Bad Mood Time re: Giuliano Gemma

(Toscano) #41

Gritz… I think the phrase “oh, bugger!!” comes to mind!

Sorry to hear that you’ve had the same problem…and with just 4 minutes left to watch…still time to get a glass of that favourite beverage…

By the way, have you checked out the rest of the disc, to see if the ‘Extras’ and such-like are okay?

The ‘NEW’ edition I have, has - as an extra, the soundtrack to the film, on the dvd, that can be played through the TV. Is your edition the same?

I must admit that when I discovered my copy of this Giulio classic was up ‘Duff Creek’, I was so angry that I didn’t get round to checking out the extras…just to see if they would play…

…the disc is now packed away in a ‘no-man’s’ land of ‘Adventure’, ‘Horror’, ‘Comedy’, and, of course, ‘Spaghetti’…

Once again, Gritz, I can understand your frustration. Check out the extras on the disc, and let’s all hope that ‘Koch Media’ decide to do the decent thing at some point in the near future, and release a treasure-trove of Giuliano Gemma classics!

(Toscano) #42

If not ‘Koch Media’, then, at least, another ‘Company’ that will do the honest thing, and start to release a ‘scutch’ (Gaelic for ‘lots’).

(Gritz) #43

Hey Toscano,

Yes we have the same discs. I just went through the extras. The Gemma on Gemma interview doesn’t load but the trailers and alternative credits do and I am listening to the soundtrack right now through the TV and all is fine here. Still can’t believe though the feature comes to a complete halt with 4 minutes remaining.

As far as ripping the DVD like Stanton mentioned, well no luck there either unfortunately. I tried making a copy of the DVD and during importing it came back at me with a error and aborted the rip. I also tried using Handbrake to rip the DVD file to an mkv file and no luck there either, when Handbrake finished encoding I played the file back and it only encoded up until the point where it started freezing up on the TV, apparently even handbrake couldn’t read the disc past that point.

So I guess now we will just have to wait and see what this Wild East print is like. Will it have comparable picture quality? Will it be uncut? If it is not uncut I could always watch my NEW disc up until it freezes and then just swamp it out for the Wild East disc to watch the last four minutes…what a pain though.

Ideally it would be wonderful if this German Blu-ray materialized but who knows on that one.

(Stanton) #44

It worked at least for my DVD of A Hole in the Forehead. The DVD gets in trouble in the 13th chapter, but the DVD-R runs through.

I had a similar problem with a German DVD of Vanishing Point, and I could rip that one too.

But of course it will depend how worse the damage is.

Still you should try to trade a copy of the DVD.

(Gritz) #45

What do you mean Stanton?

(Grinder) #46

The NEW discs are double layer ones. I think that first layer of the Gemmas are still ok but second not. Therefore it is possible to watch the movies up to a certain point…
Anyway mine are broken since a long time now😢

(Stanton) #47

You could try to get a copy of the DVD from a forum member, maybe as part of a trade.

(Stanton) #48

Yes, but in the case of Hole in the Forehead the film itself (without bonus features) fits on a single layer DVD, which means you can copy it lossless.
Maybe it’s the same with the Gemma films, than a copy is as good as the broken DVD.


After reading this thread I pulled out my copy of the NEW “Adios gringo” with some trepidation and found that same dark circle and play problem. Note to self: no more NEW DVDs.


I have the California NEW DVD and it seems fine.

But I won’t be watching it anymore due to owning the Koch & Wild East versions. The only reasons to keep the NEW version is for the cool hardbox and the fact it’s very limited (999) :slight_smile:

(Søren) #51

Despite this fact you can still buy it from here 9 years after it was released. So limited perhaps, but also unwanted now :slight_smile: Also, all the Wild East-releases are limited to a 1000 copies I think although not mentioned on cover.


Yep, and it ain’t much of a collector’s item either since the quality is total shit :smile: