Bad Mood Time re: Giuliano Gemma

I intented to put this in to SWDB a few week back, but couldn’t be arssed …because I was so blimmin’ heaved off about it!!

Today, I decided to say something

To cut a short story, even shorter, I checked through my ‘Spag.’ Collection, a short while ago, and was peed off to find that I’d lost two Giuiano Gemmas!!!

It must be my time of life (approaching 53 on Dec. 6th), but I am def. in the 'Victor Meldrew ’ mood for getting really hacked off with finding that two of my favourite Giuliano Gemma DVDs have developed what appears to be dark ring around the inside of the dvd…
I have just lost Giulio’s ‘‘Adios Amigo’; and One Silver Dollar’…if I remember correctly…the company that produced them is called ‘NEW’.

Further to my last rant, as you can, no doubt appreciate, I’d like to know id anyone else has had the same problems, with imported discs from a company called ‘NEW’.

Just to add…Both of my Giuliano Gemma dvd discs (One Silver Dollar & Adios Amigo ) have exactly the same problem…neither can be played…there is a dark ring, that has developed on the disc…which means than when I try to play the disc, it freezes…

…this has got to be a fault with the Disc Producers ‘NEW’.

Any info would be welcome…

P.S…still hacked off for losing two Giulios…!!!

That is a bummer.
And a bit of a scare too. I have 3 of their other releases though neither of those two. Guess I should check them out.
In the meantime, I’d be happy to send you a copy of each of the films you’ve lost from the versions I have. Won’t take a minute to burn 'em and I can’t stand to see anyone losing out on a fix of Giulio.

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I don’t know what to say!!!

Thank you, as always to the ‘Big Fella’…

I don’t even know how to say ‘Thankyou’, Phil H. … can’t even begin to appreciate the ‘love of Spaghettie’ that binds us to this magnificent web-site!

Cheers, ‘Big Fella’!

A pleasure.

PM me your current address and I’ll get on to it tonight.

Cheers. Phil (Big Fella).

It is certainly - at least in my case - a case of being really (as I’ve already said) pretty blimmin hacked off!

I am a huge Giuliano Gemma fan, and I suspect that other ‘Comprandres’ may experience the same…

I will repeat , that, with my import ‘NEW’ Dvd of ‘ONE SILVER DOLLAR’ & ‘ADIOS GRINGO’…both discs have developed a dark ‘ring’ around the centre…so that they are unplayable!!

I suspect that I may not be the only one who has future problems with ‘NEW’ dvd releases…

Thank Goodness, I still have Giulio’s (in my opinion his best) , ‘A PISTOL FOR RINGO’ & ‘RETURN OF RINGO’

That’s bad news. I just visually checked the 4 NEW releases I have and they thankfully all look fine. I don’t have the two you mention though.

It’s a well known problem. Several New DVDs have that problem and will become unplayable.

It may also happen to Wanted

Sold mine ages ago, but kept copies though.

Do you know of a list of the New-releases that are in the danger zone ?

Hi, Stanton!

Do you have any info. regarding what causes this problem on the DVD’s? must be a manufacturing problem…if you know more, I - and, I’m sure a few other Compadres on ‘SWDB’ would like to know?

Most likely a manufacturing problem. It seems they used different pressing plants, so not every DVD must be affected. But many are from New and from Eyecatcher.

Here’s a thread in German about the problem:

Of the Spags the 3 Gemma films and probably Bandidos also.

Check them, or better make a safety copy.

Bandidos looks fine here.

The forum you are linking to requires that you are a member before you are able to access the topic by the way.

Hi. Stanton!

Many thanks for the ifo…

Must admit. to being peed of for losing two of Guliano Gemmas…!!!

Still grateful…I must admit… for having decent copies of both ‘RINGO’ films…sc.

Yep worth doing in my view, can save you alot of hassle down the line.

But surely you cannot make copies of everything? Just thinking about it gives me a sweat :slight_smile:

But what if the safety copies become damaged? Make safety copies of all the safety copies?

Thank you…everyone that has responded to this issue!

Just since I mentioned the topic, I have had offers of helpful advice from other ‘Compradres’, either experiencing similar problems…or…hopefully…not…

I wouldn’t wish finding an unsuable ‘Spagettie’ DVD on anyone…

To cut a long ‘Leone’ epic short…


Sounds like the only sane thing to do.


I remember a while back that the esteemed Criterion Collection had an issue with a batch of its discs that somehow were degrading over time. They fixed the issue and sent out replacement discs to anyone affected.