Alternative Top 20

As much as I like Run Man Run, I’m happy Sartana took its place. I feel like all the great parts of Run Man Run were done better in The Big Gundown which is already on the list. Sartana’s character (and by extension Sabata’s) are also so prevalent to the genre I feel he deserves a spot.

Se incontri Sartana prega per la tua morte is currently present both in the Essential and in the Alternative Top 20, it should not be so.

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I’ll be updating the Alternative Top 20 soon and will remove it then

On the subject of which, if anyone wants to submit a list or update a previous one, now is the time. :slightly_smiling_face:

Haven’t posted an alternative list, somehow seems more interesting though as most of our top 20’s have so many titles in them that are hard to budge. I certainly had to think harder for this one. But there’s a bit more room to have fun with it, I think.

  1. The Ugly Ones
  2. Massacre Time
  3. Bandidos
  4. Mannaja
  5. Shoot the Living and Pray for the Dead
  6. Blindman
  7. Navajo Joe
  8. The Grand Duel
  9. And God Said to Cain
  10. Vengeance
  11. Kill Them All and Come Back Alone
  12. Requiem for a Gringo
  13. If you Meet Sartana Pray for your Death
  14. Sabata
  15. Johnny Hamlet
  16. Run, Man, Run
  17. Johnny Yuma
  18. California
  19. My Name is Pecos
  20. Today We Kill … Tomorrow We Die!

Keoma and Cemetery Without Crosses would also be included if they were not already in the official top 20.

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Good list QuickDraw.
I’ve added it to the overall list now and will update that on the site soon.

My new Alternate Top 20 (after my former number 1 has reached the Essential Top 20 !)

1 Dead Men Ride/At The End Of The Rainbow (Aldo Florio) music Bruno Nicolai 1971
2 Requiem For A Gringo/Duel In Eclipse (Eugenio Martín, José Luis Merino) music Angelo Lavagnino 1968
3 Johnny Yuma (Romolo Guerrieri) 1966
4 Kill The Wicked/ God Does Not Pay On Saturday (Tanio Boccia) music Angelo Lavagnino 1967
5 The Stranger Returns/A Man, A Horse, A Gun (Luigi Vanzi) music Stelvio Cipriani 1967
6 Viva Django / Django, Prepare A Coffin (Ferdinando Baldi) music Gianfranco Reverberi 1968
7 The Forgotten Pistolero/Gunman Of Ave Maria (Ferdinando Baldi) music Roberto Pregadio 1969
8 El Puro/The Reward’s Yours… The Man’s Mine (Edoardo Mulargia) music Alessandro Alessandroni 1969
9 The Grand Duel/Storm Rider/The Big Showdown (Giancarlo Santi) 1972
10 Sabata (Gianfranco Parolini) 1969
11 My Name Is Pecos (Maurizio Lucidi) music Coriolano Gori 1966
12 Blood River/Ten White Men and One Little Indian (Gianfranco Baldanello) music Piero Umiliani 1974
13 Awkward Hands (Rafael Romero Marchent) music Antón García Abril 1970
14 Ramon The Mexican (Maurizio Pradeaux) music Felice Di Stefano 1966
15 The Return Of Ringo (Duccio Tessari) music Ennio Morricone 1965
16 A Stranger In Town/A Dollar Between The Teeth (Luigi Vanzi) 1967
17 The Dirty Outlaws / El desperado (Franco Rossetti) music Gianni Ferrio 1967
18 Johnny Hamlet/The Wild And The Dirty (Enzo G. Castellari) 1968
19 Death Sentence (Mario Lanfranchi) 1968
20 No Room To Die/Hanging For Django/A Noose For Django (Sergio Garrone) music Vasili Kojucharov and Elsio Mancuso 1969

Substitute if any ( El Puro ?) of the above within short reaches a potentially updated Essencial Top 20 :

Requiescant/Kill And Pray (Carlo Lizzani) 1967

(But in that case if it is Django Kill If You Live Shoot that hypothetically might be replaced by El Puro, then I would once more rank the former on top of my Alternate Top 20).

  1. Bandidos
  2. And God Said to Cain
  3. Black Jack
  4. Sabata
  5. My Name is Pecos
  6. Vengenace is Mine/$100,000 Per Killing
  7. California
  8. Killer Calibro 32
  9. Light the Fuse…Sartana is Coming!
  10. Raise Your Hands, Dead Man, You’re Under Arrest!
  11. They Call him Cemetary
  12. I am Sartana, Your Angel of Death/Sartana the Gravedigger
  13. A Pistol for Ringo
  14. Texas, Adios
  15. The Specialists
  16. The Grand Duel
  17. Requiem for a Gringo
  18. Shoot the Living and Pray for the Dead
  19. Massacre Time
  20. Arriva Sabata/Sabata the Killer
  1. The Forgotten Pistolero
  2. Taste of Killing
  3. Vengeance
  4. The Taste of Violence
  5. Today We Kill, Tomorrow We Die
  6. Nest of Vipers
  7. A Hole in the Forehead
  8. Taste of Death
  9. $10,000 For a Massacre
  10. Find a Place to Die
  11. Starblack
  12. Johnny Hamlet
  13. El Puro
  14. Bandidos
  15. Death Knows No Time
  16. Ride for a Massacre
  17. The Specialists
  18. The Great Treasure Hunt
  19. Four of the Apocalypse
  20. Sonora

Cheers, Phil. Wasn’t sure if I could have Run, Man, Run or Sartana as they keep changing in the official 20 list, but neither are in my personal top 20 so I definitely had to include them in this. :grin:

Yes, no worries @QuickDraw . The bottom couple of places of the Official Top 20 are very close these days and cosequently things change quite a bit. That’s why we decided to expand the acceptable voting parameters to include any film outside the top 18 from the official list. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@runner , @QuickDraw @supertwix_64

All added now


Remember guys that you can include same films in both your list, top20 and alternative20. And should actually, if your top20 doesn’t include any films from our current top20 that’s also your alternative list.


Love these types of lists. Great chance to find more obscure films that are good but not might make it to the top twenty. Also great to find stranger movies that appeal to narrower tastes like El Topo.