Bad Mood Time re: Giuliano Gemma

(Stanton) #21

Really? That’s strange …

Only that topic?

(Stanton) #22

But this label here doesn’t exist anymore.

Also it seems that most of their releases were technically bootlegs, as they did not bother to aquire the rights for their releases.

By coincidence I never bought any of their releases.

So far all my DVDs and CDs are still running, at least those I played in the last years.

(Søren) #23

Apparently. Perhaps its in a subforum that requires membership.

(Grinder) #24

The thread is in “offtopic” area and this requires membership. The other sections are readable without log in and/or membership.
But for those of you who understand German…please feel free to get a member. For spaghetti westerns it is the far best forum in German language and always a good source for information about dvd releases since some labels post there directly…

(Søren) #25

Yes, seems like a very informative forum :slight_smile: I’ll certainly apply for membership in one of the next days as I do tend to pick up the a German release now and again.

(ENNIOO) #26

I do make copies of all my Spaghetti westerns, used to have some problems with some discs, but none since using good Japanese blank dvd’rs. And yes you guessed it I used to make safety copies of the safety copies :slight_smile:

(Stanton) #27


If one does not run anymore you can easily get a copy from a forum member. Trading shouldn’t be a problem with your collection.

(ENNIOO) #28

Good point yes. No longer make more than one safety copy per film, but my routine has worked well for me over the years.

(Gritz) #29

Oh man. I have NEW’s copies of Blood for a Silver Dollar and Adios Gringo. Those nice hardbox’s and the great picture quality made them a prize point in my collection. These NEW discs always had a brown ring underneath which worried folks but they played. Will check mine tomorrow and they better play.

(Toscano) #30

Hi, Gritz.

The copies that you’ve described sound exactly like my own, which is why I started the thread for this topic in the first place. My ‘NEW’ editions of both copies were also - like your own - a ‘prize point’ in my collection. When I discovered the brown rings on the discs, I simply started to fast forward them on my DVD player, and when I found that they were ‘seizing up’ at certain points, I tried playing both. My worst fears were confirmed, that both movies either skipped complete Chapters, or the picture itself broke up.
If my ‘NEW’ editions are the same as yours, they should have - as Special Features - soundtracks for each film, as well as photo galleries etc.

I truly hope that you have better fortune than myself with your copies of each of these great movies. Please let me - and, indeed - all of us know, how you get on with checking your editions of these two excellent Giuliano classics.

(Phil H) #31

I forgot to mention the other day that when I watched my NEW release of Hole in the Forehead it froze halfway through. It turned out to be a problem on just one chapter so I just jumped forward a bit and watched the rest OK but I will certainly have to get a replacement for it. Pretty sure I’ve got a DVDr of the Wild East release somewhere but annoying nonetheless.

(Toscano) #32

Hi, Phil.

Of course…I’ve got the same ‘NEW’ edition of ‘Hole in the Forehead’…which I haven’t even checked:

I forgot that this film was even a ‘NEW’ release.

This ‘Company’ needs its arse kicking!!

What is so blimmin’ annoying is that - as ‘Gritz’ posted about his ‘NEW’ editions of the Giuliano Gemmas - the ‘NEW’ DVD ‘Hardbox’ releases are so darned’ good to look at, on the shelf…

I need to try and dig out my ‘NEW’ release of this particular film.

As already stated: the Company that produced these DVD’S has a lot to account for…

Please let me - and everyone else - know how you get on with checking your copy of ‘Hole in the Forehead’…

All the very best,


(Toscano) #33

Just checked out the other Posts: and it looks as if ‘Wild East’ are bringing out a Giuliano Gemma double bill of ‘One Silver Dollar’ & ‘Adios Gringo’.

Things are getting just a little too ‘co-incidental’ for my liking…as the release date is on 6th December (my birthday).

Other ‘co-incidental’ events have happened, recently, which I won’t go into…

If the ‘Wild East’ info is correct, then I’m happy for everyone who has experienced problems with these two titles, that they now have a chance to replace them…


(Jonny Powers) #34

Well, considering WE’s track record with releases, I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets delayed… :joy:

(Gritz) #35

Hey Toscano,

So I just checked my copies of Blood for a Silver Dollar and Adios Gringo from ‘NEW’. They start up at least but I think you said so did yours. I am going to try and watch Blood for a Silver Dollar over the weekend so I will report back if there are any hiccups during playback.

And yes I also saw that Wild East will be releasing these as a double feature and for cheap so that is an option but I wonder if the quality of the presentations will be as good as the ‘NEW’ discs. They very well might so it will be interesting to see. Still a bummer that you has these issues with your ‘NEW’ discs.

(Toscano) #36

Hi, Gritz.

Cheers for the update. I hope everything goes okay with checking out ‘Blood for a Silver Dollar’…have a glass of your favourite alcoholic drink, near at hand, just in case the disc does give you any problems!

Regarding the upcoming ‘WildEast’ releases of the films…they would have to go a long way to match the picture and audio quality of the ‘NEW’ discs…but, it would be better than nothing, at least.

Keeping my spurs crossed that you don’t have any problems…


(Søren) #37

Anybody knows what happened to the blu-ray that was supposed to have been released of Silver Dollar and which should include dvds of Adios Gringo and Wanted?,_Un/BR

(Stanton) #38

I think it was simply cancelled.

(Gritz) #39

Well Toscano you made me chuckle when you mentioned having a glass of my favorite beverage near by while checking out Blood For A Silver Dollar. I didn’t listen to your advice and now I wish I had that beverage arrrrrr, so frustrating. So I finally got around to watching it tonight and it was playing smoothly and I was enjoying the movie right up until 1hr and 28min into the film where it then all of a sudden decides to freeze up completely. I was like “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”! With 4 minutes left in the film, I was like “come on”! I stopped and started to still get the freeze…I pulled the disc out, cleaned it and then put it back in, just to have it the same point again. Well it looks like my disc took a bullet through it to Toscano. This sucks! “NEW” took the time to create these nice looking uncut prints of the films and house them in nice packaging but couldn’t even make sure the DVD they were using to press their product on was quality. MAN!

(Stanton) #40

You could try to make a copy. Sometimes this still works for DVDs, which otherwise don’t run.

I just realised that I have one New DVD, and that’s Un buco in fronte, and I checked the chapters, and yes it freezes in the later part of the movie.

At the moment I make a DVD-R copy of the main film. With less than 4,7 GB it will have the same quality as the DVD itself. (Picture quality is not that good anyway)