Behind-the-scenes of Sergio Leone’s “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” (Peter J. Hanley)

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I think the book is safe and should be announced in the not too distant future, but I need to be sure I’m not taking too many liberties here. It’s more about the workings of the photo upload site that I’m unfamiliar with. If all is ok, I’ll post a few pages of the book sometime this weekend. I’m really looking forward to this book, just like many of you, and I hope Peter can deliver soon, preferably this year.

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[quote=“Angel eyes, post:19, topic:1115”]

This was kindly provided to me by the author of the upcoming GBU book, Peter Hanley. I’ve added a little text to make absolutely clear that I do not own any rights to this book or this image or coverdesign. Please do not distribute beyond the SWDB forum.
This is for SW fan info purposes only…

That being said if the upload goes well, I’ll upload some more bits and pieces later…

Enjoy[/quote]Cheers Angel Eyes :slight_smile:

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I - for one - thank ‘Angel Eyes’ for keeping us all informed about this much anticipated release. Good on you!!

Please - ‘Angel Eyes’ - continue to give Mr. Peter Hanley our undying support and encouragement from all at the ‘S.W.D.B.’

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definitely! great to see this book come together. We will do our best to promote it

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Two pages:

Enjoy. More to come later next week.


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Just got an update from the author on this forthcoming GBU book. A release is now expected in February/March 2016 and the book will be distributed via Amazon. Please see the book’s website: Still looking forward to this!

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Looking forward to this.

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Thanks for the update


Wow this looks awesome. Can’t believe I’d never heard of it before but I’ll definitely be splashing some money out for it

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The proposed ‘Good, The Bad & The Ugly’ book, by Peter Hanley.

This particular subject has been on my mind for quite a while now, ever since I first heard of it from ‘Tuco Tours’, several years ago. The subject - however - appears to have practically ‘died a death’ in the past couple of years…unless I am not looking in the right place for present updates regarding its progress?

Does anyone have any updates as to what is happening with the proposed Peter Hanley ‘GBU’ book?
Or - at the very least - does anyone on this site have any contact with Mr. Hanley, if only to find out what progress he is making with what - I hope - will be a much-anticipated addition to ‘Spaghetti Western’ literature?

Surely, I can’t be the only one who is waiting anxiously for news regarding this matter…unless I’ve missed something in the past two years?

As it is, ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’ is my number one film favourite of all time (actually, joint-first with the other two ‘Dollar’ movies).

It would be a shame to find out that the proposed new book on the making of this timeless gem will not be happening, after all?

Please, does anyone have any news regarding this?

By the way, amigos, I hope everyone had a great Christmas!!

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Well, lads,…looks like I’m on my own with this one…going by the replies…

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The last I heard was about 18 months ago and the book was still a go. He was finishing up and then would go to the publisher. This project has been
going on and off for a decade. I’m sure the biggest obstacle is the ownership of the photos he will use. I’ve seen many a book halted because of
ownership rights to photos, posters, lobby cards used in books. Like you Toscano I continue to hope it sees the light of day.

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Apparently it is out now

Updated the database's_The_Good,_the_Bad_and_the_Ugly

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I got a mail from Mr. Hanley 2 days ago (May 10th):

Dear All,
The GBU-book is now available at “” and is shipped/distributed worldwide. We will endeavor to list the book at other Amazon marketplaces, such as,, etc, but, in all cases, the book will be shipped from an Amazon distribution center in Leipzig, Germany.

Please do not hesitate to write directly to me if you have problems navigating the site, e.g. you could send me screenshots etc.

_The link is: _

Best wishes,

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I found it on all other european Amazons and added the respective links to our page's_The_Good,_the_Bad_and_the_Ugly

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Awesome book!! Lots of info, many many pictures… A treasure!

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‘A Labour of Love’… that seems to be the best way to describe this monumental slice of ‘Spaghetti’ history…

It is not often that I’m so impressed with a book, that I’ll buy two copies (one to read and skim through, and one to treasure in the vaults in mint condition), but I’ve done it with this little (large) gem.

Like many of you, I first heard of Peter Hanley’s endeavour to bring the back-story of ‘GBU’ to the fore, from our friend, ‘Richard’ of ‘Tuco Tours’, several years ago. The wait - and it has been touch and go - has been worth it.

Packed with a wealth of info; interviews with the principal cast and crew; location shots; and behind the scenes photos (from all three ‘Dollars’ films); this is a treasure-trove that Long John Silver would be proud of.

Personally speaking, this is the ultimate tribute to my favourite ‘Spaghetti’. It is a lasting tribute to the genius that started it all (Leone, Morricone, Eastwood…the list goes on).

On Easter Monday, 1976, I watched ‘The Good, the Bad and The Ugly’ on BBC 1. for the first time. And now - forty years later - I will be re-living the magic of that experience - minus the youth!). Prior to watching the newly re-mastered ‘GBU’ bluray - later this year - I will first be immersing myself in this glorious book. Roll on, the beautiful memories!!

Congratulations to Peter Hanley…every accolade possible is due to you for your perseverance and dedication in bringing this fitting testimonial to the attention of ‘Spaghetti’ fans world-wide. Hopefully, it will encourage a few other ‘amigos’ to join the ranks of Strangers, Amigos, Companeros, Gringos…and wandering Banjos…

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Received mine today. What an amazing book. And it smells fresh out of the printing presses :wink:

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I bought my copy a few weeks ago and received it the day before I left for Arizona so I was only able to skim through and look at the pictures. After returning from vacation I jumped into reading it. It’s wealth of information, not just from Peter but from the mouths of the people involved with the filming. Actors, assistant directors, cameramen etc. It’s great to see them all differ or support each others views. Peter’s been working on this book for many years and the result is a tremendous addition to any film library and a must have for any western or Leone fan. Now if we can convince him to turn another book out on Once Upon a Time in the West, I can die a happy man. :wink: - Tom Betts

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Is this book available anywhere or is it a limited edition/sold out ?
The only place I can find it is Amazon marketplace used for $143.76.
Any more information available? The official website doesn’t have any information or links to purchase.
Thanks, Daniel