Gipsy.

Tomas Milian in The Bounty Hunter tops the bill for me I reckon. Telly Savalas in (uncut version) of …Fort Holman, Dan Vadis in Deguello (it just goes on and on in a brilliant way) and Robert Hossein in Cemetery without Crosses are all good. Yeah, that El Puro one is up there as well.

[quote=“Reverend Danite, post:4, topic:2172”]OBVIOUSLY - SPOILER ALERT…
Tomas Milian in The Bounty Hunter tops the bill for me I reckon. [/quote]my favorite too.

The Great Silence, Once Upon a Time in the West, A Fistful of Dollars… These all had good death scenes in them, but of course The Great Silence had the most shocking of them all.

And mine. Excellent dirt biting finish.

SD’s violent death on the SWDB forum

That’s the greatest!

I like the final of God Forgives, I Don’t. And Black Jack as well.

All the rest in the arena of ‘Quei disperati che puzzano di sudore e di morte’ with the bloody stupid american title ‘A bullet for sandoval’

Yeah, great scene.

And with all the talk of The Mercenary - let’s not forget Curly’s carnation scene.

The most bloodiest and goriest of them all.

Not a SW scene, not even a movie scene, but my favourite death scene is how K. gets stabbed in Der Proceß (The Trial).

“Aber an K.s Gurgel legten sich die Hände des einen Herrn, während der andere das Messer ihm tief ins Herz stieß und zweimal dort drehte. Mit brechenden Augen sah noch K., wie die Herren, nahe vor seinem Gesicht, Wange an Wange aneinandergelehnt, die Entscheidung beobachteten. »Wie ein Hund!« sagte er, es war, als sollte die Scham ihn überleben.”

Aldo Berti beating Rosalba Neri to death in El Puro. Maybe not the best one out there, but surely one of the most violent.

Millian’s death in The Bounty Hunter is top-notch too. Acting-, direction- and musicwise!

That was hard stuff,for sure

Only viewed El Puro once and that was over a year ago, but this scene mentioned has stuck in my head since.

And the way the men celebrate the violence after the murder is unforgettable too. Quite a statement on violence against women in film if you think about it.

At least it was somehow the best kissing scene in a SW. The most original.

Why, because it’s two guys? That’s pretty sexist, stanton.
By the way, I’d rather would have seen Navarro and Neri lezzing out.