And God Said to Cain - any good dvd releases?

I have been looking for a good copy of this classic forever. Does one even exist? Has anyone bothered cleaning up the print? Is it that far gone?

I found Franco Cleef and he said he still has it.

Is that my best option?

To the best of my knowledge, FC’s is the way to go. I’m quite happy with mine. If there’s a better foriegn release, i’m sure someone will chime in.

The FC version of this one is propably the best. Welcome to the forum!

I would say so.

Screens from Franco’s Cain disc

Remindsme of that I haven’t seen this film in a while.

I have never seen this one.

Any particular reason for that Ennioo? Have you saved it up like Scherp did with Run Man Run?
Or did it just get lost in that whopping great ‘To Watch’ pile of yours? :wink:

ENNIOO seems to have quite a few of the “good ones” in his stockpile.

I feel like I’ve never watched this one. I don’t remember anything about it except a couple scenes. Will have to re-visit soon

Well had the Franco Cleef version now for at least 2.5 years, and never viewed. Traded a copy with Tom who used to be on the forum a while back. Sort of got lost in the to watch pile at one point. I watch less westerns now than I did a couple of years ago, and had to catch up on U.S westerns I had not seen in a long while. In addition I have plenty of westerns that from what I have read will be worse than this one. Something to look forward to :slight_smile: .

what is the right aspect ratio for this film?

If the IMDB can be believed (and it frequently can’t), 2.35:1

anyone know who sells FC releases anymore?

I’d recommend contacting FC direct and getting them straight from him. Very good guy to deal with and his e-mail should be in the Franco Cleef thread some where.

Thanks I’ll check on that.

2,35:1 is correct.

The German DVD is somehow only in 1,85:1. It’s only fault, but you hardly recognize it.

:slight_smile: ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS WOW!!!

I received the Franco Cleef dvd of “And God said to Cain” today directly from him and i am very impressed!!!
Not only is the video quality fantastic, but the entire package is awesome. It came in a full size dvd case with artwork and a labeled dvd. I was pleasantly surprised by it all.

All he ever sends me is a blank dvd-r with nothing on it. its not even labeled.

I think you guys may have been right. Sorry for not listening. :-\

May have been mentioned before but I just noticed it will be released in France by M6 on 10 February 2010 in 2.35:1 anamorphic with Italian track and French subtitles. M6 dvds are always great quality so no reason to think this will be any different. Hurrah!

Darn. No subtitles en anglais.

…and with this silly cover.