Behind-the-scenes of Sergio Leone’s “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” (Peter J. Hanley)

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Well we have all the Amazons listed, sometimes it might make sense to go for an import, but I guess they didn’t go for the highest circulation for this book project… it’s a work of love, not a work of commerce :wink:

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Hm I just did a quick check and it seems to be unavailable already, I wonder if there was a small circulation… I will try to contact Peter

(kdanway) #43

I wasn’t sure if it would be reprinted or be available again. I would definitely buy a copy if it was available.

(morgan) #44

I ordered 23 hrs. ago from Still available then.

(Sebastian) #45

Seems like OOP on all Amazons now

(kdanway) #46

What did you pay for the book? Yeah there was a second hand copy for 147.00, so it’s not readily available.

(morgan) #47

$179.70 :fearful:
Condition: New
Sold by: Aimhighbookskr

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Don’t panic:

Peter Hanley on the SLWB:

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what in the good hell is that?

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The Sergio Leone Web Board of course!! :grinning:

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Stanton Sure Loves Abbreviations

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AMLE and SLWB belongs to the GESWF

(Abbreviations make life easier)
(General education of Spag fans)

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I have received notice from Aimhighbookskr delivery time will be 3 months. It’s no big deal for me. But I should like to know whether the price I’ve paid is the normal price for this book in hardcover?

(Stanton) #54

Isn’t 65 € the normal price?

(kdanway) #55

Did Aimhighbookskr disclose a 3 month waiting time on the listing? I want a copy but I couldn’t afford the high asking price. I will have to wait and see if it becomes available again on Amazon for a lower price.


One clarification: as Mr. Hanley advised to those subscribed to his book website the book is available fro now ONLY from

He explained that they are trying to put the book available from other Amazon services but I purchased mine last week and it was not available from, nor so I bought it from Germany and as I asked for One Day-Dispatch I correctly got the book in Madrid 24 hours later at 64,95€ plus 15,00€ shipping cost.

In the following link you may confirm that the book is still available and at the normal price:

Aside from this I am only going to confirm comments on the quality of this book, from presentation, paper quality and -of course- contents, that I supposed others who already have it may agree with me that with such quantity of details from text and photos you become a bit dizzy and it is best reading a bit every day so you may able of understanding so much information.

By the way and something common to many great books, after reading and searching I have found a “ghost”: there is a prominet figure seen on many photos, she is who seems to be the only woman on the filming team named Serena Canevari (script girl) but being present on many, many photos there is no interview not mention to her from nobody. Why?.

I think, like comments from Leone´s widow and some actreess, her opinnions of working with such actors like Eastwood, Wallach and Van Cleff and characters like Leone should have added an even greater value to this magnificent book.

Best Regards from Spain.

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Relisted on all Amazons (but no copy available at .com)

(Esmaeel Gharavi) #58

That’s a good news, but unfortunately because of f… political games and sanctions that Amazon website includes in it, Iranians can’t buy it online!!!
I hope one day, a guy translate the book into persian!

(Sebastian) #59

sorry to hear amigo, any chance you’ll be able to travel some day, I do hope so!

(Esmaeel Gharavi) #60

I hope so Marshal!