A Man Called Sledge (Vic Morrow, 1970)

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The more I read his posts the more I’m beginning to think that SD is just trolling here. Whenever there’s a topic about certain film he needs to start trashing other sw’s, other movies, music, whatever to have a debate (or fights). It’s ok to have debate but if someone’s argument’s are like the above (“Trintignant is not a good actor…”) there can’t be really any discussion. Just opinions.

Can we get back to Man Called Sledge now?

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Please leave Bogart and Pacino out of it, cuz you are wrong. Have you seen ‘treasure of sierra madre’? Bogart is simply incredible in it! Pacino used to be a great actor but now he just loves to overact, but sometimes it fits the movie perfectly [see “Scarface” for example].
Sometimes i think you are trying to controversial for the sake of being controvesial [i’m not trying to be offensive-so please take no offense]. You say everything that you don’t agree with is INCORRECT, STUPID, BIGOTED etc etc. You know everyone has the right to have their own opinion and i would never say that my opion is the best one and other are incorect.
Anyway, i have to admit i like having discussion with you, it’s always an interesting experience.


NO bill st antonio you are WRONG and OUT OF ORDER ??? and a troll thats YOU.

It is very easy, comfortable, sheep like blind to just follow the herd and be a YES MAN
like you seem to be in each of your posts.

I am a true SW fan and fan of Giallos/Westerns/Horror/Thrillers/TV Cult Series etc
and I will NOT just accept something in a dogmatic, bigoted, stupid manner !!

I like to analyze, question, RESEARCH/THINK/WATCH DVDS and attempt to arrive at


I have seen too many ill informed sweeping “opinions” that do not even mention stars
or director or plot or music and just say “wooden” or “poor Sw” or “routine” ? ???

If you are passive and docile going along with everything blindly keep that for yourself



Yes I have seen “Sierra Madre” and other Bogart /Pacino films and my opinion stands.

Alko by the very nature of message boards/forums there will ALWAYS be DIFFERENCES.

I am perfectly OK if you or anyone else come back and say NO i disagree that film is
excellent because of so and so and so…if you are talking facts, actors, directors fine.

Most of the time I am in fact AGREEING and PRAISING excellent SWs on this forum :smiley: :wink:

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Some things are more or less fact. Pacino IS a great actor. There’s really no discussing. Analyse him. Analyse his acting. He’s one of the screen’s greats. Sure, he made some turds (just like any other actor). This however, does not mean he is a wooden actor, like hmm… Anthony Steffen. You are the first person that I caught implying that Pacino is a lousy actor. Maybe you’re wrong?


You see Bad Lt that “argument” is exactly what the twisted critics like LOSER Halliwell
are always writing and reviewing in their books.

The very bad taste “critics” always give big stars to your usual tiresome diet of :

DeNiro, Pacino, Bogart, Wooden Allen , Streep , Welles , Cary Grant and similar inflated >:(

All the above are nearly always forced on you to “like” and nobody dares call them STIFF or WOODEN…which in my opinion having seen their “work” they ARE mostly. >:(

We as SW/Giallo/Horror/Thriller/Westerns FANS are every day forced to see the
critics praise the STIFF WOODEN dummies above and PUT DOWN the REAL GREATS :o

I am amazed that you therefore as a SW fan are doing the same and trying to impose
on the board that Pacino or DeNiro is automatically “good” ??
Then you say ANTHONY STEFFEN (who had made over 95% GREAT SW/Giallos) “wooden” . ??

Can you not see that you are defeating your own argument and hurting the SW cause

I have seen 100s of Films with STEFFEN, Deniro, Pacino, Streep, Grant , Allen etc and

I can SAY without hesitation that ANTHONY STEFFEN is a BETTER ACTOR than all those others I listed put together !! :o And I can say I LOVED STEFFEN’s FILMS 95%

The others as I stated maybe 3 or 4 % of their films I enjoyed and liked their acting.

We can all be “wrong” at times but I think my facts/arguments/analysis make sense :wink:


;D :smiley: But you are wrong Scherp I was not trying to insult him, only show the insults
are more appropriate to Bill St Antionio then at the person(s) he threw them at ;D :smiley:

I will NOT be silenced or intimidated Scherf if I believe something is NOT RIGHT I SPEAK.

Maybe you and Bill st Antonio can do the same or learn how to…it is not easy ::slight_smile:

STANDING UP and making yourself a target…it is easier to stay quiet and be a SHEEP. :’( :-\


I have a feeling satrana/django is the same guy who got thown off the amazon western forum ,where he went by the name(s) sheriff,usa1 and old farts…but i could be wrong.

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trolling, trolling, trolling, trolling, trolling, trolling, trolling it’s so fun just like saying Woody Allen is bad actor, bad actor, bad actor, bad actor, bad actor, bad actor…

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can this arguing and posting stuff in bold type and calling names please stop? this is not the Tarantino Archives forums anno 2006. thanks


Hex you are wrong indeed that guy USA1 is still on the Amazon Forums
as are the old faaarts . you can still read all the posts…NOBODY was thrown off
by that name I just checked…

Where you ?

I am only on this forum as a SW /Giallo Fan I have no time for other forums.

And YES Scherp my arguments make total sense I agree


Yes I quite agree we should all be praising and enjoying SW NOT trying to attack other
fans or defending the critics and their favourites .

I can CONFIRM that I will always give my facts, analysis, views on FILMS/TELEVISION
and I would prefer as you said Sebastian if others would NOT ARGUE but give their
own views or opinions in a detailed manner.

That is what a forum is for …discuss and exchange opinions…
I agree the BOLD should be used only to highlight important words not to argue.

Having said that all arguments were made in the best possible taste.

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Does anyone know if the Japanese SPO version of the film is uncut, as the database mentions the U.S version is slightly cut ?

(Sundance) #34

So what (if anything) is missing from the R1 disc?

(Sebastian) #35

good question


I have read again some of MY POSTS recently and I have to admit that the ARGUING

was a at times “passionate” , “enthusiastic” , “heated” maybe “hostile” also.

I AGREE with Sebastian that this is NOT ideal for such a high quality Forum as this.

Please ACCEPT MY APOLOGIES if anyone was hurt/offended/upset /ridiculed.

No matter who is right or wrong I hope we can ALL be FRIENDLY and CONSTRUCTIVE. :slight_smile:

One can disagree or have opposite views/tastes but we can do that with GOODWILL. ::slight_smile:

Sartana Django…

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Apologies accepted

(Reverend Danite) #38

No ‘pistols at dawn’ amigos? :wink:
The Lord be Praised.

(scherpschutter) #39

[quote=“Reverend Danite, post:38, topic:353”]No ‘pistols at dawn’ amigos? :wink:
The Lord be Praised.[/quote]

Well, I wasn’t even hurt/upset/offended/ridiculed
Maybe somebody else was
But these things happen, nobody died
And I never refused anybody’s apologies

BTW: my apologies to you too, SD
Ci vediamo!


[quote=“scherpschutter, post:39, topic:353”]Well, I wasn’t even hurt/upset/offended/ridiculed
Maybe somebody else was
But these things happen, nobody died
And I never refused anybody’s apologies

BTW: my apologies to you too, SD
Ci vediamo![/quote]

Grazie molto Scherp sei una brava persona.
I hope that my All time Favourite TOP 20 SWs will not cause any “palpitations” :smiley: