Anything for a Friend / Amico mio … frega tu che frego io (Demofilo Fidani, 1973),_frega_tu…_che_frego_io!

OT: Amico mio, frega tu…che frego io ! (My friend, damn you … that I do not care!)

Mark Tabor (Bud Randall) learns of an old gold miner where he found a lot of gold.Together with his stupid friend Jonathan Dickerson (Ettore Manni), he sets off on the way to recover the gold. But the crooks Miller (Gordon Mitchell) gets wind of the gold, leaving the returning miners attacked. But Mark and Jonas him throw a spanner in the works!

One must admit at Fidani: His films were always entertaining in any form
So it’s with this one, too ! A bad film, but very funny and rarely dull.
It’s a little bit slowly, but an OK Film for me.
All in all, one of the better Fidani’s.
I hope I does not overvalued the Film ::slight_smile:
5,5 from 10 or 2,5 from 5

I have seen a German TV broadcast in 1.85:1. The picture looks like a very good VHS

What do you think of this Fidani ? :slight_smile:

I didn’t like this one at all. Fidani should have stayed away from the comedies.

btw, italo-west-fan. the link on your post doesn’t work.,_frega_tu…_che_frego_io!

Not the best Fidani. Prefer his non comedy ones which I often still find funny but in a different way.

I’m about 25 minutes or so into this, and am thinking my bed may seem a better option. I’ve got a soft-focus fuzzy fullscreen subbed rip with Spanish(?) subs, but I don’t believe this tosh can be improved by an appearance of a better version, should one be available.

But - wait… the gorgeous Simone Blondell has arrived…
But nope - she’s just not doing it for me in this…
So - bed it is!

Ahaah - 30 mins now, and the magnificent Gordon Mitchell has appeared to save the day?

Nope - and still still not a bullet fired in anger - no nudity, cacti or even decent rocks… tsshhhh…



According to IMDb Bud Randall (but the trailer says Red Carter, see above) should be Italian actor Paolo Rosani, but it’s not him.

Here is Rosani in Arrivano Django e Sartana… è la fine (in which he’s credited as Paul Ross) and in 1977 TV Movie La Gabbia:

And here is the mysterious “Bud Randall”. Only thing in common: light-coloured eyes.


The first card sharp is played by magician Vinicio Raimondi


Most of the directors non comedies ( even though some may say they are all comedies :smiley: ) are alot more funny than this one. Being so interested in the film not, my mind drifted. Gordon Mitchells hair is so shiny, wonder if he used a hair shining product…

For Bud Randall another source puts its finger on Spanish actor Andrés Resino, and the outcome of the comparison with films of the same period like “La mansión de la niebla” or the one with Gloria Guida this time is positive.


Crazy references to Greek Regime of the Colonels, Chaplin and Laurel and Hardy in this one:


Laurel & Hardy

The presence of the portrait of Shakespeare must allude to something too, I think.

You may have a point here :smiley: .

The second card sharp seems Giuseppe Namio, on the left in Confessions of a Police Commissioner to the District Attorney (1971)

I think that it would be a good idea to mark with an asterisk the uncredited actors in all the Database pages.

Had this recorded from Movies4Men and finally got round to watching it.
Amazingly good print for M4M again (they keep surprising me) but the film itself is an unsalvageable wreck of a non-comedy. No surprises there of course so at least it’s another one ticked off the seen but best forgotten list.