Bad news for the good Reverend Danite!

Cider’s getting a 10% Tax Hike!

Some increase !..sure it will not stop the Reverend as he is the most committed cider drinker I know :slight_smile: .


Bastard thieving politicians! It’s alright for those robbing sons of bitches with their snouts in the trough - charging as much for 2 days work (as a consultant or lobbyist) that a pensioner gets in a year if their lucky!
It’s enough to drive a man to drink!
Please send any donations, apples, presses, cider vouchers, naked nuns, or the suchlike to:
The Priory of the Golden Apples,
The Republic of Yorkshire,

I may be gone some time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ever made any home brew cider Reverend ?

I tried when younger but always had a manky smell and a bit on the vinegar tasting side of things, but had to be done at the time as had little cash.

Those who live near him should probably check in on him :slight_smile:

Line 'em up! Drinks are on me! ;D

Not cider Ennioo. Some very successful alcoholic ginger beer has been made and drunk at the priory. I’m thinking about cider (and brewing it) though. A bloke I know has started making it so I’ll pick his brains on the subject. I’ll keep you informed.

Unfortunately, I cant see all images on this new toy of mine, and not the one you’ve posted (until I work out how to adjust the security settings… altho’ I can see the one above it - and of course mwan’s red rectangle ;D ). I’ll be able to see it tomorrow when I get home tho’ - till then I’ll drink to the sentiment DB - cheers.

maybe the rev should switch to a real drink then… what’s cider anyway? isn’t that piss that tastes like stale beer? :wink:

Seb, isn’t that the kind of remark that makes the piano player stop and the room go dead quiet???

I’m ducking under the table NOW! ;D

[quote=“Pacificador, post:10, topic:2286”]Seb, isn’t that the kind of remark that makes the piano player stop and the room go dead quiet???

I’m ducking under the table NOW! ;D[/quote]

Yep. If I was the bartender I’d be protecting that mirror about now.

[size=12pt]Say your prayers Marshall Mutherfucker![/size]

you can’t scare me. I’ll have a real beer now and you go ahead try to kill me whenever you’ve had enough cider to have to the courage to draw your gun… not sure if they have enough cider around for that

Clearly he’s drunk…don’t shoot Rev :wink:

I’ll deal with that varmint later… ;D

In the meantime - some good news…
Trouble is, I’d always traditionally been a labour supporter, an’ they say they’ll scrap it for now but will reintroduce it IF they win the election (May 6th.)
Bastards - this could be their ‘Poll tax for Maggie’ and yet another nail in their coffin! >:(

I was convinced that you were more the Margaret Thatcher kind of guy ;D

This is the only Thatcher I support! :slight_smile:
(Actually - I haven’t tried this particular one of theirs - but I’ll track the ol’ rascal down an’ report back.)

Looks tasty!

Well in Portugal Sidra/Cider it’s not a very popular drink, wine dominates (althought the kids today drink everything with alcohol)

But in Spain it’s a more common drink, and the best known one, it’s from the Asturias region (north). They have a peculiar way to open the bootles, goes like this, you have to hit the border of the glass with the bootle from the most up as possible, it’s to cut the cider like they say, otherwise it won’t taste so good, you need to drink a lot of cider to become an expert in doing that :D.

Hmmm - interesting custom. I’ve yet to try Spanish cider - but I’m prepared to give it a go, and who knows maybe if I like it enough I too can become expert!? ;D