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I didn’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings: she just doesn’t look as sweet and lovely anymore as in Weird Science, a film I adore

Django defies Sartana - Yep. Long time ago tho’. I seem to remember it had a pretty good story involving a framed brother of Django. It had a great Sartana 8) and a slightly wimpy Django :P, a ‘green’ rather than deserty landscape, and a cheapness that permeated the film. I did enjoy it tho’ and it’s worth another viewing … anytime soonish!
(Great poster for this one - with the crossed revolvers and looking mean at each other - so thanks for putting one of these my way Brother Chris!)

Scherp’s got a review of Pistoleros:

Coming up in the next few weeks, reviews of:

I Want Him Dead
Return of Ringo
Price of Death
Any Gun Can Play

Review of Return of Ringo is up.


[quote=“lordradish, post:24, topic:1128”]Review of Return of Ringo is up.


Nice review JD. Glad to see this film didn’t disappoint after all our build up of it.
Definitely Gemma’s best for me.

Thanks. I don’t think I’ve read a bad review of this film anywhere (although yours is undoubtedly one of the best).

New review for Price of Death

Len has a review up of No Room to Die


Illegal Mexican immigrants?

Man, those guys ere far ahead of their time

Great work, Len
Haven’t seen the film yet, but looks like one for the wish-list

Scherp’s at it again… a review of Any Gun Can Play:


Review of I Want Him Dead:


Scherp has a review of Sabata here:


couple new reviews being submitted by me this week.

BJ has a review of Django Strikes Again ready for your perusal.


I warned him not to watch this one. Ay thoughts on this one?

I’ve never actually seen it.
Looks too much like Rambo and not enough like Django to me.

It is of course a bad movie and its relation to Corbucci’s Django is minimal

Django a monk? Com’on. Leonard Cohen, yes, but Django?
Please leave some of those childhood memories intact folkes, boys need their heroes

But I thought Christopher Connelly was quite allright in this one
Paul Verhoeven offered him the Rutger Hauer part in Flesh+Blood, but he refused
A few years later they met again and Connelly told Verhoeven that he made a big mistake and would love to work with the Dutchman in the futute; Verhoeven was preparing Robocop and offered Connolly the part, but he was engaged (probably this DJANGO 2). They promised to keep in contact, but one year later Connolly died.
An excellent actor

Review of Taste for KIlling:

Thanks to everyone who read my review of Django Strikes Out… Again I mean.

It was a pleasure

[quote=“lordradish, post:37, topic:1128”]Review of Taste for KIlling:

Not a bad movie, but they could’e done more with this story
Sancho’s brief presence highlighted it

Len has a great review of Sartana’s Here, Trade Your Pistol for a Coffin: