And God Said to Cain / E Dio disse a Caino … (Antonio Margheriti, 1970)

What is certain is that there is Italian, English and German audio for that scene.

The very bad image quality English version available on YouTube, for instance, is a couple of minutes shorter than Medusa DVD but includes the complete sequence.

One can’t rule out the possibility the cut was originally due to bad language (“posto di merda”, “ne avrò viste di baldracche, ma più baldracca di quella…”).

The Database lists Mario Novelli a.k.a. Anthony Freeman as the bounty hunter, but clearly it’s not him.

It’s also a well shot scene. Although that does not necessarily mean it won’t end up on the cutting room floor.

The scene was regularly dubbed into Spanish too.

I’m not sure if the presence of lack of dubbing is evidence enough for ultimate intentions regarding inclusion or not. Weren’t many SWs dubbed into foreign languages before scenes were chopped out at the whim of local distributors? Or did the dubbing always come afterwards?

I decided to watch this one again. I think Margheriti did a much better job with Vengeance. And God Said to Cain is by no means a bad film but it’s not a great one, either.

Saw this for the first time yesterday. Not a bad film although my enjoyment was spoilt because for the most part it was quite difficult to see what was going on in the dark, but the film has a basic story which is easily followed. It has quite an abrupt ending too.

You should get the Wild East disc.

Anyone watched this in Italian? I can’t help but find the English dub incredibly corny.

I did, but I don’t remember if the Italian dub is better

Finally had the chance to buy and see watch the Wild East version, and BOY what a difference, compared to the old the mill creek entertainment version, with lousy picture quality, poor audio, and terrible dubbing. How I ever watched that old mill creek entertainment version, ill never know. The underground scene’s are beautifully shot, as are many of the scene’s in Acombar’s house ( especially once the house is set on fire). The heart of the film is the performance of Kinski, who is perfect as the avenger. I also love the stormy atmosphere, the scenes that were shot underground, as well as the scenes that take place in and around the church. ( the church bell gives the film a gothic, almost horror feel). In my top 20 for sure.

Nice atmosphere but the film is overrated in my opinion. Vengeance is Margheriti’s best western.

Agreed. I found it to be slow and boring, although it did a great job with the horror elements. It was like watching a slasher or giallo the way Gary picks the enemies off.

Gotta disagree with you there. I love Vengeance but I think this one is better, I re-watched it last night and it still entertains. If you’ll permit me to post a mini-analysis I essentially see this as the spaghetti western version of High Noon (I’m aware it’s based on A Stranger in Paso Bravo which I haven’t seen) but And God… and High… both feature a man released from jail who returns to a town to exact revenge on the man who put him there almost entirely in real time. Of course this is the spaghetti west so noon becomes night and the villain becomes the hero. I wouldn’t say it’s quite as good as Zinnemann’s classic but it delivers.

Uhh, overrated! And God Said to Cain is a simple revenge story that does not have enough interesting plot points to make it watchable for me. I could not care less what happens after Hamilton arrives in the town. You know he’s gonna shoot them all, you know there will be a strife between son and father sooner or later. It is just a mindless action movie spiced with gothic horror elements and tornado (windy dark weather to be precise). Giving a positive lead role to sick Kinski is not a good idea either. I was more inclined to be on the side of the bad guys here. Margheriti knew how to make a good looking movie with atmosphere but except that the movie does not offer anything else. It looks good but even that is diminished by the too dark image. There are scenes where you see just guns shooting from a dark and into a dark. Vengeance is better since the hero is likeable, there are more cool and original scenes, it has one of my fav. one-liners of all time (“The game is over and I’ve won!” or “Fair fight, ye?”) :smiley: , it has even a better storyline though it is also a very simple revenger but there are quite a few surprises. Imo And God Said to Cain does not work too good nor as western nor as horror. I’d watch this only if I did not care about story at all and wanted something dark but then again you could pick much better western or a horror movie as well.

Anyone know why two cinematographers are credited as it was only filmed in Italy? Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.

I love this film it’s got everything I enjoy in a western, interesting locations, sparse dialogue and a strong easy to follow plot.
Id go as far to say it’s in my top 5. I’m currently looking for the old UK tape titled Fury at Sundown. I collect old tapes.

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I have no idea – but is it that unusual to have two directors of photography working on one film? Since both Luciano Trasatti and Riccardo Pallottini were busy cinematographers, I assume that one of them had scheduling difficulties or simply fell ill. Or perhaps there were creative differences with director Antonio Margheriti (more likely in the case of Trasatti, who worked with him only twice). Trasatti and Pallottini collaborated on a total of four productions, but only in E Dio disse a Caino … are both credited as “direttori della fotografia.”


It’s certainly “sex”, and in the context I think the line makes good sense. Unless I’m mistaken Gary is talking with the only guy who’s welcomed him back to town with a big smile, the doctor (Raffaelli), in the doctor’s own house. Their sombre chat goes straight to the time after Gary was sent down, when his local defenders were intimidated by Acombar and his henchmen. Rosy’s husband was killed “accidentally”; the doctor was wounded in the leg in an “accident” that if he’d dared to call it anything else would have turned fatal. Having gone through the shit that happened to anyone who dared to stand up for Gary, the doctor asks him how he has been. His reply is the line you quote, which I hear as a bitterly ironic rejoinder: “Oh, for me it was one long party” [“All rest and sex,” i.e. exactly what ten years on a chain-gang isn’t, in this film anyhow]. Or: “That was my serving of shit.”

I like your link with his later rejection of Marcella Michelangeli’s steamy writhings, and think “reject” is exactly the right word - his desires, including the sexual ones, have all been channelled into vengeance, so he doesn’t have to resist them. The music suggests a moment of emotional nostalgia, but it’s soon gone.

Allow me to eat crow. Or a dead lizard. I was so sure of myself.

On listening to the same English dub in the Brazilian Ocean Pictures DVD, the line comes across very clearly as “a long rest and lots of snakes.” One of which makes an appearance. So the “serpi” get in, if not the “sole.”

That’s true. Plenty of sex in SWs, just not the word.

Rather strikes me too. “Gary Hamilton” sounds like a soccer player that’s just been bought by a second-league division.