Apocalypse Joe / Un uomo chiamato Apocalisse Joe (Leopoldo Savona, 1970)

A highly enjoyable sw with some fun death sequences. A pretty straight forward story but AS playing an actor, I thought, was pretty funny adding some different from the norm angles to work with. His starchy acting style actually adds to his character in this one. For an actor, he sure could kick some ass. Look out for Phil H’s cameo. Highly recommended. 7 out of 10 sheriff’s badges for me.

What when where what!?!

Yeah Col. Didn’t you know? Phil used to do walk ons in Spaghetti Westerns.

Honestly, i just saw this flick for the first time recently & I did not know that was Anthony Steffan.

That who was Anthony Steffen?

Can’t help being disappointed whenever I watch this one. It has an interesting premise but never quite fulfils its promise, fizzling out with one of those over-extended running gun battles, rather like other Steffen Westerns such as Stranger in Paso Bravo (IIRC) and A Name that Cried Revenge.

Decent in places but, as I say, kinda disappointing.

Yes. Lot’s of action and funny sequences, but in the end it’s an average effort.

I just watched it last night and I was highly entertained. Steffen is really solid as Joe Clifford and there’s tons of shoot outs and the final battle lasts about 30 minutes. I loved it. I liked that Steffen played an actor who loves Bill Shakespeare. I would have loved to hear him give cheesy lines from the Bard before he shoots someone… Alas poor Yorick and you are no more BANG!

the guy in Phil’s avatar was Steffen.

Aha, better late than never :wink:

yea that’s me :wink:

Like the cavalry.

I watched this a few days ago and people are usually quick to say, “Yeah, right” when a 30-minute battle occurs in the movie. Alas, here’s proof!

Watched this movie yesterday and I really enjoyed that on, although Anthony Steffen isn’t really my favourite actor of the genre. It’s kind of irony that Steffen acts as an actor in this movie - for me he is acting too inexpressive, but let’s leave this aside. The story isn’t really revolutionary, but solid. The actors, particularly Fajardo as the bad guy, the camera, the action and especially the score by Bruno Nicolai are taking this film up over the average.

I think the Nicolai score is one of the best score’s of all time, however, I don’t think it was utilized properly in this film.

The beginnning where steffen holds up the skull with “to be or not to be”, and the main score starts with credits doesn’t really work. I would’ve prefered the opening credits with the score and a rotoscope animation instead.

Quite a while since you where Laydback!

For me, one of the best Steffen.
I think the jokes is very subtle.
OK, maybe he is not very demanding, but he is like football and formula one: 90 minutes are over. You are not smarter, the experience was not vital, but there are worse ways to spend your time. :wink:
My Rating 7 / 10.

He he, not really …

It’s been a while since i watched my X-Rated DVD but i had loads of fun with it. This movie gave Steffen a little more to besides looking tough ala Eastwood being that he played a Shakespearean actor. It contained some great action scenes and the finale certainly gave you a bang for your buck with Steffen doing all kind of ridiculous stunts. Also loved the score for the movie. In the end director Leopoldo Savona managed to deliver a quite enjoyable and solid SW. I would certainly place it in my Steffen top 3.

I watched this last night for the first time and, while I agree that the finale goes on for a while and a while and a while, it was necessary, given the fact that Berg had about fifty guns backing him.

The disguises were foreshadowed from the beginning of the film and I thought to myself, as Clifford went about trying to get the mine back, “Why doesn’t he use his disguises to…disguise himself?” About ten minutes later…disguises.

The sheriff was a pretty ineffective character and the fim could have done without him, I think. That’s probably my biggest problem with Apocalypse Joe.

I didn’t love it but I didn’t hate it either.


The final shootout is damn too long, with another director as for example Castellari or Carnimeo perhaps, it would be much more fun and exciting and that is basically the major flaw of the film for me. No problem with Steffen on this one and there are some cool scenes before the final shootout that I highly enjoyed. Nicolai’s score is superb of course, an instant classic. Good enough for a 7/10.