As seen on "Furious Cinema"

I’ve always enjoyed this one too. I recall Gibbs’ editing being good.

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Gene Siskel also didn’t like Unforgiven, The Silence of the Lambs, and Scarface. Canby didn’t like The Godfather: Part II and Rosenbaum didn’t like The Deer Hunter. :laughing:

I remember seeing Rollerball in the theater when I was nine (?) or ten (?) and loving it. I am still pretty fond of it to this day.



I love ‘Rollerball’ (1975). It has always been one of my favourite movies, and one that I visit on a yearly basis.

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Short Bits 4: Superargo

Short Bits 5: Hymn to a Tired Man

Short Bits 6: Walking the Edge

Short Bits 7: The Shadow Within

Short Bits 8: Demon Pond

Thanks to @Mickey13 for the input and there are a lot more where that came from :slight_smile:

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Plenty more coming, I’m planning to write these for the foreseeable future. :wink:

I must say I really like this format, I think the shorter form accords with the post-smartphone era really well.

seb should add a short bits directory link on the site if its a special ongoing series :+1:

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Yeah I might to that. I wonder if we have more short reviews from the past that we could capture that way as well…

New one: EYES OF LAURA MARS as our short bits series by Michal continues throughout the holidays and the new year

I will select the best ones from the archives, might rework some of these and then send them over to you, just bear in mind you might end up with a LOT of material, I am not even sure how much of it there is. Just in addition to the short bits tag, add another tag e.g. ‘short bits archives’ in order to distinguish them from the new ones and we are good to go. I will provide the texts only, hopefully you will be able to find some screenshots on the web.

It is basically a film diary, but each entry is a condensed review. I have taken some inspiration from Ed Whitfield whose reviews tend to be very terse (his site has been suspended apparently). Not planning on quitting any time soon, but the pace may vary from month to month.

Michal is back and it’s already numero 21




and many more are on the way

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More Radiance

Some more Radiance

And also a whole lot more short bits are up, with more on their way

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