A Man Called Django / W Django! (Edoardo Mulargia, 1971)

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[quote=“JonathanCorbett, post:80, topic:162”]Below we see him - clockwise - in W Django!, with Fernando Bilbao in Apocalypse Joe, in Brother Outlaw and finally in Cjamango together with Ivan Rassimov.


He’s also in Why Go on Killing? but I haven’t checked his role because my copy is significantly cut and with obscene image quality.

According to Italian page on Wikipedia he was also fight arranger on The Grand Duel and lesser actor in the “Man with No Name” trilogy, Death Rides a Horse, Once Upon a Time in the West and A Fistful of Dynamite, but this must be verified.[/quote]

Why Go On Killing, looks like Slim

One of the bounty hunters at the waystation in Grand Duel, one of Frank’s men at the auction

What do you think?

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In my opinion it’s him for sure, but not in Once Upon a Time in the West.

Sagnotti is regularly credited as “maestro d’armi” in the closing credits of Death Rides a Horse.

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I know most of Frank’s men have been identified, but do not know if this one has. I thought the features were close including the crease at the end of the nose. The eyebrows are thicker but they look enhanced. Just a thought regarding OUTW and DYS, Michael Harvey could be confused with Sagnotti. On another note it seems the maestro d’armi can usually be found in westerns, sometimes in a very small part.

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Yes I agree Steffens clothes were a bit out of the western range !!, but overall good solid revenge spaghetti, I first saw a cut version which was terrible but got a better version now which shows what happened to his wife at the start, I enjoyed the soundtrack aswell :+1:

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I found this film enjoyable enough, although I felt the attempts at comedy tarnished it a bit. Without those moments it could have been better.

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Was thinking about this film yesterday, along with the similar DEATH PLAYED THE FLUTE, and it got me thinking----

what other Italian westerns have the same formula? The one in which the hero is joined by the shady character on the vengeance trail. the ones that specifically end with the dubious sidekick getting killed at the very end (so DEATH RIDES A HORSE doesn’t count).

I feel like I have seen more with this exact formula but I can only think of W DJANGO and DEATH PLAYED THE FLUTE.


Not the biggest Steffan fan (is anybody on here??) but I’ll admit this one was pretty fun. Shitloads of gunplay that’s for sure.

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There was one. :grin:


I watched this one a while ago. I still have yet to see a Steffen film which I’ve enjoyed, but I did think this one was slightly better than the others. I’m not keen on either film but this and Django the Bastard are a tie for my “favourite” Steffen spag.


I just can’t take him seriously in anything I’ve seen him in. Django the Bastard & 1000 on the Black are okay.

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My Steff-Fest last November definitely led me to regard him a lot more favourably than I had in the past. So yeah, I would call myself a fan of the Steff now.


While watching W Django the other day I kept thinking “How the hell did Phil sit through dozens of these?”

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I think the answer is they turned out to be a lot more varied than I had remembered them. Don’t get me wrong, there are some turkeys in there but on the whole it was quite a fun ride. Plus, being a lifelong Leyton Orient supporter has given me a very high pain and boredom threshold.


Me neither. I’m not gonna make out that Eastwood or Bronson played Jake LaMotta or Sonny Wortzik in their westerns but they were cool, enigmatic, tough as nails and above all entertaining and perfect for the roles. Steffen’s always just been flat and boring in almost everything I’ve seen and anything with him in makes me avoid the film now. The funny thing is in Ringo: Face of Vengeance (which I also didn’t like) he played a much more animated character so he had some ability but he just didn’t seem to use it most of the time.


To me he just looks out of place and phony. Never looked the part :neutral_face:

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Not a Steffen fan either, but Man Who Cried For Revenge by Caiano was the best I’ve seen with him. I like also W Django and Django The Bastard. Also Gentleman Killer and Shango have some good bits in it. I didn’t enjoy much Stranger from Paso Bravo and Few Dollars for Django.

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Have been to Matchroom Stadium a couple of times. How are they doing? Any chances for a return to the EFL?


What!..are you tripping on mushrooms?:crazy_face:

Look, i’m not a huge fan of his work, but i do like some of his Spaghs and IMO, Anthony Steffen contribution to the “Spaghetti Western World” is invaluable, whether good or bad.


Worse! A Rockstar energy drink.

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It’s been another challenging season but there are signs of improvement and the new ownership is at least sound. It will take a while to recover from the mess the previous owner created though. I live in hope for next year.