All Out / One for All / Copperface / Go for Broke / Tutto per tutto (Umberto Lenzi, 1968)

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Tom Weisser sais: “A considerably less than impressive musical score from Marcello Giombini doesn’t help the already tedious story.”

Kessler: “Entertaining material with a really nice score.”

Bruckner calls it: “Entertaining, average western with great cast and good score.”

I would say this is a slightly above average SW with an All Star cast (you’ll recognize lots of familiar faces) and nice score (interesting opening credits). The story isn’t very original but far from tedious IMO. I felt entertained throughout ! :slight_smile:

What do you all think ?

This is what i worte in ‘the last western you watched’ topic some time ago:

“The animated title sequence is one of the weirdest and one of the best i’ve seen at the same time. The movie itself is a story of treasure hunt with great cast (John Ireland, Mark Damon, Fernando Sancho, Eduardo Fajardo, Jose Torres) and very nice musical score (Marcello Giombini). Entertaining and keeps your attention well.”

I would rate it 7/10.

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yeah, the title sequence is cool and music is good.

Very great trailer! And directed by Umberto Lenzi! This film must be watched!

I saw this about a month ago, can’t remember much about it, but I enjoyed it… wasn’t bored at all. I prefer Lenzi’s Gun for 100 Graves though and think the music worked better in Too Much Gold for One Gringo.

Nice one by Lenzi. Credit sequence is great indeed, but after that there’s also fun to be had. Good chemistry between Ireland and Damon. The plot is not special, but the characters are quite well written. Solid action and nice humour, without turning into a comedy. Good pace too. Music may not be original, but it does the trick. Typical spaghetti western stuff.


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Sounds good, I’ll check it out.

Just finished watching this one and I must say old boy, what a jolly good show this was. It’s not great by any means, but I was entertained for 88 minutes or so. John Ireland and Mark Damon are fun to watch and make a good team. Some good action, and there’s quite a few familiar faces in this as mentioned above. The only thing that sucked was the copy that I watched, it was a pan and scan with greek subs. It’s too bad, because this film could use a proper release IMO. 7/10.

I’ve got the same copy, but I’ve never bothered to watch it so far. I guess I must give it a shot.

Same copy - and pretty much same sort of feelings about this. Gave it 3 stars in the poll which seems fair.

It’s got a cat n’ mouse, buddy-ish, older wiser man/young buck thing going, with the role of cat getting regularly reversed and double-cross a-plenty, as Owl (John Ireland) and Johnny Sweet (Mark Damon) chase some $200,000 in gold ingots via an uneasy alliance with a couple of mexi-baddies, and later a gang of ‘em led by Sir Fernando. At one point ol’ mexi-Eddie Fajardo gets slugged and his ‘partner’ says GBU-stylee “The men in this world are of two kinds - ones that look at gold and ones that take it”. :slight_smile:
The Dollars homage continues as there’s a pocket watch (with a history) thrown into the mix as well. (Must remember to mention this on the Pocket watch thread.)

There’s loads of regular spag-ugly faces to cheer our way through a decent enough yarn, and a great double-dealing femme-fatally mexi-bitch in the rather shapely form of Monica Randall as Maria to cheer us further.

On a side note - the database comment is wrong about Owl being a bounty hunter hired to find the outlaw Johnny. Neither of them play these roles.

It’s been a while since anyone posted… I wonder whether there’s a better version out there yet? The full-screen, subbed version is ok, but the few night scenes were a bit painful to watch.
Worth a look though hombres…

I traced a widescreen copy. Image quality rather poor though. Colors are okay, but the image is very soft, you often get the impression you’re seeing double (too much cider maybe?)

A review soon

And, oh yes: the Rev is right about the synopsis in the database, it’s wrong. I’ll write a new one along with this review

I probably watched the same copy a few weeks ago.
It is a good Spagie which does many things right in telling its simple story. Only the ending was a bit undecided, but otherwise it was an entertaining ride with nice characters and some good directing. 6/10

Btw the title Copperface doesn’t make much sense, as the guy whose name it is has not an important role, but it seems to be the most common English title, or not?

I watched the first 30 minutes yesterday night, very late, so I’ll have to finish the movie this evening

I found it under the title “Go for Broke”, which means something like ‘all or nothing’, or ‘to risk everything’, probably a reference to the behavior of the two protagonists (and it’s also more or less what the Italian title says).

Neither the Italian nor the translation is great, so maybe they wanted to have something better, and just liked the name ‘Copperface’, it’ quite a nice name.

And yes, the first half hour of the movie was alright, simple but entertaining, with actors who are very well cast.

I finished the movie in the meantime.
The middle part was a bit dark and also a bit chaotic, but all in all a nice surprise
I even liked this ending (reminded me of the final minutes of the Hill & Spencer movie All the Way Boys, when the two brothers start a fistfight that goes on and on and on)

I also wrote a new ‘comment’ on the film’s page

Scherp you should probably remove the last part of your note about the Copperface title. Cause it is a massive spoiler.

And what’s the direct translation of Tutto per tutto? All for all?

Okay, I’ll do that

As far as i know, it’s an expression mainly used in combination with a verb like rischiare (to risk), tentare (try, attempt), so the meaning then becomes try everything, risk everything to get a result, play all or nothing, go for broke, etc. It depends a little from the context. In this case the meaning is a bit vague, not too specific.

Still haven’t seen any of Lenzi’s Westerns. What’s better, this or Gun for a Hundred Graves?

The better out of the two Lenzi’s westerns. Lenzi was a master of polizio genre (top 3) and western was not exactly his cup of tea. Still the directors’ qualities are visible. The story is rather cliched and no novel to be found here. However it is mainly the cast that make the movie fun. Damon once again shows his abilities to act whatever is presented to him. If you’ve seen Johnny Yuma or Requiescant you’ll be quite surprised that Damon after these mature roles portrays now somewhat quite a young looking and acting fellow. The different than usual dubbing might also play a part in this. He plays an adventure loving card cheater who needs to be taught few life lessons. That leads me to the other star that will do that! It is noone else than great J. Ireland and he does what he always does so good in sw - playing an older charismatic and wise gunman. The interactions between the two opposites (young/old, calm/hotheaded, unexperienced/wise,…) manage to keep attention. There are few twists that might also keep the things more interesting. There is also Fajardo as a bandit that is not as bad if I remember correctly. All in all a fun ride that would deserve a good looking release.

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For those interested, the film will be aired on Rai Movie tomorrow 7 May at 14:10 Italian time.

Good picture quality and correct AR? Let’s hope so! :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ll get my people right on it! - thanks for the tip, JC :smiley: