Here’s your chance to tell our good friends at Wild East what you want.

We all appreciate the English language dub that Wild East provides for every spaghetti western they release.

Let the fail-safe be the English dub, but always include the foreign language version with English subs as an OPTION on the menu like other botique labels (Anchor Bay, Arrow, Blue Underground, Criterion, Kino, Mondo Macabro, Redemption, Severn, Shout!, Synapse, etc) routinely do. In fact, Wild East is the only company that doesn’t.

But oftentimes, the subtleties and nuances of a scene are lost in translation. The English version and the foreign language say two different things. This is why it’s so important that the foreign language version be included with an accurate translation into English subtitles for those who want and for those who want to try it. Many viewers discover, when they try out a foreign language film, that subtitles are easier than they thought, and gradually come to prefer it. This will also help Wild East be competitive with the other DVD companies.

Vote for what you want. Say a few words if you have a mind to, or not, but VOTE.

Italian language versions of Django and Texas Adios are far superior to the english dubs, they make the films more atmospheric and Wild East should try and include the subtitle option wherever they can.

I’m all for it. Of course adding dual languages and subs will just make them delay their releases even longer. :-\

I’m always for it, sure, even though I usually watch them in English. May delay the release, but that might not be a bad thing. Gives people with limited DVD funds more time to set aside cash and it prioritizes WE’s releases, keeping them from more meh releases.

Just something else they would have to do. Don’t have any other foreign language releases why start now?

In answer to the poll…no.

Yes, the Italian language track for sure

Not if it meant fewer releases

Why would they do that?

It would be more costly and most Americans don’t care for non-English dubs.

Of course it would be great of them to have this option, but its just not economically feasible for them to do so.

Buy imports if you want foreign language and subs.

Would love to see them with subs but I don’t think it’s gonna happen…

I second not if it means we see less releases. Sure it is a nice option but not a necessary one, for me anyway.

There’s many spaghies I prefer to watch in italian audio with the english subs on, so my vote is YES. Unfortunately I can’t follow the WE catalogue anymore, it has become too painful for my pocket which, by the way, has seen far better days than the ones of the last couple years.

Why do some of you assume that the foreign language version with optional English subs automatically means less releases and charging more money? It means nothing of the kind. You are voting on a false assumption. Sheesh! If anything, an English language dub requires more steps that cost more money than does the native language and subs. If a DVD distributor assumes the cost of the accessing and applying the English language dub, then the native language with optional subs costs virtually nothing in time and money. It’s a question of attitude, not cost to include the native language with optional subs.

This would be my assumption too, but Koch does not include Engl. subs for the extras because of the costs. And for the same reason their US western releases have mostly also no subs. Neither German nor English.

It’s strange, but it is a fact.

Have you asked Wild East why they do not include subs and the original language?

Richard, of course it costs more money. 2 dubs instead of 1. Which also need to fit on the disc, by the way. And subs don’t grow on trees either.

Yeah I’m pretty sure almost every rights holder wants more money if more dubs or subtitles are included. Different dubs might even be owned by different companies.

If I remember correctly, someone from Koch once mentioned how in the rainbow collection the Ringo films (and some others) have English dubs included because the rights holder for the films is different than for the other films (whether it was a money issue or rights issue I don’t know).
And I still don’t understand why the English subs are hidden. Are they illegally on the disc? Do they think no one from the companies will not hear about it and if they do they might not care? I want an answer. :wink:

The guy (well one of them) behind the Swedish company Fin de Siecle Media also mentioned how they were forced to choose between either English dub or Italian dub on one of their releases. (and the rights holders were not willing to license any spaghetti westerns or eurocrime for release)

But of course it would be great if the WE discs had more language options. Or at least English subtitles for hard of hearing.

some movies yes some no
for example the TEMPO DI MASACRE was horrible in american dub, IF YOU MEET SARTANA PRAY FOR YOUR DEATH was good in the american dub
i say to dubs one ine the original and one in the dub two options each film

Let’s stop exaggerating. The cost of including the native language with optional subs is miniscule. Next to nothing. Wild East could absorb it easily. It won’t take more time nor raise the price nor lead to less releases.

I can’t believe that ten of you (so far) would vote against the chance to get the native language with optional English subs. You don’t want to hear the inflections and subtleties of the native language and you don’t want anyone else to, either.