Bandidos (Massimo Dallamano, 1967)

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I have the German N.E.W. DVD, so i have never heard or seen the interview
Shobary mentions it too

So what the hell is this guy talking about (or doing?)

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[quote=“scherpschutter, post:21, topic:207”]I have the German N.E.W. DVD, so i have never heard or seen the interview
Shobary mentions it too

So what the hell is this guy talking about (or doing?)[/quote]

Think the most un PC stereotype impersonation someone may do of a japanese person and you’ve pretty much got the idea. He clearly doesn’t mean to be offensive but it just makes me cringe to watch it.

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someone who knows how to do such things should put the interview on youtube :slight_smile:

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I thought it was an ‘8-out-of-10ish’ movie but not the masterpiece i hoped it will be reading all the previous comments. there’s something missing that keeps it from being one, but i cannot put my finger on it. Anyway, it’s brilliantly directed and it has good nice musical score. Jenkins and Venantini were jus Ok in my opinion, it’s Salerno who shines in this one. It’s one of the best performances in genre i think. Just take a look at his last scene in the movie. The more i watch Salerno, the more i’m in awe of his acting. As i already sai i give this one 8/10.

I have to say this hillarious interview has got more great moments than just this one. For example there is moment when Venantini tries to impersonate Lucio Fulci and accidentally spits on himself when trying to do that :stuck_out_tongue:

I will look into that next week

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IMO a very well scripted and directed SW. I appreciated the Obi-Wan Kenobi Storyline. The acting is also pretty good but I wished there would have a been a better known Name like Lee Van Cleef or Guiliano Gemma in the cast. It’s a pity that this is the first and last SW of Director Massimo Dallamo. He was a very good cinematographer (For a few Dollars more, Fistful of Dollars) and some scenes are looking like as directed from the view of a cinematographer. One example is the wonderful scene with the train massacre scene and the wonderful melancholic song in the background. Not necessary for the story but looking great. There are several other interesting scenes like the final shootout.
My rating for this entertaining pleasure 5/5

BTW a funny goof: At the beginning the guy who is thrown out of the train is defenitly not the one he should be.

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IMO one of those highly recommended flicks, that can only disappoint me. It’s a good movie, but I have to rewatch it and give it a second chance.

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Enrico Maria Salerno was great in this, he’s very reliable in everything i’ve seen him in.

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I know what you mean. I’m also cautious about highly recommended flicks. I watched it the first time and was positivly surprised about Bandidos.

Oh yes great performance of that man.

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That’s true!

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Eventually we learndes from Bandidos, where Leone got some of his ideas :wink:


I watched this one yesterday and while being in a very bad mood i still enjoyed it. Not the gritty, dirty and dark style i prefer, something felt a bit more american than it should, maybe some parts of the score or the costumes, don’t know exactly. A duel in the finale would fit better imo, i have already seen enough of those mirror tricks… A solid spaghetti with a very interesting plot and great direction nontheless. 7/10

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Price and difficulty of getting an OOP DVD aside, if the SPO DVD has a better picture of the same slightly cut print, subtitles in English (my first language), and an interview with Venantino Venantini, I am assuming that the SPO release is the one I should try to get my hands on rather than the New Entertainment World Release?

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Anyone ever do this? I’d really like to see the interview

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Me too. I still haven’t managed to get my hands on this one and German releases are always cheaper than Japanese ones…

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Sorry, i know i said i will do it, but i’ve completly forgotten about this one. Give me few days and i will upload it

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I have this interview too, but I’ll let you upload it Alko :smiley:

It’s not that funny either in my opinion

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[quote=“Lindberg, post:36, topic:207”]I have this interview too, but I’ll let you upload it Alko :smiley:

It’s not that funny either in my opinion[/quote]
Thanks, i’m the type who likes to keep his word, but i have a rather bad memory :frowning:
It may not be funny, my sense of humor is rather unique at times

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I’m having some problems with ripping the interview. Could you give it a go, Lindberg?

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Ok the interview is up and I’ve put it in the Bandidos page

It’s in two parts, since it was longer than 10 minutes I couldn’t upload it in one piece

Enjoy :wink:

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Thanks for that. I finally got round to watching the movie and had been putting off watching this interview until then. That impression at the end really made me cringe but it was harmless nonetheless and he certainly comes across as a nice guy.

It was interesting what he said about Leone having offered him a role in Leningrad (which he confuses with the more famous battle of Stalingrad).

Wow, that’s high praise indeed! Personally I had been expecting a little more from the movie and was a bit disappointed, but its nice to have a variety of opinions represented here.