Bandidos (Massimo Dallamano, 1967)

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It’s a good SW, but OuTW plays in another league.

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[quote=“Lindberg, post:39, topic:207”]Ok the interview is up and I’ve put it in the Bandidos page

It’s in two parts, since it was longer than 10 minutes I couldn’t upload it in one piece

Enjoy :wink:[/quote]


A typical Italian guy of a certain age, knew everybody, knows everything about the greats … even his English is rather typical (trying to speak as fast and animated as he would do in Italian, turning to his native tongue every now and then etc.). In Rome or Tuscany you meet those kind of guys on every street corner, in every bar. One starts talking, and within a few minutes they’re all shouting. And they all do these kind of impersonations.

As far as I know large parts of Bandidos were not shot near Valencia, but near Granada

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I have to quote myself here

yes, I think it’s superb film. Imo one of the best of the genre but still not close to the masterful OUTITW. I compared these two films because they’re both very unique films in this genre.

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Great interview, thanks a lot for posting.

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Thanks alot Lindberg for posting.

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I liked this one a lot! Actually the travelling pistolartists reminded me about the Mexican childrens adventure El Pequeño Robin Hood by Rene Cardona (and starring Cardona sr and Cardona III…!), but i guess that says more about me then about this film…
The only thing really reminding me it was Dallamano who made it was the first part on the train, pure brilliance! Otherwise most of his other films are more stylish, just watch Colt.38 Special Squad!
By the way, if anyone wants to see Venantino Venantino in a porno check out the incredibly daft Flying Sex (also starring Al Cliver who seems very much to want to be anywhere else but it that film…).

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I guess his and Damiano Damiani’s parents must think alike :slight_smile:

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And Alessandro Alessandroni’s parents too LOL

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Novecento Novecenti :smiley:

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Stanton Stanton :smiley:

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Londberg Lindberg

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Not to mention Scherpschutter Scherpschutteri :wink:

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Tarantino Tarantini

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Also Carlo Carlini - cinematographer on The Big Gundown and Death Rides a Horse amongst others. These reduplicative names seem quite popular in Italy.

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I really liked this movie. Especially the beginning.

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This is pretty good. Enrico Maria Salerno performance it’s almost excellent, after this one I became a fan of its work.

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I like it too.

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Look who’s favourite it is:

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Excellent pick! ;D