[A Fistful of Pasta] Latest Reviews

After several centuries, B.J. has returned with a review of Bullets Don’t Arguehttp://fistfulofpasta.com/index.php?go=reviews/bulletsbj.

thanks for posting it!

Scherp’s got one of Black Jackhttp://fistfulofpasta.com/index.php?go=reviews/blackjackss. Enjoy.

B.J. must really like you all, as he has a review of Hellbenders.

I put up a review of that great new short that played at Almeria, The Price. Enjoy…

Well, I finally got off of my lazy ass, and revisited For A Few Dollars More…

A new year, with a new review… it’s a real stinker, The Sheriff of Rockspringhttp://fistfulofpasta.com/index.php?go=reviews/rockspring.

Never seen the damn thing

Richard Harrison looks like he’s stoned, well well (sure it wasn’t George Harrison?)

Well, you didn’t miss anything. Even watching it stoned wouldn’t help.

I now have our first music review, of Lou Pecci’s “Spaghetti Western Themes for Nylon String Guitar.” http://fistfulofpasta.com/index.php?go=reviews/swthemesAwesome.

Also, the jukebox, which I’ve had problems with for a long time, might not be coming back, due to legal/copyright issues that can’t be dealt with. I am seeking an alternative, however.

you guys are on a roll

Yeah, I gotta get on that roll a bit more, I’ve been slacking on the website. I had so much time to do it when I first started (2 reviews a month!). Now it’s so rare that I have time. I plan on getting something up next week. Sigh. I don’t know how you do it, Seb.

Okay… a new review. Sherp had sent me a review of Kid Vengeance a while back that I’d completely forgotten about:


What’s really amazing is how the site traffic has stayed consistent, regardless of how often I update. I must admit, I could use a partner or another writer, due to time constraints, so if anyone’s interested, please let me know.

A new review, by a new writer. Welcome the Western Guru, with his excellent review of Cutthroats Nine.


Yes, excellent read. Like the different style. A new voice, so to speak.

Haven’t seen the film, I’m not a fan of gore, so maybe I won’t like it.
Good to hear that someone likes The Proposition. I was worrying that I was the only western fan on the planet who did.

I think The Proposition is one of the best films I’ve ever seen. It’s Leone-esque in both the breathtaking cinematography and depth of story… You’re always welcome to send a review of it, you know… :wink:

The film is so negative…that’s what I always remember most. If a person was thinking of committing suicide…this may be the film that pushes them over the edge.

It’s certainly not an uplifting film, that’s for sure. It does kind of cross the line into exploitation film territory (which, of course, has its own merits, but is not for everyone). What I found in that film (and I think I wrote it in my review of it a few years ago) was that the gore was completely unnecessary to the story. I think the film would have been more widely received had he not gone that route.

Nah, then nobody would ever have cared for it.

The review is much better than the film.

Len Liu’s back, with a review of Django Against Sartana: