Arizona Colt (Michele Lupo, 1966)

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I am with you on this one brother Reverend :D.

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I’ve just re-watched the Wild East version “The man from nowhere”, which is uncut (has already been mentioned earlier) and of pretty much ok but not great picture and audio (after about 8min AC responds to Whiskey with “Danke schön” after being warned by him :slight_smile: ) quality.

The great cast (nice women too) alone is worth watching this solid and entertaining piece of SW material containing some quite hard scenes where legs, hands and heads are shot at. All in all, this well made movie is nothing too spectacular but kept me entertained at least 80% of the time, even though it’s not among my favourite Gemma westerns and with almost two hours running time a little bit too long IMO. I prefer Il ritorno di Ringo, The long days of vengeance and California.

I think the soundtrack by Francesco de Masi is certainly not his best but still good. Almost the same goes for the song “Arizona Colt” performed by Raoul which I think is just alright.

solid 3 stars

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Isn’t the Movie Power DVD a few minutes longer?

I’ve read this somewhere in a german forum, the Movie Power guys have claimed this.

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Might be ??? I’ve the old version !

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watched this sunday night.found it to be an enjoyable film and found the music and the opening credit sequence has some good violent moments amongst some humourous moments and it comes off ok here.i thought gemma was all right here, but i can see what some forum members mean about him in their comments.his gleaming white teeth here in this film are a bit jarring at times.overall an entertaining western.

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Watched this one and found myself a bit undecided but something about it sort of attracted me so watched it again.Second time round I enjoyed it more. Agree with the Rev about the lack of motive for most things that happen and I think that niggled me first time round. Second time I did suspend my belief and just watched it purely as an entertaining romp and I did quite enjoy it. Gemma and Sancho are IMO always great entertainment value…bugger the plot. IMO no where near Return Of Ringo (which is way up there) but an entertaining film and glad I have got it and seen it.

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I enjoyed this one. Gemma is a bastard as Arizona Colt. Arizona Colt is a very unsymphatic character but pretty good for a SW. :wink: Director Michael Lupo’s Movie is cynical and violent. Like a SW should be. The final shootout between Arizona and Fernando Sancho at the undertaker is just fun.
Robert Carmadiel as Double Whiskey is a funny sidepart. Rosalba Neri (attractive as ever) has a little part too. :slight_smile:

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The idea behind this movie is very interesting - the main character is a total asshole. He cheats while playing cards, he agrees to bring back the bandit only when he will be allowed to have sex with saloon owner’s daughter and he cares fopr money more than anything else [it changes in the end]. Giulano Gemma plays the role well. Roberto Camadriel plays a drunk character called Whiskey and he’s very likable. Fernando Sancho is an over-the-top villain and he’s as good as usual. We get lots of shooting. I was surprised there were some inhabitiants left in the town at the end as Sancho’s band seemed to massacre its citizens almost on a daily basis. And now comes the best part of my mini-review: i liked De Masi’s score a lot. Even the title song. Surely something wrong is happening to me :stuck_out_tongue:
8 out of 10


Pretty good and solid Gemma spaghetti with CHEESY score and a quite violent Fernando Sancho in the role of Gordo. Probably the meanest character Gemma ever played- ‘meanest’ when compared to the rest of the characters he played. I liked it a bit more than A pistol for Ringo, but it’s not better than Day of Anger. 3.5/5 stars

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This movie IS indeed violent. You moght forget about this, because of Gemmas sunshine smile, but the bodycount is really high. I haven’t actually counted it, but I would guess more than 100 or so…
And to the badass character thing: in the beginning AC is in prison, so he must have done something to be there…

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Arizona Colt is one of my favourites Gemma SWs.

many years ago - when I was very young - I didin’t like him and his SWs. he had too much “sunny smile” for me.
After seeing many SWs, I suddenly recognized, that he isn’t so bad and that the films, in which he played, are all well directed with good stories etc. etc.
and now I really enjoy his films (maybe I get old and lighthearted), except California (I mentioned it in the thread) and Adios Gringo (too american style).
they are all good entertainment.

the most interesting point for me in Arizona Colt is, that the main character is such an “asshole”. that’s something different to other SWs; ok there are other unlikeable main charcter (for example Johnny Yuma) but not in this way.

the only thing I don’t like/can’t understand, is why the girl (Jane?) starts to have feelings for Arizona …!? but that’s Gemma too and you have to accept it …

for me Arizona Colt is not a Ringo III. I think the main charcter is too different to Ringo - Ringo I is a “child”, Ringo II is a tragic figure and Ringo III a asshole?

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I thought this one was mediocre. The genre hadn’t been perfected by the masters yet so it feels like a little baby Spaghetti.

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More of a ziti :slight_smile:

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Actually, this is one of my favorite Gemma films. I rank it up there just behind RETURN OF RINGO, LONG DAYS OF VENGEANCE, and DAY OF ANGER.

But, I have been recently called naive…so what do I know? ha ha ha! :wink: :smiley:

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[quote=“Phil H, post:35, topic:552”]We should really merge the two threads for this film so that everyone doesn’t have to repeat their comments.,1200.msg29971/topicseen.html#msg29971

I think only Seb can do this though :([/quote]
Apparently me too. Topics merged.

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BL, you get shit done!

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Didn’t knew that you have Superpowers! ;D

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[size=5]Super Bad Lieutenant![/size]

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Well done that man. :slight_smile: