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Fast and furious, as if it were written by Ye Shiwen


I loved your Kid Vengeance review by the way Scherp.

Yeah I think I actually did write it a little too fast and furious because its not my best work. I’m already noticing some parts where the grammar could’ve been a bit better but oh well, it got my point across :slight_smile:

Anyway, I think the site is shaping up to be arguably the finest Spaghetti Western review site around.

"Anyway, I think the site is shaping up to be arguably the finest Spaghetti Western review site around. "

I do hope you’re talking about the SWDB, here.

I wasn’t referring to the style of writing, it was just a joke. We had been discussing things on facebook a little, and her name came up.

Yeah I understood your joke Scherp, hence my “LOL” but I do think I rushed it out before proofreading it thoroughly.

The Finest Spaghetti Western review site around, next to the SWDB of course :wink:

It could be, I need to step it up a bit. I could definitely use a few more writers. I’m thinking of updating the appearance later this year.

I’m wondering if Phil H would be open to being a writer or at least importing some of his older “Son of Django” reviews to the site. Thanks for refering to me as “that great asskicker” lol but if you think my writing’s good, Phil’s reviews blow mine totally out of the water.

I love Scherp’s reviews. He’s like a historian. It’s been a privilege to have y’all on board. Oddly, even with only an update a month (or longer), traffic stays consistent and over time slowly increases.

Phil’s stuff is amazing, too.

As I was mentioning, I might revamp the site a bit later this year. If anyone’s got any suggestions on something (new or otherwise), please let 'er rip.

Another one from Len, this time, it’s Massacre Time.

I’ll have a read Your Radishness, but it’s a bit difficult to read fluently over that complicated background though - could it be faded down a bit to improve legibility perchance - or is it just me?

I know what you mean, but I have the problem only in IE, not in Firefox

Ahh - I see. in that case I’ll read it on my laptop then later - I’ve got firefox on that (this is the choirmistress’ bit o’ kit I’m on at the mo.)

Odd, it looks fine to me in IE, Chrome and Firefox. Can someone who’s having the problem send me a screenshot so I can see what you’re talking about? Also, what version of IE? Thanks.

Did you receive my mail?

No, Scherp. Not yet.

I E 8 is the maximum I can on my XP machine, and some sites just struggle to load. But Firefox just loads straight away. I have messed around with the Font size in Firefox and prefer it now.

Firefox is generally the best browser- Chrome seems to be the fastest

I don’t know what it is, but I have my IE periods and my FF periods. Now I’m in a IE period.

I don’t even touch IE unless I’m testing a web page I’m designing. It seems like a dinosaur in some regards.

I haven’t opened or installed IE on a personal computer in years

My main browser right now is Opera, but I’m in Linux so a bit different. But still use FF and Chrome frequently

FF is by far the safest browser to be using, in terms of security