Appaloosa (Ed Harris, 2008)

looks good

it certainly does, looking forward to this one


Check out the trailer (the one on Seb’s post doesn’t work for me)

[quote=“Yodlaf Peterson, post:3, topic:1228”]Check out the trailer (the one on Seb’s post doesn’t work for me)

Ooh yes. I like the look of this one. Always been a fan of Ed Harris and Vigo Mortenson is very capable too. Any ideas on a release date?

At first i thought it would have something to do with “The appaloosa” with Marlon Brando and John Saxon [which was pretty good, by the way], but it seems that title is the only thing they have in common.

Me too.

Thought was the name of a drink at first.

It says coming this fall (Autumn to us English) so i should imagine Octoberish in the States and maybee a couple of weeks later for us.

Shit that does look cool!

doesn’t it just :slight_smile:

I really like how westerns are coming back. The whole reason they fell is because people think that wetserns are cheesy. Some are but people love star wars and lord of the rings and tell me those aren’t a bit cheesy.

Give me spaghettis over sci-fi any day ;D

Amen brother!

cool new onesheets

I’m really looking forward to this one…Ed Harris is an excellent actor…I can’t think of any bad performances. I like Viggo Mortensen too - I was disappointed with A History of Violence, but I think I had built it up too much in my mind :wink:

Renee Zellweger on the other hand - bland, bland, bland.

I must say, I’m a little worried about this one because in the rating, it says R for SOME VIOLENCE and I’m worried it might be boring and the trailer is probobly misleading because they have to show all the action.

Well, the first review from the Toronto International Film Festival has arrived online over at Dark Horizons. Here’s what their critic had to say (you’ll note he directly addresses the violence issue:


Directing just his second feature, Ed Harris’ “Appaloosa” is a classic Western based on the popular novel about two self-appointed US Marshals hired to clean up a town run by a murderous rancher [Jeremy Irons]. Harris stars as Virgil Cole, who is teamed up with friend Everett Hitch [Viggo Mortensen]. Into Cole’s life comes Allie [Renée Zellweger], an independent woman of sorts, desperate to find a man to protect her from the harshness of the West.

“Appaloosa” is a Western that takes its cues from the likes of “Rio Bravo”, thus having a classic Western structure. Yet it takes its time to delineate characters and does so with skill. As with Westerns of old, “Appaloosa” is about men and violence, the lawlessness of the late 1800s in post-Civil War America. This film bristles with violence and humanity, and explores the nature of morality in an amoral world.

Harris not only directs this fine film with clarity of vision but also delivers another stellar performance, though its Jeremy Irons, as the film’s multi-faceted antagonist, who steals the film. The movie’s one flaw is the miscasting of Zellweger, who seems incapable of doing little more than either pout or smile forcibly in a one-note performance that detracts from the major plot of the film. Beyond that, we have a finely textured, riveting Western that marks a welcome return to a classic American genre.

Rollingstone review gave it 3.5 out of 4 stars. Cited similarities with My Darling Clementime.

It was rated by the BBFC on September 12th and has been granted a 15 certificate.

Remember the BBFC are quite lenient nowdays so i reckon it will be alright, if the violence was quite weak i should imagine it would probably been given a “12” in this day and age.

I’m also looking forward to see it. Hopefully it will be released in Germany and in Austria too.