A Minute to Pray, a Second to Die / Un minuto per pregare, un istante per morire (Franco Giraldi, 1968)

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Its in the beginning, after the credits- when Clay and Fred are laying down and Clay is grabbing his hand. He has two flashbacks, one of them is where some bounty hunters sneak up on Fred at night time, and then Clay comes out and shoots at them, then puts his gun to one of their heads, takes his hat and walks away laughing. The cut happens as he’s walking away laughing.

The cut happens at exactly 5:53 (5m53s) in my composite edit

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i don’t have this scene, after the credits, which is it at the 3 minute mark we have immediately the campfire scene, and the flashback with Clay as a child…speaking of a cut film :wink:

anything else you want me to verifiy?

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Fascinating discussion. And 2 new members to boot. Welcome Tabernas and md19261991. So there is no known Italian print of this? That could open up a new can.

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Theoretically the missing scene, if it actually exists, must be in the original print MGM used for their DVD release. If it wasn’t, then they would have had nothing to cut out there.

But then, no one has actually seen this scene, so we don’t really know either

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found a location comparison of the waterfall from the beginning of the movie.

The link:


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[quote=“Tabernas, post:145, topic:271”]Hi,

found a location comparison of the waterfall from the beginning of the movie.

The link:


That pretty much answers a question I asked about these falls on a thread I started ages ago… I’ll repost the link there if I may… :slight_smile: Cheers!

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Could someone please PM if they the composite version of this film on a DVD+/- R - I would be willing to pay for postage costs etc, etc.


Had the MGM DVD for years but I always postponed its viewing for some strange reason. I saw it today, finally.
It’s a quite good one and way above average. After having read a few comments posted here, I realized that it wasn’t my occasional lack of attention that made me wonder why the film didn’t make much sense at some points as it’s heavily cut. Didn’t have a particular problem with the score like some people did. Funny thing is I was expecting during the film a different and more bleak ending as I thought it would fit more to the general mood and… voila! I read here that there’s an alternate one as well. Shame they didn’t use it on the DVD. Hope to see the complete uncut version of it one day. 3,5-4 stars

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Let me know if still looking and I can take care of that for you.

Likewise if I failed to deliver to anyone I said I’d get a copy to, please let me know. Times they been’a rough here for a spell & I lost track of some things while trying to survive out in the desert :wink:

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I would still very much like to see your composite version, having read Sherp’s glowing review of it; I would downlode it off from the usual back channels, but my internet connection is simply too slow to do it. How do you want to do this? I have tried to PM you, but your inbox is full.

EDIT: Don’t worry about it autephex, other forum members have already sorted it.

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There’s a seller on Ebay called Theitaliancoffins who recently sold the composite version, but I avoided it, due to the price. 9.99 for a dvd-r was too rich for my blood.

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All that E Bayer does is download the films and then sells dvd r s of the films. He has been doing it for years now.

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Kind of makes me glad I avoid them then, I see them pop up every now and again on my searches.

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Wow, glad someone is making some money on that work :smiley:

Did you manage to get a copy elsewhere Farmer J? Can help get that sorted if not.

Sorry about the full inbox, Mr. Welles, but good to see you’re taken care of… good show, gentlemen

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So far, I can’t find a copy anywhere else.

(scherpschutter) #156

I’ve got a copy, Farmer_J. Created it for John, but he got a copy from a person living in Britain.
It’s free

I guess I still have your address, so tell me if you want it

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Amazes me what some people will pay for a dvd r !

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[quote=“scherpschutter, post:156, topic:271”]I’ve got a copy, Farmer_J. Created it for John, but he got a copy from a person living in Britain.
It’s free

I guess I still have your address, so tell me if you want it[/quote]

Yes please ;D, and is it possible for A Gunman Called Dakota too? Even if the quality is shite.

@ ENNIO, yes he makes over 100s of pounds each time too, he has them all at 9.99, and almost each time, about 70% of them sell. Its stupid.
I used to get mine from TwistedAnger.com, but he’s not in business anymore.

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Thanks to Phil, I was able to recently watch autephex’s composite cut of Franco Giraldi’s A Minute to Pray, A Second to Die (1968). It’s an excellent, powerful Spaghetti Western, with an unusually sympathetic authority figure in Robert Ryan. Alex Cord as the hunted bandit is very good as well, as is Arthur Kennedy as the treacherous sheriff. The direction is intense and sustained, so that overall it achieves a strong coherence and impact, while the action is expertly handled. One of the best Spaghetti Westerns I’ve seen this year, and another candidate for my Top Twenty.

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I wouldn’t mind viewing the composite version, if anyone in the UK has it. I can pay for the postage.