Bandidos (Massimo Dallamano, 1967)

(davidf) #61

saw this last night and it is an easily watchable and engrossing spaghetti western, with a good beginning, and well acted particularly by Salerno. terry Jenkins reminded me of terence hill at times. this film isn’t mentioned a lot when people talk about Sw’s which is a bit of a mystery because it’s pretty good. i didn’t mind the ending shoot out and it did have a surprise or two. 7/10. well above average and entertaining.

(ENNIOO) #62

Remember being pleasantly surprised on how good this one was when I first viewed.

(Dillinger) #63

I don’t talk about this one that often, because it was a bit of a disappointmant to me. I am aware of the fact that it contains a lot of great scenes, bit BANDIDOS is one of the flicks that were praised too much before I watched it.

I should really rewatch this one.

(Silence) #64

Was quite surprised about this one as well.

(waratah) #65

I’m relatively new to the genre, but I must say that this is one of my favorites so far. They had a few turns in the movie that had me wondering what would happen next. I hate predictability, so this was a pleasant surprise. I’d turned it on when I was going to bed. I’d put it on in order to have something to watch while I fell asleep. I stayed up and finished the whole thing. I’d never heard anything on it, so I didn’t have any expectations going in and felt that this was the epitome of what a SW should be. Some great shots, wonderful story, and an UNBELIEVABLE soundtrack. The opening theme gives me chills. Great movie that I’m sure will work its way in my top 20.

Oh and the main mexican bandit looks like a heavy set Gerard Butler.

(The Stranger) #66

Good SW. But I think with better actors, it would have been better. :wink:
Perhaps with Lee Van Cleef and Terence Hill (or Gemma, but I’m not a fan of him). Very good camera work.
No wonder, with Dallamano.
Overall, I think it is good, but still a good piece of walk far from a masterpiece.
My Rating 6 / 10.

Overall, however, a pity that this is the only SW of Dallamano. :’(

(Phil H) #67

I agree that Jenkins could have been replaced by someone better maybe but not Salerno. He was perfect in the role for my money and I believe one of the best actors in the genre. Agree on Dallamano though. Would have really liked to see another western from him.

(Bill san Antonio) #68

I liked the fact that most of the cast aren’t really familiar from other spaghs. Makes this one look very different than any other sw.

(Silence) #69

I don’t understand the complaints about Jenkins, I think he was ok in his role.

(ENNIOO) #70

Very much so in my view aswell.

(scherpschutter) #71

Currently re-watching and re-studying this movie, with all the things Alex Cox has said about it in his book in mind
I also want to decide, once and for all, how good this movie actually is. It was my pick as “staff favourite”, and has always been the outsider in my personal Top 10, the odd film out among the usual suspects

According to Alex, it was made out of frustration by Dallamano, because Leone had dumped him as his cinematographer for the third and final part of the Dollar trilogy, and replaced him by Tonino delli Colli.

I’ll be rewriting my review too

(scherpschutter) #72

[/URL] [URL=]

In case you didn’t notice … THE SPECIAL is up :


(Bad Lieutenant) #73

Looks great!

(El Topo) #74

Yeah very nice work, things are getting better and better.

(John Welles) #75

I agree. The Specials recently have been of a very high quality. Keep it up :)!

(I love you M.E. Kay) #76

Great stuff!

(DollarsDollarsBills) #77

Is there anywhere I can get my hands on this film without having to spend an exorbitant amount of money?

As eager as I am to watch this, I just can’t justify spending $50 on any movie – no matter how good it is.

(Chris_Casey) #78

Nice Special, amigos!

(volonte) #79

Great special!

[quote=“DollarsDollarsBills, post:77, topic:207”]Is there anywhere I can get my hands on this film without having to spend an exorbitant amount of money?

As eager as I am to watch this, I just can’t justify spending $50 on any movie – no matter how good it is.[/quote]

I dont know about the quality of the release or much about the company either, but Sinister Cinema has this out in Amazon and it’s cheap. edit Something (not much) about Sinister Cinema,3090.0.html

I have the German New Entertainment World release of this, which is reviewed at the database. It indeed has problems with a large screen, but I guess it is the best version available. But I suppose you are referring to this release with 50 dollars?

(axl_foley_01) #80

Great special Sherp!!! A movie that really is high above the SW-average, mostly underrated and everyone should have seen…