Bad Mood Time re: Giuliano Gemma

(Toscano) #1

I intented to put this in to SWDB a few week back, but couldn’t be arssed …because I was so blimmin’ heaved off about it!!

Today, I decided to say something

To cut a short story, even shorter, I checked through my ‘Spag.’ Collection, a short while ago, and was peed off to find that I’d lost two Giuiano Gemmas!!!

It must be my time of life (approaching 53 on Dec. 6th), but I am def. in the 'Victor Meldrew ’ mood for getting really hacked off with finding that two of my favourite Giuliano Gemma DVDs have developed what appears to be dark ring around the inside of the dvd…
I have just lost Giulio’s ‘‘Adios Amigo’; and One Silver Dollar’…if I remember correctly…the company that produced them is called ‘NEW’.

(Toscano) #2

Further to my last rant, as you can, no doubt appreciate, I’d like to know id anyone else has had the same problems, with imported discs from a company called ‘NEW’.

Just to add…Both of my Giuliano Gemma dvd discs (One Silver Dollar & Adios Amigo ) have exactly the same problem…neither can be played…there is a dark ring, that has developed on the disc…which means than when I try to play the disc, it freezes…

…this has got to be a fault with the Disc Producers ‘NEW’.

Any info would be welcome…

P.S…still hacked off for losing two Giulios…!!!

(Phil H) #3

That is a bummer.
And a bit of a scare too. I have 3 of their other releases though neither of those two. Guess I should check them out.
In the meantime, I’d be happy to send you a copy of each of the films you’ve lost from the versions I have. Won’t take a minute to burn 'em and I can’t stand to see anyone losing out on a fix of Giulio.

(Toscano) #4

I don’t know what to say!!!

Thank you, as always to the ‘Big Fella’…

I don’t even know how to say ‘Thankyou’, Phil H. … can’t even begin to appreciate the ‘love of Spaghettie’ that binds us to this magnificent web-site!

Cheers, ‘Big Fella’!

(Phil H) #5

A pleasure.

PM me your current address and I’ll get on to it tonight.

(Toscano) #6

Cheers. Phil (Big Fella).

It is certainly - at least in my case - a case of being really (as I’ve already said) pretty blimmin hacked off!

I am a huge Giuliano Gemma fan, and I suspect that other ‘Comprandres’ may experience the same…

I will repeat , that, with my import ‘NEW’ Dvd of ‘ONE SILVER DOLLAR’ & ‘ADIOS GRINGO’…both discs have developed a dark ‘ring’ around the centre…so that they are unplayable!!

I suspect that I may not be the only one who has future problems with ‘NEW’ dvd releases…

Thank Goodness, I still have Giulio’s (in my opinion his best) , ‘A PISTOL FOR RINGO’ & ‘RETURN OF RINGO’

(Søren) #7

That’s bad news. I just visually checked the 4 NEW releases I have and they thankfully all look fine. I don’t have the two you mention though.

(Stanton) #8

It’s a well known problem. Several New DVDs have that problem and will become unplayable.

It may also happen to Wanted


Sold mine ages ago, but kept copies though.

(Søren) #10

Do you know of a list of the New-releases that are in the danger zone ?

(Toscano) #11

Hi, Stanton!

Do you have any info. regarding what causes this problem on the DVD’s? must be a manufacturing problem…if you know more, I - and, I’m sure a few other Compadres on ‘SWDB’ would like to know?

(Stanton) #12

Most likely a manufacturing problem. It seems they used different pressing plants, so not every DVD must be affected. But many are from New and from Eyecatcher.

Here’s a thread in German about the problem:

Of the Spags the 3 Gemma films and probably Bandidos also.

Check them, or better make a safety copy.

(Søren) #13

Bandidos looks fine here.

The forum you are linking to requires that you are a member before you are able to access the topic by the way.

(Toscano) #14

Hi. Stanton!

Many thanks for the ifo…

Must admit. to being peed of for losing two of Guliano Gemmas…!!!

Still grateful…I must admit… for having decent copies of both ‘RINGO’ films…sc.

(ENNIOO) #15

Yep worth doing in my view, can save you alot of hassle down the line.

(Søren) #16

But surely you cannot make copies of everything? Just thinking about it gives me a sweat :slight_smile:

(Asa) #17

But what if the safety copies become damaged? Make safety copies of all the safety copies?

(Toscano) #18

Thank you…everyone that has responded to this issue!

Just since I mentioned the topic, I have had offers of helpful advice from other ‘Compradres’, either experiencing similar problems…or…hopefully…not…

I wouldn’t wish finding an unsuable ‘Spagettie’ DVD on anyone…

To cut a long ‘Leone’ epic short…


(Søren) #19

Sounds like the only sane thing to do.

(Novecento) #20

I remember a while back that the esteemed Criterion Collection had an issue with a batch of its discs that somehow were degrading over time. They fixed the issue and sent out replacement discs to anyone affected.