Autograph collecting

(Toscano) #21

I, Seb.

If you would like to send me one, I won’t object! :slight_smile:

(Toscano) #22

Good, for you, Phil.

I went on to Dan Van Husen’s web-site, and requested an autograph, but, unfortunately, I never heard back from him…

However, it is amazing what you can do, just by contacting certain celebrities via their web-sites.
For example, I’m a fan of film music; and, particularly that of the great Michael J. Lewis, who composed scores for ‘The Man Who Haunted Himself’; ‘Theatre of Blood’; ‘The Medusa Touch’; and the Anthony Quinn WW2" actioner, ‘The Passage’.
Well, I simply went on to Mr. Lewis’s web-site, left a message of appreciation for his music, and waited…

A few days later, this wonderful ‘gentleman’ not only sent me his autograph through the Post, but had also gone to the trouble of writing out the opening bars of music for my two favourite films, ‘The Man Who Haunted Himself’, and ‘Theatre of Blood’!

That was one of my best memories from last year…

(Phil H) #23

I was indeed Novecento.

(Toscano) #24

Hi, Seb.
As I said on my post on SWDB, if you’d like to send me one…?
However…if you would like advice on trying to sell the Castellari autographs?
However, my advice is keep hold of them, and look after them…autographs have (in some cases) a habit of increasing in value.
All the very best, amigo.
P.S. Keep up the good work on SWDB!

(Toscano) #25

Blimmin’ 'eck!

I would have loved to meet Franco Nero!

Good on you, Phil!

Can you remember if you asked him any questions re: his ‘Spaghetties’?

(ENNIOO) #26

Great photo Phil !..I am jealous :slight_smile:

(Phil H) #27

No, I didn’t bother him with any questions. The poor man was inundated with people getting stuff signed. And not just the books he was there for. Some fans turned up with carrier bags full of stuff (posters, DVDs, etc). There was a screening of Django on the same day and he did a Q+A for that which was good. He has lots of stories and speaks well. Very funny at times.

I felt sorry for poor Kev at the book signing. It was his first ever and everyone just wanted Franco’s signature. He is a top lad though and took it in good spirit. After all, he sold a few books out of it I suppose which can’t be bad.

(Toscano) #28

I must admit to envying some of you!

For example, it must have been wonderful to attend the Los Angeles ‘Spaghetti’ get-together, a few years ago. The closest I can get to it, is to watch it on the ‘Wild East’ ‘El Rojo’ dvd.

However, it must have been fantastic to see some of the greats (Richard Harrison, Mark Damon, etc.) taking centre-stage…

(Toscano) #29

Cheers, Phil.

The ‘inundation’ that you mention is typical of a certain ‘class’ of ‘autograph-hunter’, who makes life ‘hell’ for everyone else.
For some, unfathonable reason, these once sane, articulate, human-beings, turn into bloody apes…blimmin’ neaderthals!

Fantastic that you had a good time! Such a shame that there are always the ‘mob’, that will ruin everything…!

(Phil H) #30

To be fair they didn’t ruin anything and Django was obviously used to it all. He was like a little signing machine.

(Toscano) #31

Hi, Phil!

So glad you had a good time. Cheers for the reply, ‘big fella’.

If there are no more post, Phil, have a great week-end!!

(Sebastian) #33

well it’s a bummer to store them, they’re enlarged lobby card reprints or quad posters or something, and I’d rather sell them and use the money to pay for SWDb bills than watch them catch dust…

(Novecento) #50

Nice photo!

It is such a fantastic book. Has the author Kevin Grant ever written anything else? A quick google didn’t turn anything up.

(Phil H) #51

Nothing published no but he and a mate have written a book on Revisionist Westerns that they have been trying to get published for a while now. I hope it finally gets into print.

(Novecento) #52

Interesting. The same publishers (FAB press) aren’t interested? Perhaps “Revisionist Westerns” is too niche to turn much of a profit?

(Sebastian) #53

Not sure if I mentioned it already, but I still have a replica of a dutch “kill them all and come back” quad poster signed by Castellari. It was once provided by Koch Media for a giveaway but I am thinking of “selling” it to the highest bidder to cushion this website’s expense account… any bids? :wink: I will post a picture later, but it is this poster:

(Sebastian) #54

Ok so first I thought I’d put it on Ebay, but I just don’t have the time and I would rather see this go to one of you.
This is a replica of a lobby card or quad poster, signed by Castellari. It was originally provided to me by Koch Media a few years ago, I don’t remember to what purpose, a giveway or something. Now it’s just been sitting in my shelf for too long and I neither have the space to put it up, nor do I collect autographs. I accept bids/offers by personal message and it will be shipped within Europe in a bubble wrap envelope with a cardboard stabilizer. I have not idea what this could be worth, so I’ll probably sell it to the first offer that sounds “good” to me :slight_smile:

(Sebastian) #55

Hm, no interest… so I put it on Ebay

(Sebastian) #56

I was unable to sell it so far… No Castellari fans here? :wink:

(Søren) #57

Well, people do not want to pay much I think. I once ‘won’ an original German Sabata poster signed by Gianfranco Parololini for 1 euro on :slight_smile: