Autograph collecting

I was just wondering if anyone else, has considered collecting, or does, collect autographs?

‘Spaghetti’ autographs are a good place to start…

In my own collection, I have Giuliano Gemma; Terence Hill; Robert Hossein (Cemetery Without Crosses); Clint Eastwood; Lee Van Cleef; Eli Wallach; Ennio Morricone; Sergio Leone (I’m not 100% sure about this one, but I’m pretty sure that it’s genuine); Maurizio Graf (singer); Fabrizio Gianni (Assistant Director on 'The Good. The Bad & The Ugly); Franco Nero; Jack Elam (Once Upon a time in The West); Gilbert Roland…
…and probably quite a few more that I cant bring to mind…

I would be interested to know if anyone else enjoys collecting autographs…

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I have never understood why people even care about autographs. Maybe it’s me, but I kinda find it to be boring and stupid.

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Good!..don’t forget to stock up on “Ruby Red and Cheese”,… carry on.:grin:

Kind of a uncalled for harsh comment. I find bunches of subjects on various forums boring but I simply then refrain from participating in them :slight_smile:

I don’t particularly collect autographs but I do have a German movie program of Death Rides a Horse with Lee van Cleefs autograph and a German Sabata (I think) poster signed by Gianfranco Parolini.

I have Franco Nero’s because I had him sign a book for me once. Since I watched him do it, I’m 100% sure it’s legit :slight_smile:

Hehe…I’ll be honest, I know nothing about the subject (Autograghs), so in that regard, I was just messing with ‘Toscano’, just to get a reaction.:smile_cat:

Yeah, me too. I have Kevin Grant’s book signed by Franco.
I don’t have any others that I recall. Always felt a bit awkward asking for autographs really.
Ooh, tell a lie, I have a signed photo which Dan Van Husen gave me.

Thank-you, Avatar…blimmin’ 'eck…that must be very SPECIAL!


I am envious!:slight_smile:

Yeah, Phil,

The book, signed by the magnifico. Franco is a ‘gem’. A wonderful read…

Cheers for the reply, Phil.

Just as long as we don’t have any gunfights in here I guess it’s ok :slight_smile:

To be honest I have no idea where they are though. Got my German collection packed somewhere but I have managed to take a couple of photos before they ‘disappeared’:

Absolute magic, ‘Avatar’!

All the best!

No probs, Amigo. the itchy trigger finger always gets a reaction :slight_smile:

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That’s the same as me. You must have been at the same book signing then - Summer 2010 in London? Wow, that was 6 and half years ago now!

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I have some castellari autgraphs that I am pondering how to best let go of :slight_smile:

My Uncle gave me an autograph of Clint Eastwood as a gift. It’s one of the only things I have to remember him by since he died.

I have an autograph collection consisting of three autographs - Robert Culp, who starred in Hannie Caulder among other things, who signed an I Spy script for me (and had his picture made with me as well!), Richard “Jaws” Kiel, who autographed a photo of himself crushing my head, and Bill Cosby’s, which I solicited because of the I Spy autograph I already had…

…Don’t really know how to feel about the Cosby now.

Keep hold of it…Clint Eastwood autographs (genuine ones), are a great long-term investment. At the moment, a ‘genuine’ one sells for at least £200, or more…usually much more…

I must confess to getting blimmin’ angry when I check out the ‘so-called’ genuine autographs on ‘E-Bay’. For example, you have these knob-head sellers flogging ‘genuine’ Clint Eastwood autographs for £10! And that’s just one example!

I have a real passion for autographs, and to see these ‘cowboys’, on sites such as ‘E-Bay’, ripping people off, makes me so darned angry.

Thank you for sharing that.
Robert Culp was a wonderful actor, and appeared in quite a few memorable ‘Columbo’ episodes, alongside the late, great Peter Falk.
And, as for Richard ‘Jaws’ Kiel…one of the all-time unforgettable ‘Bond’ baddies!