Alright, Gianni Crea or Demofilo Fidani

Alright brother’s, we have got to get something straight once and for all. WHO IS THE WORST SPAGHETTI WESTERN DIRECTOR!? Many say Fidani but only the people who want to be official about it. We have got to decide OFFICIALLY.And possibly clear some names here. So whoever “wins”, will get the official Spaghetti Western Database stamp as the worst spaghetti western director. I think our two choices are the most… “qualified.” I haven’t seen either of their movies so I wont vote yet.

I think some of you already know, that I kinda like Fidani. I’ve seen worse movies than the Fidanis I’ve seen. The Creas I know belong to those movies!

Yes, will vote for Crea too. Not because I’m sure that he is the worst sw director of all time but at least he has made some of the worst I’ve seen until now. I’m sure though that out there lurks a spaghetti I haven’t seen yet which will make even Crea seem like a Leone :slight_smile:

The reason that Fidani is often mentioned as the worst I think is because of his high output in the genre and perhaps because of the higher availability of his movies on diverse formats. Hell, Koch Media even released a Fidani western but no dvd release has surfaced of a Crea ditto as yet (as far as I remember) so many people don’t know of his existence. And if you go from watching Leone to watching Fidani sure Fidani will start to have an odd smell but if you delve further into the genre you will find out that he isn’t at the bottom of the pile.

I haven’t seen anything from Crea.

But to top some of the Fidani Spags downwards won’t be easy.

According to my books Roberto Mauri must be another candidate for the Worst SW crown. But the one I have seen from him wasn’t too bad (Sartana in the Valley of Death).

Yes Mauri should be bad… Have only seen two of his movies. Sartana in the Valley of Death which I hated although I have to rewatch that one as I can get into my head why a movie with William Berger in the lead could be that bad. Perhaps the uncut version is better (only got the one from C’est la vie) and then I’ve also seen An Animal Called Man which I thought was alright actually. Some pretty good laughs in that one.

Also saw Mauri’s Three Golden Serpents lately which was also an ok movie, nothing spectacular but certainly not that bad. That wasn’t t a western of course…

Fuckin hell, that one’s so bad. It’s so awfully bad. It’s so awfully, awfully bad! My god, is it bad!

We need more options to choose from

Fidani certainly ain’t the worst. Crea could only be challenged by Franco Lattanzi who’s responsible for some of the worst SWs around:

  • Sei bounty killers per una strage starring Robert Woods, Donald O’Brien, Attilio Dottesio and George Wang

  • La Tigre venuta dal fiume Kwai starring George Eastman and Gordon Mitchell

  • Il Giustiziere di Dio starring William Berger, Nuccia Cardinali, Attilio Dottesio, Donald O’Brien and George Wang (haven’t seen that one though but sure would like to)

All terribly made movies (I assume the Berger flic ain’t any better than the other two!?)

I’ve always wondered why Robert Woods and William Berger appear in some really shitty movies, while they’ve done many decent ones !??! The reason probably is money once again !?

That’s a good idea.

But I guess, no matter how many options we got, Fidani will make it. His reputation is too bad.

He ain’t got a single vote yet though :slight_smile:

We shall see :wink:

Finders Killers is out on DVD by Global in South Africa (even if it looks more like a VHS print )

I’ve seen one Crea and one Fidani now, Finders Killers and Sam Wallach, enjoyed both of them actually :smiley:

Sure they’re low budget and amateurish, but they’re not the most boring SWs I’ve seen

I’m definitely gonna pick up the Fidani released by Koch :slight_smile:

Yes do that! Big entertainment guaranteed!

Ah forgot about that one… Yes definitely not one of the better transfers. And fullscreen.

I’m glad I never heard this Lattanzi name before!

Demofilo won’t get a vote from me, cause I’m not competent enough to give a vote in this section. And I hope I won’t get the competence …

I feel i need to see Franco Lattanzi’s movie :slight_smile:

[quote=“alk0, post:16, topic:1458”]I feel i need to see Franco Lattanzi’s movie :)[/quote]Check out the Tiger from the River Kwai. It’s worst sw I’ve seen.

Lattanzi is a good candidate but I’ve seen only Tiger from… maybe his other film are better.

It belongs in the category of Super Mega Shit :D.

[quote=“Bill san Antonio, post:17, topic:1458”]Check out the Tiger from the River Kwai. It’s worst sw I’ve seen.

Lattanzi is a good candidate but I’ve seen only Tiger from… maybe his other film are better.[/quote]

Oh believe me, at least “Sei bounty killers per una strage” isn’t any better !!! I doubt the Berger movie is !?

Demofilo Fidani is a fucking auteur compared to Gianni Crea.