A Long Ride from Hell / Vivo per la tua morte (Camillo Bazzoni, 1968)

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Who has seen the movie? It was our August focus. Too bad the Wild East DVD didn’t come out on time…

I’ve seen it, ok film but nothing special. Can’t remember so much about it actually, it’s been too long since I saw it. Wild East’s dvd would be a good chance for rewatching.

I feel that this is a little over rated film just because it’s Steve Reeves’ only western and he’s a kind of a cult actor.

Same for me, ok but nothing special. 4/10

Promising first half, but then all goes the usual routine way.

How is Bazzoni’s direction? He seemed to do an OK job in Man: Pride and Vengeance.

Man, Pride and Vengeance was directed by Luigi Bazzoni and this one by Camillo Bazzoni.

Oh Ok. I must have got my false info from Weisser. No surprise I guess.

Wish Wildeast would say exactly when this and the Edd Byrnes double feature are coming out.

I’m getting impatient!

Maybe that is there intention. Build the supense. (?)

It’s been a while hasn’t it.

Sure has.

Yeah, as I recall Camillo Bazzoni doesn’t even appear in Weisser’s book as a director, or at all for that matter.

P.S. as for the WE discs… didn’t they announce those at the beginning of the year! :o

The Wild east version of this one finally dropped in today. Its presented in 1:66 to 1 according to the cover, it looks more like 4:3 to me though.
The picture quality isn’t the best at times either but overall its decent enough.

The film in it self though is a very good classic revenge film.
I would go as far as saying that its one of the best SW’s I have seen in some time.
The prison scenes are especially well made with a very brutal officer in the shape of Nello Pazzafini.

There has been som debate about Steve Reeves performance in this film, imo he is not great but on the other hand he isn’t bad either.

It gets 7/10 from me.

Just watched it yesterday. When viewed on my tv the movie can be zoomed in to an aspect ratio of 14:9 e.g. 1.55:1 so not quite 1.66:1 but can have something to do with how tv’s work what do I know. Wish they’d just made it anamorphic so we wouldn’t have to mess with these zoomings… The movie as mentioned in the WE-thread suffers from ghosting problems due to the PAL->NTSC transfer that has been made. Not heavily but it is noticeable throughout the movie (the picture is never completely still, lot of jittering all way around, gamers and non-gamers will recognize the term aliasing to describe the problem).

The movie itself is fine though. Nice, tough and with a couple of nice ladies thrown in for good fun. My favourite scenes are the one taking place in the prison camp though where we see Nello Pazzafini as a sadistic prison camp ‘leader’, with a whip which he uses well. He’s of course a bad guy so we know what will become of him… Steve Reeves does a fine job as the leading character thrown in jail (at long with his brother) for a crime he didn’t commit. Revenge waits around the corner.

Definitely recommended.

Shame to hear over the ghosting problems.

Love this movie, terrific action scenes and camera work. Steve Reeves reminded me of Patrick Swayze.

Watched my new Wild East copy last night. Enjoyed it. Not great, but not bad either. Steve Reeves did an acceptable job in this although, for some reason, I thought he’d be better. Maybe, like Mimmo Palmara says in the “extras” interview, Reeves was too clean cut, no stubble of beard,and clothes too perfect. By the way, the interview is great with Mimmo.

That’s it, I was watching it and you have verbalized what I was thinking!

Pretty good action flick, right in the solid meaty middle of most of the SWs I’ve seen.

I just finished watching it and I’ll have to watch the Mimmo interview maybe later tonight when I have time. That fan club footage was kind of awkward to watch though…didn’t seem like Steve was very “relaxed” with these guys around! :wink:

Hey Phil, even caught a glimpse of your pal Lorenzo before he got gunned down!

Just finished watching this. I liked it alot. Simple revenge plot always works for me. Good amount of action. I would give it a 6.8 out of 10. I think Reeves looks too clean cut though. He should be more dirty, grimy and weathered like the typical SW hero.

I have to say that this is probably Wildeasts’ finest effort since the Day of Anger disc. The special features combined are almost as long as the actual movie. And the menu screen is a step above previous efforts. The actual disc gets a perfect 10 from me. It was well worth the wait. I just hope it doesn’t take another year and a half for their Silver double feature to come out. Lets get a move on wildeast! Keep em coming!

Wonder if Dick Palmer was telling the truth re Sergio Leone in the interview, as so many people seem to be popping up these days with a story or two about the man.

Nice to hear that you like the movie, Sebastian’s (German) review was very negative
Most things I read in some of my books, weren’t very positive either
I had already skipped the title from my wish list, but now I’m in doubt

If you have a 14:9 option, you get the right aspect ratio of the (image) of the DVD, so if it’s 1,55:1 when you choose 14:9, that’s the actual aspect ratio. I guess they used a VHS as source print.

If you use settings like ‘normal’, ‘auto’ or ‘superzoom’ (terms may differ), the image usually will be squeezed.